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Religion and More Lies, The GOP Crushing Jefferson’s Wall Of Seperation.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound of liberty and truth dying. That was what should have played at the GOP convention. Perhaps Ryan took a page right from the Catholic manual on how to skate by on lies. Since little to none of what he told was the truth, but he is not overly obsessed by that. Nor is Romney over obsessed by it. In fact they are moving forward with their disguising any plans for policy, and only shoving their hate for women in the face of America. But lately it seems the rancid, putrid words of his fellow republicans has been spewing out from every corner. It is a trend voters are growing furious about. Especially atheists who are looking forward to a future not cocked with dogma.

If you are gay, bisexual, transsexual or a woman look out. Nothing about the Republican ticket focuses on anything but how much they hate anything counter religious. Their only plan so far is oppression, degradation, dogmatic intrusions into everyone’s lives and mostly their bodies. It seems like nothing more than an appeal to the insanity of religion moving forward and yet back to the time when liberty was a dream of women and minorities.

The problem this election is the future seems to be tied up in magic underwear and the inability to let women choose what to do with their own bodies. In fact it is this whole drama that has brought many Republicans under fire. Chris Christie is the latest in the group of blunderer who have crossed the line between dogmatic ideas and insanity. Not only has the GOP shown their true colors but ones so scary even their base is running for cover. All but the most extreme of them any way.

Now Romney and Ray are in Florida trying to save face while the water gets deep and the media turns on them for their out and out lies. Meanwhile their spin is so tight no one even in the media can get the truth out of them. In fact they have never made it clear what they know about fiscal responsibility or spending cuts. One thing they have made clear is that they both favor war. The same people fighting to make a zygote a person are the ones who want to make the defense budget bloated and out of proportion.

Other than that everything is speculation since Romney has no real record on how to make money or run a business. Other than selling it out to cheap labor. And sending jobs overseas. Other than that Romney has no record of what he can do. All that he really has to offer is bashing the president after 4 years of stalling any plans Obama had for making a brighter future.

In fact there may be more than a political reason for that. Seeing as how Obama was raised by an atheist father and an apathetically religious mother. While he may sport a religious tag, and title, Obama is no stranger to both hard work or skepticism. Seeing as how his father had obviously done the job of freeing himself from dogma. Obama actually was not one of those silver spoon mouthed kids who lived the high life. He was in fact a man who went to community college and then earned his way to Harvard. From there he beat all of the odds and made his way to the white house, and people must stop and wonder if it was because he was influenced by a father who was not so quick to believe dogma had all of the answers.

While the storm brews over Florida in many more ways than one, the rest of the world is watching as Romney tries to sell a bill of goods that just won’t work. Meanwhile Obama is fighting a battle uphill with a bunch of racist, bigoted, arrogant white men who hate more than just gender, but strong powerful women.Obama does however have to face the strength of his liberated, self secure, and intelligent wife. He has to be a father, and a leader. One who may not have all of the answers, or all of the right ones, but certainly holds more answers tan the GOP who has continually let women and homosexuals down. In fact not just let them down, but spent over a year putting them down.

It is time to stop the extreme beliefs and radical dogma from taking the lead in this country. They have been bashing at the wall of separation long enough and now they have brought fear  of hate and hate crimes back to America. It is time to show the GOP that America isn’t buying a dogmatic bag of hate filled ideas. One even has to wonder how anyone could vote for such a crowd of hate filled people who are so openly bigoted and disgraceful to our country. Yet as we grow close to election the gap is not large enough. If there is even an opportunity to discredit the election, belittle the people who vote for Obama, lie and manipulate the outcome the Republicans will do it. So America has to get back to watching, and being vigilante, before we face the religious ideal world of men with their magic underwear.




The GOP: Sex, Lies, And Ignorance.

This week has brought a lot of light to the dark and seedy things lurking in the minds and hearts of the GOP. People who are supposed educated officials have shown their true colors. The utter disregard for women and their health, their lives, and their suffering has become ominous and boldly placed in the face of the public. Romney and Ryan are as dangerous as the twisted rapists they defend. Make no mistake they actually do defend them. That is why there is no mistake where the future must go from here.

Women have been the hot button issue for the last year and a half. With statements getting more and more absurd and outlandish as we near the election. At first glance one could suspect these jokers were just avoiding facing the issue of the economy and the failure in job creation. One which was led by the GOP blocking every effort on the part of Obama to create new jobs. Some of them government positions. In fact thanks to the GOP the government almost had to shut down, and more police and firemen were let go from their jobs. There have been slashes in education funding and teachers have lost their positions. We are seeing economic crisis. But Obama has held in there, and even has the grey hair to show for it.

So the focus has been on the elimination of the rights of women. Not just of choices to their reproductive rights, but all rights. After all if a woman is raped and men treat it as just another “form of conception” as Ryan put it. So this means that whether or not a woman consented her body is the only viable tool, and her brain and self worth are meaningless in the face of the Republican party. She is nothing but a walking uterus and her only skills are as a baby making machine. In fact Romney made a joke about being a “birther” this week. Then bragged about how he was never asked for his birth certificate. Because no racist white men running for office has ever been asked for his birth certificate.

So in one week we have racism, sexism, and ignorance of massive proportions. In fact it was so astounding that someone who holds a position on the science committee knows so very little of science. Not enough to know that women do get pregnant from rapes. Not even enough to understand that the body has no real defense because the mind knows what rape is but the body can only function in the manner it evolved to operate. A woman or man can still have an orgasm while being raped. It is not uncommon. That does not mean that she was not raped. It still means that no is no and anything beyond that with coercion or force is rape. What Akin did was justify rape with ignorance. He is in a party which has boldly gone to the stupid side of life. They are supposed to be educated enough to be leaders and yet he has no clue about the basics or statistics of rape. Which 32,000 women per year wind up becoming pregnant due to rape. Half of those end in abortion by women who don’t want to carry a rapists baby to term. Ryan, however, believes that rapists should have visitation rights to the children they fathered by rape. Which is just another punishment for the victim and not the rapist.

It is time that women everywhere are outraged, enraged, and just pissed to have to deal with the fact that men can be so disgusting. Not all men. In fact President Obama had to stop twice this week and speak about the comments made by the Republicans. He had to state that he believes in a woman and her right to choose, and then explain to the nation how Akin was wrong and that women do get pregnant from rape. While he may not have the best record, at least Obama has not lost touch with his base. Unlike Romney and Ryan who have never had touch with their base, including the poor who vote Republican hoping for change while getting nothing but the same rhetoric. In fact they have lost at the hands of the Republicans.

What is shocking is that there are still women out there who think they are right. That women belong in the kitchen servantile and second class to their husbands. They belong having babies and staying home even if it is the last thing they want, and for some of us it is. They think that god made them for just that and nothing more. Meanwhile, women loose ground everyday to men like this and their horrible thinking.

Some women, like me, stand up for our rights. I am not the kind of woman to stay at home and take care of children. I am not also a baby making machine. I am however, a smart independent, man loving woman who is not afraid to choose abortion if necessary and use protection. I am not a second class citizen and servantile to any man. I was not born to just do one thing and that is make babies. No part of me is just a uterus and nothing more. That is what Republicans want, and what educated strong women can’t stand.

There is nothing wrong with women who stay home and care for children, as long as it is their choice. There is nothing wrong with women who enjoy being a mother, as long as it is their choice. Most of all there is nothing wrong with caring for your husband as long as it is your choice. But when a man tries to force his opinion, based on dogmatic ideas on your body, then you should be offended. No woman should believe her value is less than that of a man in any situation. Nor should men believe they are second to women. It should be an equal partnership with both working for the good of the whole family. No one in that structure should have to feel like a slave.

For all the work that our mothers and grandmothers did. For the women who faced sexual harassment, and who kept a level head. For the women who burned their bras and broke free from he chains placed on them by society, we must never forget. Equality in rights and opportunities must be achieved, and it will never come from the likes of the Romney’s or Ryan’s of this world. We must unite as women and men for the greater cause of continuing forward as free independent women who can do many wonderful things and challenge the backward minded doctrines like Islam and Christianity. We must never forget how we got here or the faces of the men who want to drag us back into the dark ages of fear and poverty, of disease and suffering.


The Oval Office Is Not In My Vagina!

I would sincerely like to extend my thanks to the G.O.P. For thinking that they have office space inside of my body. particularly inside of my vagina. Once again they have shown how they desperately want to have the control. They even go so far as to say my body should, “Shut down that whole thing.” That whole thing is pregnancy resulting from rape. So I was wondering if the GOP thinks the Oval Office is located in my vagina?

They don’t think I need the right to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. When it comes to birth control, they don’t want me to pay my taxes and my insurance, so I can get birth control on that insurance plan. They don’t think I am in very good charge of my reproductive organs, and they have made sure everyone knows it. From Sarah Palin, to Mitt Romney, to Paul Ryan and Todd Akin all think I missed science and biology classes. In fact they have no clue what I do with my vagina, and I will not be letting them know.

So I want to extend this to them.

I do vote, and I use my brain to do so. I have voted in three elections now. I will not be voting for any ignorant man who thinks my body somehow knows if I have been raped. I won’t vote for a man who thinks that I use abortion for birth control. I won’t vote for a woman who does not get that my uterus is mine, and so is my vagina, vulva, labia, clitoris, and my ovaries, and my fallopian tubes.

There is no path to the White house in my vagina. I don’t keep public officials on my payroll just to make sure I use it correct. Nor will I. I am not giving any man power with my vagina, to make decisions over me. I will not stand by and let men decide how my vagina works, or what I can use it for. No man or woman will find the Oval Office in my vagina, and I don’t need the presidential seal of approval for my vagina I don’t need public officials telling me if I have been raped by their standards. I don’t need the government forcing me to use my body the way they say I can when they say I can. I don’t want anyone who does not know me or even understand basic science making vital health care decisions for me and certainly not for my vagina.

So to the GOP I say: You will not get elected with my help. In fact I want a president who knows he is not needed in my vagina. I want an elected official who knows and scientifically understands how rape works, and what rape is. I want an elected official who does not think a pregnancy makes rape illegitimate. And I sure don’t want a president who thinks they have to use me and my vagina as a way to get into office.

It is critical that my president understand women, and our needs for health care. It is critical that our mothers and sisters don’t die of breast cancer because you defunded Planned Parenthood. It is vital for young women to be educated about sexually transmitted diseases and vaccinated against HPV. It is important for poor young women to have the option to become educated before they become a mother.

What I don’t get is why the GOP thinks the Oval Office is located between my legs, directly inside of my vagina. Because for one year now they have been declaring war on my vagina. They have been desperately trying to get control of it, and inside of it. They want to know what I do with it and how I use it. They want to know when my periods are and if I aborted a fetus by having one. They want to give more rights to an unfertilized egg that to me who actually has the uterus and vagina. They want to devalue me for the fetus I may not be able to carry for medical reasons. They want to let me get raped and be forced to carry a fetus to term which reminds me of that rape every day, or worse have a baby born of incest that may have genetic defects because of incest. The GOP thinks they are god.

I want to assure you though. There is no way you are getting the right to take away my rights. There is no way I am supporting the most undemocratic, ignorant, misogynist set of officials running for government office since this country was founded. And NO Mitt Romney the Oval Office is not located in my vagina. So please, stay out of it.


Repent Sinners And Get Into Heaven For Free.

So some background on this blog. The other day I posted a blog style quip about god and his forsaking. To which John replied. Now we have been commenting back and forth for the last several days on blogs. He has written a blog about what he feels are my misunderstandings of Christianity and the forgiveness of sin. This blog is dedicated to my response to his blog.

John, you and I may differ an many points, but I am capable of a logical retort to your previous blog. I don’t feel that I need any juvenile stance to explain my thinking. We both are aware that I don’t believe in your deity, or the doctrine which you subscribe to. In fact my being an atheist is the establishing of that point. Just as you are an established theist. I hope to meet your standards of logic based reasoning.

Now to the blog. I am going to bring each paragraph and break it down point by point so as to keep this on track, for those of you would like to read the article in its entirety I will post the link.

“It might seem superficial to you Rachel, but confession of sins, is not the stamped ticket to heaven. It gets put that way but really that is not the reason why anybody should go to heaven, no murderer, pedophile, rapist or homosexual is going to heaven because he confessed. Neither these people are going to hell for not confessing. There are somethings in your posts, which to me are mis-representations of what my faith holds to. But it is either because of your misunderstanding, lacking a context or simply because that is what you have heard from Christians at rallies, on the  T.V, in church, on the street or the internet and therefore you treat their stance on things with an air of authenticity by their teachings. However bad religion has caused much of the confusion. Sometimes the true message never gets out. I am not saying that everything you ever heard was wrong but may be some of them were wrong, some of them were not fully explained, and some were explained wrongly or in a bad way. Some were human ideas with an air of authority, such as they might have been treated by Christians as they would treat scriptural authority. I have been a victim of religion like this and I can tell you first hand that the consequences are nothing short of disastrous.” John A. David.

I want to establish a pattern of thinking. I find it offensive that you would add homosexual to the list of people who have committed horrendous acts against humanity. For the sake of entertaining your ideology I will continue, but some friends of mine who I dearly adore are homosexuals, and I would call them better people then most “christians.”

It is superficial to say that one can change their heart after committing one of the most horrific acts abusing humanity. So lets assume there is a god, and he is as you are beginning to describe. He knows the hearts and deeds and intentions of his followers and those who “stray.” Now we have to assume  he is not guilty (god) of having created man ill and then, under penalty of hell and suffering, forced him to spend his life repenting for his sickness. That way we can free god from being part of the collective guilt for having created sin. Now assume that everyone is a sinner, not just your list, but all of humanity. Well then we have to assume either there are levels of sickness or all sicknesses are equal.

Now John establishes in his next paragraph his ideas on this.

“Consider this, take a paper and draw a circle by hand using no geometrical tools, now you might not be able to draw a perfect circle but you will draw something which might look like a circle in the loose definition of the word but geometrically would not be considered what you may call a full or perfect circle. Being good without having the essence of virtue is the same. People can be good without being virtuous and so they may look like virtuous but they are not, not in the perfect sense of the word. Because like the circle you drew by your own hand, these people have some problems. Your hand drawn circle, looks like a circle but it has a few rough edges, some indented line of force which did not end the way it was supposed to. So are the people, who by their own selves and efforts are somewhat mixed, good and bad together. I have truly seen no one, who does not have the same traits of a hand drawn circle which is not perfectly drawn on some side. No person is truly good in every way, would you agree? We are good but we have some bad in us too, whether that bad is murder in thought or a simple lie, it is because we lack perfection in goodness. A bad act is caused by having a bad thought even if the act itself is missing, the thought only came because there was something missing for us to be truly incorruptible, unless its not by our own doing.”

So by this assessment all people are equal, in that they can’t make a perfect circle. Now that I feel this has been directed at a ten year old child with no concept of sin, we can move to the next paragraph. I don’t subscribe to the good/bad doctrine of people. We are just humans. To say we all have bad in us mandates that we are all a little evil, and sick and so we can’t help the horrible things we do. I refuse to believe that everyone is a bit evil. Just because your god seems bent punishing humans for the crime of birth does not mean the rest of us see it that way.

“Now imagine this, you lie sometimes in the capacity of a normal human being, I am Hitler and I kill 6million Jews, and the christian right next to me cheats on his wife, the gay man across the street is watching porn, a lady is beating 3 year old daughter for wetting her bed, a drug addict is injecting himself with what will be his last dose of heroine. A priest is having pedophile desires, a rapist is being overwhelmed by his urges and he realizes he soon has to go out and do something. A con is hatching a plot to rob a jewelry store. A man is sending his son to child labor. An Indian women is being burnt alive with her deceased husband according to the ritual of Sati, by the local community. Kim Jong-il of  orders a mass massacre, Americans drops the A-bombs on Japan, Al-Qaeda hits the twin towers, a suicide bomber attacks a public place. A mosque is set on fire, a church is stoned, in the Tiananmen Square tanks run over students protesting against the Chinese government, Vietnamese women and children are being napalmed but the men doing so are awarded medals and the stars.”
So you establish a sin is a sin without regard to severity and accountability. I disagree as I am sure would many individuals. First my understanding of a sin is “something you know in your heart is wrong and do without regard to the wrong you are doing.” It can cover many things, however the bible stipulates certain things as sins, and even gives punishments by severity of them. Which was not part of your forgiveness model. Now should you be a follower of scripture, to follow the new testament is not to dismiss the old. In fact that was stated by Jesus. He in fact said, ” I have not come here to do away with the ways of old, but to fulfill the prophecy.” So every statement of punishment in the old testament is established as the same. His dying was to end the sacrificing of animals, and death for sin. However it did not establish alleviation for guilt or punishment. Stating that god knows and judges your heart accordingly then means he has to judge what you have done in this time on earth and reward/punish according. The only reward offered is heaven, the only punishment hell. That is after life.

So lets say for your purposes that Hitler is equal in sin to a guy who cheated on his wife, or even thought about it. Equating the deaths of six million people with an act, or thought of an act is absurd. In no way can either of those things be equal. If they are in the mind/heart of your deity then human morality wins by default. After all we put tags on crimes/sins which are equal and proportionate to the deed. We do not punish thinking, which is good, because it is insane to punish a mere thought. After all the human conscience exists to think, and understand.

When you justify this (all sin being equal) with ex-pedophile, ex-killer, ex-rapist then you ignore facts. The fact is in each of those cases the repeat is likely to be 80-100%, even if the person is truly remorseful and repentant. The fact is prison eliminates vast opportunities for their continued function. Other wise it is like a person with with a crack addiction at a crack buffet. They will do what they simply are allowed to. And if your god can see justice being rewarding a murder equal to a person who spent their life helping the poor and sacrificing, then obviously his idea of justice is a bit skewed. Regardless of your intent to solidify the notion that we are not qualified to judge a soul or actions, or the persons heart. The fact remains that dismissing a horrible action and rewarding the person equal to another person based on the idea they thought of a sin is just sloppy justice. If a person thinks about masturbating it is in no way equal to murder. No matter how you see the ejaculate. This ideology of all sin being equal holds no merit. There is no place in the bible which verifies this. If this was the interpretation which od also held to be true then his punishment for all deeds would be the same and looking at scripture it was not. Each situation was vastly different. So how can you be sure he would not feel the person was not punished enough in this life and needs continued punishment. Perhaps this is also something you have not considered, even if the person is truly repentant.

It makes no sense to set up a punishment/reward system which has a loophole in it the titanic can fit through. If there are conditions imposed upon us, and nothing we can do meets those conditions, but only an mediator can help us with the requirements and that mediator has all power, then we have to go by their mediation. The mediator in this case would be Jesus. Now since he said that he was not doing away with the ways of the old, then he established all the same rules applied. Which meant stoning, burnings, eye for an eye, death to homosexuals, death to adulterers and murders. Which does not leave much time for repenting, when you are busy being killed. Now say there is enough time for a prayer before you are killed. Well then how do you weigh the sincerity. That is flawed as well. So what I see logically here is a completely flawed system meant to make man always guilty. In thought and deed he is forever on the wrong side of his thinking and actions.

Furthermore accusations of sinning by murder, death, or war are not applicable. God himself commanded the death of thousands because of their location. Simply to remove them from the land so that Abraham could inhabit it. God also had no issue with rape, as long as the man then married the virgin he raped. Since a man was not prohibited from any number of wives, he does not have to worry about adultery because he can just rape the woman and then marry her. See how things begin to unravel. It is hard to keep sins in line when there is a given way out. In fact if you do things in the name of god, then how can they be sins, such as murder. This is why religious thinking is flawed and secular morality wins out. 

“What do you think all of these people have in common. True, their acts vary widely on the spectrum, some seem much worse, some are self destroying, some are of limited loss than compared to the rest. Some were done in the line of duty, some were done because of bad habits. But all of these people, have one thing in common, they lack the virtue of being completely good and so they are sinners. Note, I am not counting them sinners by their acts but by their incapability to not be bad, whether that bad is great or small, is of a little consequence here and is irrelevant.

Bad is bad, whether that is a simple lie or murder or genocide. They have the same essence just like any particular ingredient in cooking has a certain essence of smell to it. Whether it is a strong one of a subtle one, is a of no consequence. It is like if I say “Chocolate is bad”. then you eating dark chocolate or white chocolate, has no bearing on the argument that chocolate in its essence, is bad.”

Well first of all let me tell you this. There is no actual chocolate in some vanilla chocolate. It uses vanilla beans, and so is technically not chocolate. It is just named that. Which is part of my response. Not everything is as it seems. We as humans have levels for the severity of crimes, and actions. A person who passes gas in public is not equal to a person who commits murder. While the person who passed gas in public may be admonished by his/her companions and perhaps then be distanced from them,the person who commits murder is locked in a special area of a prison. We as a society have decided the value of crimes. If god can not decide that one sin has a value greater than the other and is willing to forgive them all equally then he does not value the victims of the sin/crime. Because his response is a blanketed forgiveness. That is saying all things being equal murder is the same as smacking your sister. If your deity is omnipotent, omnipresent then he should understand that with a crime comes a certain amount of penance. If you claim that you god needs nothing more than a sincere heart for forgiveness of all sins, well who can not be sincere over anything. It does not take much to convince yourself of remorse. As humans we learn that committing crimes/sins only takes a certain level of denial. In fact with enough denial and self reasoning a person can be compelled to do anything. Take for instance the people who went with Charles Manson. They believed 100% that he was right. In fact you could test them with every machine known to man and they would say that their actions were justified. Just as others have done. Removing the denial of having done a sin/crime they would be repentant. Of course, because the human mind can be programmed and unprogrammed. It often takes longer, but after that period then of course they would sincerely repent what they have done. It isn’t that great of a feat. Once a crime has been committed people often repent. But the problem is the blanket way they are allowed, by scripture, to enter this kingdom of god.

I don’t think anyone who believes in a deity should agree with you. There should be things which dismiss a person from enjoying and eternity of bliss. If you feel and those who believe with you, that you can walk alongside of a former pedophile and not ever think about the suffering of the victim, and the pain caused them, they you are more cold hearted than I. Especially if you tell me that the victim gets to also see their perpetrator  enjoying the same rewards. Now I do understand that human emotions can not be put on non human forms, but if there is no true universal form of justice, then there is no reason to behave justly.

At this point you are just reiterating over and over how you feel that you are right and giving examples in the blog John, so I will digress to finish my point and link you article for readers to view.

When it comes to sin if there is no high low standard then god has failed. First he created man, and then sin and all to test us to see if we should get into a place of luxury. Then adds to this that any crime can be forgiven with enough repentance and a remorseful heart. This is another failure. You state that a person who does not see the harm in their sin will repeat it, but the same is with another crime, there may always be a part of them that is remorseful, but would do it again. It is hard to use the complex logic of our brains on something which is not logical. Had god not set man us to fail, then he would not constantly be failing. It is god who should be repenting. By your logic he is guilty of creating a flawed creature and then punishing him for his guilt, and that makes god unworthy. But lets say he knows that and that is why he is willing to forgive and understand. The why did his own son have to die for that to happen? This is another sin of god. He is so demanding of perfection on the creatures he created sick that only a mortal deity sacrifice will satiate his desire to punish humans for the guilt of being born. So this god your worship is already flawed in his decisions, and his actions. How can any human trust the decision he will make? After all he sees every sin as equal. You can be just as guilty as a murderer for thinking about masturbation.

If this is your god, as you claim then basically you can’t even know if you will achieve heaven. All you can do is be constantly guilty and remorseful of even your creation. This god is not an all loving god, and he is not a kind god. What this shows me is that he is a invasive, manipulative, cruel, jealous deity with a gilt complex for creating inferior creations and then punishing them for his inability to create something perfect. It is like burning ants on a hill just to watch them suffer.

On Sin, forgiveness ECT. By John A. David