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The Taboo’s Of Sex

Sex is such a powerful word. It holds the power of control, creation and the future all in one place. But what about the sex we should not be having? Is there any sex that we should call out as wrong and why? After all we are animals, but our conscious keeps us one step above. So do we stoop to a lower level, or should we hold our selves to a higher standard?


The reality is this. First cousin marriage, which still happen today, are just not healthy. There are many reasons, but the best one, is the one you can never fix. That is genetic defects. We can assume that everyone already knows this but even today there are lingering doubts. But the facts remain that marrying your cousin will give DNA too much of a close mix, so much so that genes which are defective might be chosen. It is hard to read two strands of the same DNA for the differences in them. It leads to errors. While I can not say that the sex between cousins is a bad thing, or morally wrong, it is potentially dangerous for offspring.


Incest, sex between parents, sisters and brothers, is always a bad idea. That is because of many problems emotionally, which surrounds the destruction of inter family bonds. Those bonds are vital for proper behavior in society, and with children that they night have. It is destructive for people to see family as sexual partners. Even though as adults it can not be labeled as a moral corruption, it can be devastating for children who’s young minds are not matured for that kind of sexual dynamic.


Bestiality is another form of improper sex. People have gone so far as to say that the animal consents to the sexual act, but since animals are unable to reason how can this be? It is not possible for something to consent when it has not clue, other than biological ones what is going on. It is in no way a form of sexual consent. Though animals can be vicious they also are very submissive to the dominance of their owners. They may not react with them as they do a stranger due to a pattern of rewards for their behaviors. To say that an animal can consent to sex with a human is a deluded thought at best.


We all know that there are kinds of sex we should not be having. There are kinds of sex that we have to justify to our minds. We seek out patterns and the variations that we make have to be justified. It can be good to go against what society tells us, but not when it puts the mental or physical health of others at risk. Sex can be a pleasurable and wonderful thing, but when taken too far can be highly destructive. It is fine to be liberal and take back the power of your sex, but using it to manipulate or take the power from anyone is wrong. We are responsible for our sex and to the person that we are having sex with. That is a heavy burden at times. One of the things that makes us conscious beings gives the responsibility to enjoy and be responsible for our sex. These forms of sex are not taboo just because other people might find them unappealing, but because how they damage the social structure in our minds.


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The Road To Life Is Paved With RNA

Speculations about scientists one day creating life, are almost a thing of the past. The world is reeling to hear the announcement of self replicating RNA, one of the simple forms of Nucleotides. Ribonucleic Acid is thought to be one of the more primitive forms of DNA. It has a simpler form, and is used to construct the DNA as well as many proteins found in the cell.  Creating a form that can self replicate, mutate, or breed in the lab is astounding.


For this to work the RNA must be able to replicate all the bases, and while they are not as long and highly structured as DNA, it is still quite a task, since it requires functional mutations to continue. One mutation resulting in an improper stop codon, or bases being put down improperly could cause self termination to the new RNA. This would have been hard to overcome in a laboratory setting. A full mapping of the strand and the bases would have been necessary. Since one of the major differences in RNA is Thiamine in place of Guanine. So this feat of great intellect must be celebrated. As well as the man hours that went into this designed RNA.


It was not too long ago, after all when scientists announced that they had created a self replicating cell in the lab. The world was shocked by that. One cell that could go into mitosis and create a complete replica. But what does this mean for the future? This kind of scientific breakthrough has the potential to aid in diseased tissues being replaced by healthy ones. Though one cell is not near enough for limbs to be replicated, using stem cells and healthy lab created DNA could potentially make for the regrowth of lost limbs, organs, and tissues due to surgical removal or loss. It can also pave the future for designer genes.


Also released this week was news that scientists have found a silencer protein for genes. This is another giant leap forward as we learn about our cells. Being able to activate and silence genes is about as close to god as we have come so far. The potential there is astounding. If you don’t want a gene causing a mess, shut it off. Though understanding which genes you shut off is vital to every living cell. Shutting off the wrong gene can cause other genes that it controls to shut off as well. This has the potential to cause cellular damage.


The current advances in Cell Biology are amazing. They hold a immense amount of potential for our future, as we move towards the ability to silence gene based diseases. The future might look nothing like the past, when humans can live for hundreds of years, overcome chronic illness, and replace vital organs that have become diseased or malfunctioned. Human mutations can be eliminated, and MS can become a thing of the past. There is always a secondary effect of playing with nature, but when well managed the environment can be right for amazing advances in medicine.


This discovery of course has negative potential. Since it would be easy to design, designer babies. Which is another argument altogether. But for now we have a wonderful advance in science. Some scientists thought that life came from an even more primitive form of RNA called TNA, which is not as complex as RNA. With replicating, competitive RNA going on in the lab it won’t be long before we have a second trend towards first life, again. Then we can watch the advances as it moves from primitive to advanced. Perhaps under the right conditions we can see a whole new evolution. Who knows what potential this leads to, since we know some 235 million years ago it lead to dinosaurs. Could this be the potential for evolution to run its course again?







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Selling Sex Short: Stripper Movies

The Movie Magic Mike came off as a low budget film, and an introduction. It seems the time has come when women can go to the theater and watch the same thing men did in the movie Show Girls.
I have had the opportunity to see both films and I can tell you this, both are not equal. The plot for Show Girls was a woman hoping to rise to the top and doing so by betraying another girl. It was about sex and stripping, nudity, and fantasy. Magic mike was a plot about something, mostly stripping, but not much else. The film lacked in base. In fact it lacked in showing one full session of stripping, and looking around me the ladies, and gentlemen needed the view. It seems that women in their forties and fifties are looking for love in all the hard places. That was the draw. Most younger women would have no clue how big of a deal this movie was. Since previous ideals of male stripper movies have been bashed hard in the press. Saying women were not going to go see such an thing. It would surely never play in any Muslim country. It may not even carry to heavy Muslim areas of Europe, but for women here it makes for some nice eye candy.
Just don’t go looking for content. The movie never gets off the ground. A young woman working as a nurses aid who’s brother gets into stripping, and his friend who makes it all happen. With no struggle or plot. To the end where the sister and friend decide to spend seven hours doing, well the movie ended there. It was a struggle to get content from the movie other than some stripping, aging, and drug use.
I would have rather watched Show Girls again, f just for the cat fight. The men are hot and the movie does provide some scenes that are a bit risky, but nothing to go over the moon for. But as an atheist who wants sex out of the closet, and back where it belongs. Which is on the discussion table of society, it was a move forward. I hope in the future we can deal with the fact women are sexual just as much as men, and we are allowed to enjoy it.


The Virgin Birth


The Virgin birthMary Writing the Magnificat had actually existed in other deities stories before Christ, and there is a reason for that. It seems that humans regard sex as a primitive practice, messy, dirty, and complicated. Something a divine entity would not have to be entangled with. Though this thinking is wrong. After all even the bible gives a second story on heavenly sex. It tells how the angels were attracted to the women of earth and mated with them producing giant offspring. Now this is just another myth, but it may serve a purpose.

found in the Matthew (Matthew 1:18),and Luke,[1:26-35] which say that Mary was a virgin at the time of Jesus’ birth and that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. These gospels, later tradition and current doctrine present Jesus’ conception as a miracle involving no natural father, no sexual intercourse, and no male seed in any form, but instead brought about by the Holy Spirit.
The divinity of the Christ child is played out that god planted his seed in her womb, without ever touching her. By this method it was divine and heavenly and clean. While the angels having copulated with humans soiled their divinity, and in doing so created mutant offspring. This has created part of the modern fear, and loathing for the womb.
The virgin birth is a myth and one that will live on for many more years, just as Horus and Mithra, and many more deities born of virgin mothers. These unproven claims existed for the length of the religious practice. Though not one instance of virgin birth has ever been proven, and exists in nearly every religion.
Sex was not understood back in biblical times, and god was thought to intervene with all creation. Since that time man has learned how procreation works, and myths of virgin births have stopped being proclaimed. It is another mythological tale that would have only worked in the time of our ignorance. The claim of divine intervention and pregnancy has long passed.

One story in the bible does allude to something completely disconnected from divinity. It says that a harlot will go into the wilderness and become pregnant with the anti-Christ. Now this tale is to bring fear of prostitutes and promiscuity. It goes on to say that you shall not know who he is but he will come from the east. Which is why every Christian questions every birth from the east including the President. Even if it is all conspiracy. But this was to place fear and loathing in the hearts of men and woman for prostitutes, and easy women. To this day it has continued. Women who are seen as sluts are blamed for any tragedies that occur to them. Society holds women in low regard if they are known to be with many men. Getting raped at a party when you are drunk is often blamed on the victim.

Women are judged by the method of their impregnation. If a woman is clean and goes to her husband it is looked on with care, while a woman who has had many sex partners or is not married is looked on with disgust. It is not just the doctrines of the bible which taint our minds but the suggested doctrines. Those met with the religious view that sex outside of marriage is a sin, and sex is only for procreation create the modern hate for vagina.

All of this toxic mentality is because of the myths of virgin births in history, Men want to see a virginal girl, and believe that they posses her, and no other man can. The want to believe that in submitting her virginity she will also submit her will and independence. That was the message behind these texts in the bible.


In The House Of Lies; The Truth The Muslims Are Hiding.

If you have ever had the pleasure of engaging Muslims in a debate then you know it is highly unlikely to result in answers. The problem is answer dodging, verse requesting, and futile arguments that result in Ad hom attacks. It seems there is a great deal of dishonesty in the manner that Muslims debate. Essentially this behavior marches to the orders of what they have been commanded to do.


It is this despicable behavior that leads Muslims to manipulate a conversation with anyone outside of their religion. People fall for lies believing that these are the best of moderate Muslims, but how can that be determined when the very tenets of Islam are to lie to outsiders. There are moderates in behavior, but all of them are aware of these verses. Even if not all of them chose to use them. But with a doctrine like this, who can tell. Perhaps we should be challenging the Muslims community to step up and show us they mean peace when they say it. Since it is already widely known that they do not. I don’t want to sell the good people in Islam short. They do exist. They live their lives as everyone else, but face it they will protect their own before an outsider. This is the doctrine and these are the tenants of lies.

Qur’an (3:28) – This verse tells Muslims not to take those outside the faith as friends, unless it is to “guard themselves.”


You think that Muslims regard you as their equals, and are kind and dignified with you. Just because they were raised “morally” and in reality Islam thought of its dealings with outsiders. It is baffling that the principles of this religion mandate manipulation of the majority of the masses.


Qur’an (3:54)“And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.”  The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means deceit.  If Allah is deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same. (See also 8:30 and 10:21)


The messianic prophet of the nomadic sheep herding people thought of future situations where he would be engaging outsiders. His dealings were done with dishonesty, and his legacy is just as dishonest. When you note a lie in a debate with a Muslim it is not an error on the part of the person, but a product of the indoctrination process. Being a slave for Allah means surrendering your mind, along with the truth.


This is a boundless behavior in Islam, and if you feel that this is erroneous, then it should be noted even within the constructs of marriage, a Muslim is not betraying his religion when he lies. Many western women have fallen for Muslim men claiming their undying love and faithfulness only to be betrayed. If they had only know what awaited them it might have had another ending. Muslims men are taught to seek out what they want, even with powerful manipulation.


Qur’an (2:225)“Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts”  The context of this remark is marriage, which explains why Sharia allows spouses to lie to each other for the greater good.


Every Muslim has to know the Quran. Every one of them has to know these rules. No Muslim is unaware of his duty. At any point he is inspired by the Quran to lie, and manipulate. It is not a tenet of Islam to be honest with outsiders. But mandated, and ordered that they lie to infidels. Anyone who is outside of their religion is not privileged to get the truth. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of lies. The Quran specifically orders them to ask for verses. They will purposefully quote partial verses.


Kitman – Lying by omission.  An example would be when Muslim apologists quote only a fragment of verse 5:32 (that if anyone kills “it shall be as if he had killed all mankind”) while neglecting to mention that the rest of the verse (and the next) mandate murder in undefined cases of “corruption” and “mischief.”


It is better the world be prepared for the truth about Islam. They are purposely trying to convert by force, and deceit. They have no truth to give, but intend to rule by subjugation. They honor their pedantic psychotic god when they lie. Their manipulation of the world is an intent to convert and subdue by any means necessary. It was the direct order of Mohammad that they deal with the rest of the world this way. When this method fails and the world comes against them, they are free to declare Jihad. No Muslim has the intent of an honest debate. Even if the moderates stand for not killing, the fact still remains they are ordered to lie to you. This deplorable behavior exists, it is not just a rumor by atheists, or racists, or a people of hate, but located directly in their own scriptures.

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Answes about Reverse Evolution: Adaptation

The problem which comes from attempting reverse evolution is that evolution did not happen in leaps. It happens in micro events. Some as minute as a change in the structure of a protein, while this may seem like nothing studies show (such as the recent studies on AIDS) that it can benefit the organism. Over millions of years those changes build up and you get a change in the original organism that may be enough to call it a new species. Humans, like all other living organisms are subject to change and adaptations. The melanin in our skin which gives it a dark color has been subject to those adaptations. In cooler climates some melanin genes have stopped functioning. That is because the dark pigment of the skin needed in places like Africa are not necessary in cooler and darker climates. One function of the melanin is to prevent damage to the DNA. The more sun hitting the skin, the more the pigmentation has to work. While this helps prevent mutation and destruction of the DNA it also hinders production of vitamin D when the skin is too dark in dim lit places. So in colder and darker areas the amount of pigment would not be necessary. This is probably what triggered the mutation for genes that do not function to produce melanin as much to occur, and since it benefited the offspring and they survived, it continued.
In climates where the skin is exposed to higher levels of UV radiation the genes for melanin are vital. People who suffer from albinoism often suffer retinal damage as well. It is not beneficial and they can’t adapt to their surroundings if they live in bright lit areas with much UV exposure they face great risk of cancer based on DNA damage.
So those in higher altitudes, and in hot dry areas would need to produce the largest amount of melanin, to protect the skin from intense amounts of UV radiation. While those in lower and wetter climates would need less melanin so they could produce the vitamin D thier bodies need.
When it comes to reversing all of this processes it would be hard. In people with lighter skin the genes which produce melanin are actually mutated and no longer function. While some of them do. The dark/light ratio of skin shows the amount of mutated genes. Eyes that are light blue with very pale skin show that most of the genes for melanin are not functioning. This trait is inherited from parents, but likely both parents carry the mutation. If only one parent carried the mutation then when the genes are shuffled and the offspring is produced the functional genes would likely be used verses the mutated ones. The original eye color, and skin would have been dark to black for all humans. It was the movement of our species into other environments and adapting that changed the need and function of these genes.

The change in environments has also caused micro changes in humans as far as facial structure, height, and body. The reason for these changes is environmental as well. While race may be a social construct it does exist in micro amounts on the DNA. That is because it has shaped who we are. People in dry sandy areas tend to have a sloped nose so that sand and dirt do not easily enter the passageway. While people in areas where nutrition is poor tend to be short. Each region has seen adaptations. This does not define race. Because genetically the variance is not significant, given millions of years it could become a variation in our species, but humans have too much social and mating interaction. This does explain the diversity we see, and why we say all groups look similar. People in similar regions have to adapt the same way, and breeding within a common gene pool means selecting from well adapted mates, as time goes on the survivors who are best adapted pass on the most genes, and those shape the gene pool we see today. It also explains the diversity in the African gene pool. Since mating practices in Africa were about dominance and diverse mating. In Africa due to the eco system many people have had to shift living areas, as well as have shifted mates, and that gave opportunity to diversity. While in other areas the isolation of populations and survival rates of offspring and breeding habits has led to a less diverse amount of genes. So while there is diversity, it is not as intense as those in Africa where man originated.


Will Human Sexual Nature Become Outdated?


The sex of the future might look and behave like nothing in the past. We might attempt to move beyond sexual intercourse, to a new method of sex. One where partners never have to touch each other. Story lines in the movies talk about using devices that stimulate the same feeling in our bodies without the physical interaction, but can we do it?


Humans thrive on stimulation of their senses. We are bound by our evolution to desire intimacy. The cold hard facts are, we need it. Our bodies secrete pheromones, and when a woman is ovulating men can smell it, even if they don’t know it. We leak hormones through our skin even though the dermal layers are dead, we can breathe and absorb through the outer layers. We essentially crave human contact, from the moment we are born till we die, we are by nature social creatures, and being social means needing each other for basic needs. Babies are a good example. While they are nursing from their mother they cause her to release oxytocin. It is passed to the baby in the milk, which creates a bonded feeling, as well as happiness on the part of both of them.


When we existed as a primitive species, living in caves, and still evolving our sexual nature was less discrete. Sex was not a hidden thing, but done in the open with all members of the group able to see. It was that way for centuries, until religion began to change that. There have been modern day tribes that were visited by Christians trying to convert the natives, who saw the natives having sex during the day where everyone could see them. The Christians felt this was not proper and tried to show them the Christian way to have sex. The natives quickly threw the Christians out and continued their way of sexual behavior. When we are free to choose our sex, we often do naturally, without thought of why.


What does this say about us? It seems the more inhibited we try to become about our sexual selves, and distanced from our primitive animal ancestors, the harder we find it to contain ourselves. Orgasms might happen in the brain, but it does take physical stimuli as well. There are hormones given off by an egg waiting to be fertilized, as well as sperm. We can only speculate if our ancestors could smell these things in greater quantities, since our smell has become dulled as we have evolved. But historically a woman who was ovulating might have attracted every man close by. Since bathing was a less often event, the males would have smelled her pheromones getting stronger as the egg matured. It might have appealed to the male as a sweet and inviting scent. The female being drawn to the men by her readiness to mate would have received any male that suited her. Possibly many.


We can imagine a future where we use a machine that can stimulate orgasms, which might be able to tap into our sense of reality, but will it be enough to convince our brains? If it is would we want sex to be outdated? These are questions we will have to address, and problems we will have to solve. Humans are still evolving. If we don’t use our genitals for mating they may alter. If we never touch we might lose our hormone production.


Or we might see a rebellion against machine induced orgasms. If sex were outlawed, and procreation was done in a lab, we would be the first breaking the rules. That is certain. We not only crave what is prohibited to us, but the stimulation would heighten knowing that it was more risky behavior. Humans would make attempts to return to their primal nature. One where they can enjoy each other sensually. Where hormones are exchanged through sexual contact, and the skin. Our ability to stimulate each other within the context of sex may be changing, but can we ever change our true animal sex craving nature?