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A scathing  indictment of Christian morality.

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I am often perplexed, and bewildered by how Christians can claim morality when they believe in hell. I can’t fathom sending anyone to a torturous place where they would be tormented for all of eternity. When a Christian says they believe in a hell and that those who don’t worship their God will be there, I find myself sickened.how can you ever claim to love anyone, if you believe that there is such a place and you are willing to let them go there?

It would be below my morality and beyond the scope of my reasoning to delight in such proclaimed heavenly pleasures that religion believes you will, while knowing even one of my loved ones, friends, or acquaintances was being tortured endlessly. I would rebel against an immoral eternal dictator who could mercilessly demand that such acts be done.

Many people cite free will as a premise for why they can use cognitive dissonance to say that the prescribed torture be allowed. As if any crime as simple as refusing to beg for mercy from a divine dictator should be punished for an unending period. This type of mid evil thinking is why Christians can not be considered moral. There is no morality in taking selfish pleasure while ignoring the suffering of millions of others, that is sadistic and sick.

I would literally try to overthrow God, himself, without a second thought. I would rather join the suffering in such a hell than be forced to exist with a genocidal, homocidal, maniac who bathes in the glory of torture. One that I s so petty and demanding that for all of endless time he can bask in the glory of being praised for devising such forms of punishment for creations that had no say in their eventual birth, life, and death. 

From birth you are deemed guilty, sick, and if you are a male dirty, and you must redeem yourself in the eyes of the omnipresent dictator. You are commanded to be made clean, to restore yourself from the fallen grace by the act of emerging from a vaginal canal, for the crime of first breath, and the evil of not knowing the dictator. You are burdened to appeal to this sufferable tyrant every day for salvation from your own humanity. In some religions you must beg five times a day, because he must constantly hear you appeals that you loathe your own humanity, and beg for an escape.

The mere thought of this sickens me. The idea that by being human you will never be good enough, and that at the termination of your days in this body you will either live in a proclaimed glorious place, of face endless cruelty at the hands of crazed maniacs messenger. That people would chose to ignore this so that they can delight in the presence of such a being is twisted, and sick, and perverse, and deplorable. To say you can allow this for eternity and never once have the conscious of mind to regret your own good fortune and look to the suffering, and demand an end to such atrocities, speaks volumes of the lack of humanity, feeling, and caring among Christians. 

In fact, I believe that to be religious is to lack a lot of morality, with few exceptions, very few. You must believe that a hell exists in any of the abrihamic religions, and that torture is a just punishment, and that you, and everyone you love are guilty of horrific crimes by birth, and guilty of thought crime. You are so dirty and vile that your very existence is a test of overcoming the filty nature of being human.  You must agree with your divine figure that it has all power to command anything be done to you and you must not only accept the punishment, but beg to overcome it, and then thank the vile torturer for alleviating the punishment that it put on you.

I find this a disgusting practice, worth of repulsion at best. It is indignant, and twisted. No one who is a good moral person could, for one second, agree with such demands. Nor should anyone. It would be far better to be obliterated than to praise such a monster, a corrupt, twisted, juvenile monster that makes such terrible demands. There is no morality in torture, there is no justification for such practices, and anyone who can justify them is as sadistic as their divine leader. Christians can not claim morality from the bible they can only claim to have biblical morality, which is a sick form of immoral behaviors.

Their God demands an eye for an eye, slavery, rape victims be sold to their rapist, commands them not to kill and then forces them to kill in his name,he orders them to beg on bended knee for their lives as slaves to a master. He demands that they mutilate their children, and stone their neighbors, and kill witches. If any of this sounds moral to you, then you are a sick individual.


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

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