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Evolution Strikes Back!

Once upon a time in a galaxy……well right here, we evolved. In fact there is evidence everywhere. So much so that I want to go over it. Not just the evidence for evolution, but a lot of how and why.

I often get the age-old question of how life began. Well I will give you a picture, a good hypothesis, and some examples. The rest is up to you, believe it if you will. Ignore it if you don’t, but every day science  provides more evidence.

Primordial Earth was not like today. Not even close. Imagine a world that was void and dark…oh wait that is someone else’s story. The Earth was a mass of hot lava and pools of sulfur, hydrogen was plentiful, and there was some helium, and water. No water  we would want to drink. Our solar system was still in turmoil, with meteors crashing into the planets. In fact there was no moon yet. Just a hot mass. The earth was cooling though,  and stagnant pools of toxic sulfur water lay all around. Nothing was alive here, yet.  For millions of years it was this way. Volcano’s erupted and the earth changed and reformed. Tons of meteors hit the planet. Carrying with them more water. The Earth was spinning fast through the universe on its orbit. At some point a meteor impacted the planet and the moon was split off. This was before we had our modern atmosphere. So the Earth aged and cooled, slowed down, and was mostly water. And then it happened,Life. Now scientists have found nucleotide bases in meteorites. Nucleotide bases are part of your DNA. They have also replicated in strict lab settings, what primordial earth would have been like. Out of that they created amino acids. The substance needed to make protein. In fact they were able to show how it could split easily. Life that would have come first here on earth was not complex. I would have to be simple, and we know that because of the fossil record. So the likely hood of DNA being present is small. What scientists believe existed was a form of RNA or TNA. Both are very basic compared to the complex structure of DNA. There was no Oxygen on Earth. Scientists believe, and the first life was anaerobic, and used sulfur. This type of bacteria does not need air, but produces it as a bi-product.

The fossil record, the makings of a living world came next. We begin finding simple life. Now any single celled organisms were soft and left no trace of being here, but what we do find is suddenly oxygen was here. The world went from being a lifeless blob, to having very simple life. Some of the first sea creatures found are very simple. One of the first plant/animal lives that has been found is Charnia. An odd non complex creature who used repeating as a method of growing. What this means is every part of it was a replica of the next. It had no variation in structure. Equally each of the specimens found looks like the next. Next we move to  Arthropods called trilobites (we have found 50,000 species) and then it seems everyone wanted a shell. Monstrous fish begin to appear in the fossil record. Ones with big teeth, or pincer’s. Ones that had many legs and fins. Ones that had many many fins. Huge horrible looking things. Evolution seemed to take off like a shot, developing many new forms of life as it went. It was called the Cambrian explosion. During this period we find thousands of species. Variations so great the modern day world pales in comparison.

Soon we find fish like Megolodon. He made a great white shark look like a snack, along with other giant sea creatures. Plants became more varied, and so did the species living under the sea. The fossil record shows life was over abundant. By this time the Earth had a moon, and pretty much the orbit we do now, though the tilt was a bit different, and the polar caps were located in other areas. Everything was going along fine, and then, nothing. Something wiped out almost all life on earth, and life had to take off again. Whatever the catastrophe, it was cataclysmic, killing on a world wide basis, and scientists suspect it was a global freeze. The world went back to bacteria.

Evolution took off anew and tetra pods formed. This means four legged animals. The fossil record shows we went from amniotes, to vertebrates, to mammals. Scientists now believe that it was the velvet worm’s ancestor who first made its way onto land. The velvet worm has tiny holes in the side of its legs for breathing air. After vertebrates is where mammals split off from dinosaurs, Both existed during this era, but separate. Dinosaurs dominated the Mesozoic. Primitive plants lived on the surface of the land. Ferns, and small shrubs, and trees, nothing like today. This was to become food for animals on land for the next two hundred million years. Dinosaurs fed on these and the trees that were present in the Mesozoic. It was a hot period, and oxygen was plentiful. The earth was a warm biosphere. A virtual paradise for the evolution of dinosaurs, and the extreme evolution they underwent.

From fish to four legged creatures, we began the slow walk through time. After the extinction of dinosaurs, mammals took off. We became the dominating kingdom.  Slowly primates evolved from simpler mammals. At some point a common ancestor to the chimp diverged and a few humanoid species were born. First Australopithecus Africana, then Homo Erectus, Then Neanderthals, and than Homo sapiens. On an island another species of hobbit like humanoids also evolved. They share a humanoid ancestor who evolved to the environment of the island. They were cannibals, due to the lack of food sources on the island. This is most likely the reason they died out.

Now evolution has always had a helping hand. That is mutation, speciation, and gene flow. Mutation means a small change has happened somewhere in the DNA. Now that mutation does not always benefit the species and it does not survive. That is a part of natural selection at play. If the environment does not suit the mutation then the variation will not live long enough to reproduce. This means it will die out before it can populate.  Other times it is just what the species needs to thrive. This can mean a longer beak, longer legs, and in humans becoming erect, and growing bigger brains, loosing body hair, and eventually verbal communications.

Speciation means over time as two similar mammals begin moving in two directions, they often get more and more distant from each other due to environmental factors. Even while living in the same area. This can be due to high amounts of competition. As they get more distant it becomes harder and harder to interbreed, until finally,  due to biological changes, the two can no longer interbreed, and are separate.

Gene flow is a species migrating from one place to the other, spreading out as it goes. As the genes flow from one place to the next, a new environment might mean some slight changes, and result in a new species. This has occurred in flowers, plants, trees, and numerous species that spread over the planet. Dust storms, hurricanes, and birds have helped to bring life to isolated islands. Over time the plants which adapted on islands became some of the most unique on earth.

It is through subtle changes that humans evolved. We currently have six thousand fossils of human evolution. Not to mention a complete fossil record of horse evolution. We have dinosaur fossils that lead us to modern birds including feathers. We have plants and microbes found in glaciers. The amount of evidence for evolution is astounding. We may not know what sparked the first life, but since then, there has been a long trail of fossils leading to modern-day. As we learn more we find how close and yet far we are from those creatures of the past. After all DNA holds the whole story. In four letters it spells out the code for a long line of change, and while we may lose a few genes off our switches, we still hold an entire history wound tight in a code that takes up ten books. One tiny strand that tells so much about the history of the whole planet.



Evolution, Why Is It So Hard To Understand?

You would think talking to a religious person that you just found a foreign language that stumps them. It seems like a flawed and impossible thing to have happened. Just talk to a creationist. Their questions will always go to the same standby. “How did life start?” “How can something come from nothing?” “I did not come from apes!”

If you have ever been in a biology class you can pick out the creationists, they are the ones in a hurry to get through the course, and not really learn anything from it. In fact if you ask them about biology shortly after, they will not have much to say. That is because they went home and wiped their slate clean, and filled in every blank with god did it. It is a chore to combat this kind of ignorance. With the mentality that a structured class room is creating fiction to give to kids in the place of god. It seems many Americans now equate science with atheism. Yet these Americans never blink an eye when we don’t use mathematics and include him. It seems only one area of science has to come under fire. The one which guides students to use their higher brains. To step away from the pre-wired circuitry of a theist mentality.

The problem with most religious people is that we are right. They say around one hundred years ago the Republicans were for science. Probably hoping we would find god with our research. Yet science does not care one way or the other if we find god. It only cares that we find the truth. Sure sometimes we have been tricked, or there have been errors. Just look at the LHC last year. Turns out a loose sensor wire caused results making it look like neutrinos go faster than the speed of light. The Physicists working at the LHC released the data and asked for it to be checked. We applaud them. They did the right thing. Then they went looking to see if there was a mistake, and found it. Now that is quality science. That is how we maintain high standards, and get results based on them. It is called ethics, and morally we are bound to use the best and most accurate evidence for progressing forward. That is unparalleled to what religion teaches.

The blind faith preached by religious people everywhere, actually closes down neural reasoning. There is a reason a preacher has a flock, mindless sheep will follow you anywhere. And has their religion changed in two thousand years, according to them, no. Nor has it changed in fourteen hundred years for Islam. That kind of stagnation would be a scary thought for scientists. As it was in the dark ages. When men grew tired of the same stagnant responses for life’s origin. When Van Leeuwenhoek created his first microscope and looked at millions of tiny organisms for the first time, the future of humanity changed. When Pasteur discovered that they created disease, and concocted the first vaccines humanity stepped forward once again.  The discoveries that came in the late 1700’s and through the 1800’s forever altered the course of our planet and brought us out of an era which is notorious for witch burnings, blood letting, leaches, plagues, and deaths by the millions.

During the dark ages humans warred, and they were superstitious to a monumental degree, the disastrous amounts of diseases cropping up devastated populations. Poverty was highly disproportionate, and many people died of starvation. It was an era without hope, when man was at his bitter worst. It was during this time we hardly hear of any inventions, or forward movement. Though religion tries to claim a significant role in the ending of the dark ages.  Galileo  was working under church authority, in his explorations. As Da Vinci was hosted by the pope while he worked. However; the moment that Galileo discovered a true understanding of the universe, which was contrary to the churches ideas, he was tried for heresy. Just as in the case of Da Vinci, who was a skeptic, when he was found to be dissecting corpses who were good Christians, not just sinners he was told to leave the Vatican, and never return.

So, the great thing is evolution is still going on around us. Just last week a report about a blood sucking moth came out. Now, no one has to be ecstatic about that guy. After all, we have plenty of mosquito’s. Another evolutionary change in our time is elephants being born without tusks.  Evolution always has a tricky way of producing an alteration that continues the species, if it has more potential for survival. Hooray evolution. Another event during our time was an experiment done on E-coli. Twelve tubes, and twenty years, and a new tube every day. All of the ancestral tubes were saved. Over time one colony of the E-coli evolved to use citric acid. Which meant they had to turn on three genes to do it. Yea E-coli. It also meant looking to see if others colonies had expressed the genes to utilize citric acid. Some had, but they had turned on the second or third gene making it useless, since only the complete gene sequence can allow for the use of the citric acid. Only when the primary gene turned on and then subsequent genes, did it serve the colony. The mutation occurred in not just a few members of the colony, but the majority showing once the gene became active, the bacteria using it could populate to dominant proportions.

Evolution is a beautiful process, one worth giving the awe, and admiration it deserves. It is not something to just be dismissed by dogmatic people who want their floaty sky god to be the one responsible for everything. It is a process that has to happen in a fully functional world. If we did not evolve there would be a stagnation to us eventually. After all our planet is living, changing,  and adapting around us. We too must change and adapt for the good of our species. If there was a god and they did not see the value in evolution well, they would be useless anyway. After all, global warming is part of our planet. So is global cooling. So is over and under population. Growth and death, and all the other changes. Mutation has been a highly beneficial factor in the survival of millions of species and it has also been responsible for the change in dominant species.

Evolution is not hard to understand, and is a needed process. We have to enjoy our world as it is, and as it changes. The most beautiful thing is, if you stood really still for a thousand years you could see species change,not drastically, but in small amounts. You would see species go extinct, and others taking their place. You could watch all the changes in our world as volcano’s create new land, and earthquakes reshape it. It can be a hard and terrible thing to live on this planet, but who would give up the chance? After all every sunset is one you will never see the same way, and every day really is a new one. There is a beautiful dance going on in this world, and in the cosmos around it. All of this thanks to evolution. From the first bit of matter evolving into a star, to the massive universe around us. We would be lost without evolution, in fact we would have never found ourselves searching for ourselves.

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A Mission Of Misery: Mother Teresa Abusing The Poor In The Name Of God.

In India there exists an organization, operating at the expense of human life, a mid-evil institute of suffering and pain. People come and die by the hundreds. Christopher Hitchens talked about the human wasteland called the Sisters of Charity, and the misery they inflict, in the name self absorbed deity. The world is tired of turning a blind eye to this bubbling catastrophe and home of despair.


It is so shocking to see the pictures from a disgusting place of drudgery. People come to spend their last miserable days being given pseudo medicine, barely humane treatment, in a facility which by no means meets any medical standards. It is gross negligence by the state at best, and sheer Barbary at worst. If this is the reward of the poor, then it should be used as torture for the rich. The home for the dying in Calcutta is a charity in no means of the word. People are skinny and starved looking, allowed to sit or lay on a dank musty cot, with nothing to occupy the mind but the staggering thoughts of death. The personnel are not trained, the medicine is old, the syringes are hand washed and not sterile, the area for washing is not made for human excrement.


It operates under the saintly name of Mother Teresa, a woman who spent her time pleading with the rich representing the idea of poverty and chastity, while building an army of faithful servants to the church. Under the disguise of charity for the poor and dying. She benefited the church by watching endless numbers of human beings suffer till their last breath. She was less of a saint and more of a masochist, who bled the rich in the name of the pope.


Today, her charity continues to operate, the same unchanged fascist way it did back then. With little humanity, or reverence for life’s quality. Much of the money spent in the home for the dying goes to recruiting more nuns for the Catholic church, who willfully ignores the suffering of the Indians trapped in this drudgery. The Pope is busy ignoring all the other crimes against humanity by the Catholic church, to notice this one. Mother Teresa left her ill gotten gains  hands of the Vatican to dole out to her many nunneries. Which far outnumber her charitable organizations.


The creation of nunneries was the actual intent of Mother Teresa. She was not looking to be the savior of the people, one of her famous quotes was, “As Christ suffered, they should learn to suffer too.” Which is astounding since the intent of his suffering, as explained in the Bible, was to stop human suffering. Which seems to be beyond the capacity of  the Sisters of Charity. Instead they heap more suffering upon an already weak, and vulnerable lot of people steeped in poverty and suffering, and at the mercy of this brutal form of medical care.


Would the world be worse off without the Sisters Of Charity? I highly doubt it. India would have to face their burden, and do it with actual medical care. They would have to stop avoiding the reality that thousands of their people are out there dying, and demand better. Often times when places like this operate it is easier to avoid the reality than to deal with the misery. It is time that the Catholic Church let go the choke hold it has on these impoverished people and India looked for real solutions. Ones that include necessary medicines, and humane treatment. As India becomes more developed it is time to initiate a means to care for the sick and dying that shows humanity and eliminated this fanatical practice.





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The Evolution Of Childhood. The Argument Against Childhood Marriage.

I have heard it spoken by Muslims that Mohammad did nothing wrong in marrying Aisha. She was six when they were wed, and nine when their marriage was consummated.

I am not going to use this post to bash a religion or dictate behavior. I have my personal feelings, which I will remove from this blog so that we can examine a deeper issue. That came from Muslims saying that childhood is a modern invention. I would like to point out that that this is being written from an evolutionary perspective, and all other factors will be omitted. I want the facts to be understood here, what ever they might be.

It has been said that since the median age for our life expectancy has increased we mature at a slower rate. Muslims have stated to me that if we only live for forty years that being ten years old was a fourth of their lifespan already gone, and that since females can only produce a limited amount of children it is better for them to start young, and it is healthier for them.

Modern day medicine with all the technical advances says that it is far greater of a risk for teen pregnancy. That is because the body is still growing and developing. The uterine tissue is still very immature and can be torn easy. Also the vaginal canal is not as long, and the pelvis is still small and may not be wide enough for child birth. That and the demands of nutrients for a growing body make it more likely that a young girl would suffer from iron deficiency. Also since the calcium demands would go up her bones may suffer loss, as well as her teeth and hair. Pregnancy is a great demand on a mature female body, and an immature body can suffer further damage the may not be reparable. After all the growth plates in her body have not yet closed, but they may close prematurely if there is a lack of nutrition. So it is not more healthy for a female to have children young. Having offspring is a sacrifice for any organism, and should be respected as such.


The American Journal of Human biology States this about the longevity of sexual reproduction in females. “Females sacrifice a smaller proportion of their reproductive potential due to nursing by weaning their offspring at younger ages. As a consequence, the optimal length of the female reproductive period decreases as weaning age decreases, even when adult mortality is low.”

The point that they are making here is that since we wean our children sooner we are actually shortening our reproductive length. When a woman is nursing a baby she will often go into an estrus so that the child is weaned before her body begins ovulation again. Modern women often feed formula or nurse until nine months. The highest normal age is on average a year. Since we do not breast feed as much during modern times we return to ovulating and this shortens the cycle of reproduction for us females. Some women have been reported to have had healthy children at age forty five, but that was when women still nursed their children for longer periods.


Some young girls begin menstruating at the tender age of nine. It is not a routine event. The average age of first menstruation is around twelve to thirteen years old. It actually co-insides with male sexual development. Our offspring usually begin the process of sexual maturation around the same time for a reason. They will mature to enter the breeding pool around the same time, so young and healthy individuals are ready for mating around the same time. This makes it more of a likely hood of healthy offspring. Even in nature we see that as males come of sexual maturity they challenge the older and dominant male. If the male can not defend his position he is replaced quickly. It is only in the human species do we see older males who are beyond their prime years attempting to create offspring with very juvenile females. In nature a male past his prime is low in the pack.


Now the theory of a modern childhood. Actually all primates have a childhood. As do other mammals. it is not by far a modern invention. It has been in the works for millions of years. If we look at the behavior of primates other than ourselves we can see that they tend to rear their children with the same care and understanding that we put into our offspring. They can spend years showing their offspring how to fend for themselves. While it may be shortened compared to ours, we are one of the longest living primates. We can afford to elongate their childhood, but it is by no means a modern invention. that we know from the age of sexual maturity. In other primates, they can be only a few years old before they become sexually mature. Sexual maturity is the beginning of adulthood, but it is not the signaling of the onset of adulthood. that can be found in bones. Once a human has reached the adult stage their growth plates close. Once these have closed, it is a sign that the body has matured to a state where further growth is done. This happens around the age of eighteen. Though the skull plates do not close until around thirty years old. That is so the brain can keep growing.


In summation every evidence we can see from biology and the structure of humans we are not mature until the age of eighteen. Now I have also had it said to me that a fifteen year old girl and a fifty year old man have the same hormone levels. I would like to address this as well. During the primary years of a girl, or boys sexual maturity there are peaks and drops in the levels of hormones as the body adjusts to the induction of them. We know his from many signs, males begin to develop a deeper voice, often times teens face acne from hormones, and oil production and other keys. Girls can have fluctuations in their periods, and have a higher chance of cysts. So it would be hard for a fifty year old man to match the rapid changing fluctuations in hormone levels. “Taking advantage” of a teens changes in hormone levels and desire to realize their sexuality equates to wrongful behavior. Those who are in their teens and early twenties face the same hormone levels and sexual understanding.


So to address the thinking of Muslims who have proudly touted these things, this is the facts. Also fourteen hundred years ago is not enough evolutionary time for significant changes. So the next time a person states how they know the facts about sexual maturity in children feel free to show them this, because marrying children, is still being married to a biological child.







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The Pope, Aids, Africa, And Genocide.

The Pope, Africa, Aids, and acts of Genocide.

Lets talk about sex, aids, and a suffering continent. Africa, oh Africa, no greater cry exists, than one that affects all of humanity. Millions of Africans are dying. The main disease is Aids. What worse human tragedy than one that can be prevented by education. So I am going to blast the pope. Someone needs to hold him responsible, and fix the horrible thing he did.

I am not sure how many Africans are Catholic, but I am sure that they are dying. After all they have been told that using condoms spreads disease. Well I want to take some time and educate and spread the word that this is a tragic lie. Condoms do not cause disease, in fact they help prevent it. You have better chances of not getting aids if you use a condom. I know because I am educated in sexual diseases, I have been through sex ed classes, I study biology and diseases. I am a student of science. I know more about Aids than the pope know about sex.

This is the problem. Since when do we take sex ed from a man who has never used his sexual organs for sex, and believes that you can not serve god if you do? Why would we trust a man who has not studied medicine or biology to our reproductive health? The only thing he has studied is a bible, and that does not qualify him to speak about aids transmission.


I however can, because I am going to use facts.


1. Aids is spread by body fluid transmission. This means oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex. Any body fluids that come into contact with another persons have the ability to infect. So condoms help stop fluid transmission and do prevent Hiv and Aids. Blood and mucous are other transmission routes.


2. Cuts, sores, and wounds are another source of infection. As well as bite wounds. That is because Aids can live outside the body for a few hours. In laboratories, in concentrated amounts it can live for days, and even weeks outside of the body. Always be careful of  body fluids from another person. If any blood, semen, or vaginal fluid gets on you make sure to wash it off as soon as possible and use strong antimicrobial agents. Soap, small amounts of bleach, and wash thoroughly on external organs, do not use bleach on genitalia. Use alcohol when possible, but not on sex organs/genitalia.

3. Babies have a higher chance of being born infected to an infected mother. Especially if they come into contact with body fluids during birth. So many precautions should be taken if possible.

4. Monkeys and other species carry HIV but are immune to it. So they are only carriers, but can infect humans by bite wounds.


5. Prostitutes have the highest instances of HIV infection, so when you engage in sex use any forms of protection available. Using two condoms will not lessen you chances, since one condom may break the other. using one and making sure that there is room in the tip for semen is important. Also unroll the condom to the very base of the penis. After intercourse make sure to remove the condom and wash your hands, then body parts. Do not kiss or engage in oral sex where body fluids can be transmitted. Preforming anal sex, or engaging in anal sex is more risky, which is why it is best to use a condom as well.


I know the Pope has said that condoms spread aids, but if you are using a new condom every time, and making sure to put it on properly, you could save your life and that of those you love. I know that sex happens, and people visit prostitutes. So the reality exists for infection and disease. We should stop pretending people do not visit prostitutes. They do, and when they do, they should be using protection.


The Pope is responsible for millions of deaths. It is his word that has made Africa want to kill homosexuals, and not use condoms, and not use preventative care when it comes to having children. This is a human tragedy. Because you are suffering at the hands of a monster. What man does not hear the suffering of people and do what is best for them. Condoms work. They can fit a penis the size of your arm. They only have a fail rate of 0.00001% unlike unprotected sex which causes 99.99999% of all Aids.


I consider it offensive to let my brothers and sisters in Africa die of aids because no one was willing to stand up and say that human health comes above religion. If everyone knew how much disease can be prevented by the simple use of a condom. It is astounding. Meanwhile where is the Pope? Does he visit the hospitals of Africa, and pray with the dying? Does he come and give them meds, or shower them with help to deal with the Aids? Does he send in educators and doctors, to help stop the spread?


No, he is on his throne in Vatican City living in a palace, eating the best foods, flying on the best planes. He wants for nothing, and has doctors at his disposal. All of this while the children of Africa cry and lay dying. All of this while children become orphans, and mothers and fathers suffer to death of Aids.


It is not okay to let our brothers and sisters die. It is not okay to kill people because they are gay. It is not okay to let people get Aids and say it is the will of god. Because if he was watching, even his blood would boil at seeing such human misery by the millions. So if you are in Africa, share this with a friend. Get the word out. Spread the education. We are hoping for your survival Africa, because you represent part of our family we do not want to live without.


Life is hard enough in a lot of places in Africa. There is female genital mutilations, Albino murders, homosexual killings, and Aids. We can prevent all of those. Stop listening to the pope, because if he were right millions would be living and not dying. There would be less cases of Aids every year. That is not the case, instead we see the bodies come, and the people go. And the Pope sits on his throne playing god, without mercy for the precious lives he is taking.

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Infanticide Evolutionary Disaster!


Thousands of daughters in China and India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other middle eastern countries are killed every year. Some are drowned, some are beaten, some are thrown in the trash. There are many ways these girls are killed, and they will never get a voice to ask why. But the rest of the world should.


Why would you want to sell your daughter to anyone? That is basically what a dowry is, but in reverse. You act like your daughter is so worthless you have to give money to people to take her away. Well I say any man who needs money for marrying your daughter is not worth the money spent. No matter what you say. The same would go if you were paying to get her. She is not a commodity.


This has led to the abuse and murder of thousands of women. Men have married women to get the money and then killed her. Men have married a woman and then left or divorced her. It is a bad system and the only thing is does is cause more daughters to be killed. And yet there seems to be no end in sight for this horrible behavior. In fact women here in America are now at war with ignorance of this kind.


I have to stop and ask though, since when do you deserve a woman? Since you have no respect for them, and think they are only for breeding and your sexual pleasure. It shows that there is some horrible things in religion. They are like a cancer on the face of the earth, and I have no clue why women put up with it.


It is hard to be a woman in a world where even other women think you should be a breeding slave. Where people judge you by being married and how many children you have. Instead of being judged by your character. Women who rise to the top are seen as bitches. We are seen as cold and in fact we have to be.


But to see men out there killing their daughters and it is not treated as a terrible crime. It is not all over the world as a tragedy. People ignore that another girl died. Not everyone. I know who the good guys are. I know there are men out there, and women who care, but for the rest of you where is your compassion? Is it so wrong to be born with a vagina instead of a penis? Is it a crime to be a beautiful little girl who will grow up to love dolls and flowers? Is it so awful to want to keep living in a world and be loved by your father, as he loves his sons?


You say that your religion is one of peace, but the war rages on against women. All religions are anti-woman. You make us hate each other for who we are and who we are not. You tell us our only worth is in making babies. Religion is not just poison it is venom. One bite of it is death. Especially if you were unlucky enough to be born a girl.


There must be something that can be done. Weather it is birth control, or just changing the system,  something must be possible. I was lucky to have been born to a father who loves me and cherishes me. Not every girl is that lucky, but we should all be. I realize there are men out there that have faced abuse as well, and I feel for those guys as well. But thousands of girls will die this year. No one will even know their name, or care they are gone. They will quietly slip out of the world unnoticed. But animals who beat their babies to death can never be called humans, weather it be a woman or a man who does it.