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Oh Allah: When will your lust for blood end?

We can move beyond a messianic prophet who relied on plagues and war to dehumanize those around him. A capricious tyrant who abused women diligently and made them subject to his self deluded nature. On to modern day clerics ranting from pulpits that the infidels they rage against still exist, tainting the word of their misogynist blood thirsty tyrannical deity, who demands the covering and subjugation of women and children. Clerics who live in a time of modern invention where they can spew their utter garbage from the likes of you tube, and Facebook. Their only wish is to destroy the thinking faculties of the educated women and men of the world, and deliver us straight back  to the time of waring camel riding nomads, who’s only world view is that of spooks and demons.
Modern Muslim clerics care as much for educated women as their self indulged prophet did. His use of their money and resources while relegating them to second class humans, worthy of only sexual attention and utilizing their bodies for his self gratification. It was only his smallest and youngest wife who deserved to be above the rest, while still being seen as half the worth and mental capacity of the capricious repugnant males of that time. Aisha was the only one entrusted to deliver the word of Alla post the Mohammad ear of murder and rape. While she was raised to a status above others her motives were always in question and her intellect always evaluated on the basis of her gender.
Modern clerics however do not even waste time entrusting women to such a task. Their only place is behind their men, covered by long robes hiding their human form and any sign of their humanity, except for their eyes. They are relegated to lower than the family pet who can walk around at will and disregard any concern for attire or sexual display. A woman behaving so in the hands of a stringent Muslim is sure to be beaten if not murdered by her husband. And just by his statement of “I divorce you,” three times, a woman is displaced from her home and family, and then forced to marry, and have sex with another man, before she can be restored to her other husband. Something that must have no effect on his already banal childlike self esteem. Though admittedly he is afforded four wives, making her the equal value of all other worthless objects he maintains.
Muslim women will dispute the veracity of that statement, but formally it is correct. Women can not own property, but are property. Women are subject to the whims and demands of their husbands as equally servantile to his benign needs as his sexual ones. She is unpaid slave and property of the home, as equally as the rug which welcomes the guests. Yet she proclaims her queen-ship, as long as she is silent and obedient, and apt to quickly please her master. She has to be dutiful and humble, without thought for her own well being and humanity, so as to not be replaced by another equal living walking piece of property.
The constraints of the Muslim religion and the factors of its design mitigate humans to some half baked design by a spiteful designer looking to displace his own feelings of inadequacy, by perpetrating them upon humanity in the worst degree. Making us a wretched design of his nature and compelling us to repair the absurdity of his design. The monster deity of the Muslim religion demands as much blood as any ruthless Aztec god could ever demand, and is more incestuous than Quetzalcoat, who got drunk and had sex with his sister. He is the maniacal villain of the Middle East who offers compensation in the form of a heaven where, women can be rejected by their men, and still are subjugated to the status of slaves. A place where there is milk and honey flowing, from who knows where, with no absolute need for any of it, and men are allotted absurd amounts of sex slaves.
Recently the Al-Qaeda of Yemen released a blood boiling statement about the killing of infidels, which follows the lines of thousands of other Muslims calling to the death and dismantling of a modern world they are happy to partake of and then systematically destroy with their ignorant backward religious beliefs. One would believe it better for them to continue in their war torn, chaotic disaster zones where their blood thirsty god reigns with a mighty fist of iron cruelty. Yet they flock by the thousands to lands that exist with the need for a sadistic divine intervention. Places like Sweden where the lack of a demonic god lets people do as they please relatively guilt free. Then they try to convert the masses and destroy the harmony by implementing their god into every aspect of society. Which soon causes separation and violence. Every country in which Muslims have been welcomed has seen an increase in violence and rapes, due in part to the lack of respect by brainwashed Muslims in their attempts to convert by violence and abuse.
Moderate Muslims cry out that they do not partake in this behavior, yet subsequently it is demanded in their Quran and though they do not wish to participate, are often bystanders in the horrific behavior of their fellow Muslims. The absurdity of innocence when you adhere to the teachings of a rank, vile, deluded dogma which demands the systematic dehumanization of non Muslims and women, who can be abducted as bounty of war, and utilized as sex slaves, is delusional. The compulsory nature of the Muslim religion demands blind faith and punishes descent is in no way innocent of anything. Those who chose to subscribe to the teachings of Mohammad do so knowing the contempt for women and abhorrence of other religions. It is a perverse dogma filled with hate and destruction, which needs diluted to conform to modern society.