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2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Death for those who don’t sexually conform in Islam.

facepalm-homerWhile the bitter right wing agenda machine crushes the spirits of homosexuals here in America and twists, distorts and contorts society to fit their morality, in Arabic and Islamic ruled countries they hang, and stone those who were unlucky enough to be born under the regime of Islam and gay, lesbian, polysexual, and transgender. The only sexuality which is acceptable in Islam is heterosexuality, and the only sex, is procreation. They don’t just make laws which create problems and have random maniacs killing people over their overblown, and noxious ideologies, they out and out stone and kill them, openly to make examples of them to the masses.

There is no culture where these people can feel safe. They are watched in life, they are monitored in the interweb, and blogs. They are hunted down, and those who dare to bash Islam openly are arrested and sometimes, put to death. So being openly or otherwise gay in Islamic countries is by far the worst place, and there is no easy escape. There are thousands of trapped homosexuals left to the brutality of their government and not protected by any international or UN laws. Even the US has not stood up as a champion against bigotry and discrimination in this form.

Those who feel like they should be another gender have it the worst. They can’t escape the confines of a body they don’t feel like they belong in, when just asking about the hormones or surgeries in those places can get them killed. They didn’t ask to be born Muslim, or to be born feeling like they are another gender, but the penalty is as harsh as if they had made a choice to purposely be offensive to the doctrine which rules them.

There are those who commit suicide here in America because they are gay and it is not acceptable, yet not exactly deadly, but in Islamic countries they are oppressed to the point that they have to hide every bit of their being, unless they are discovered. There are no places they can congregate, no way to connect with others, no way to petition to be allowed to exist or express their form of love. Instead they must live in fear every day of their lives, hoping to make it out of the country and get asylum in another country where they won’t be killed for being who they are, and it is simply not even possible for some to go that far, because they are not educated and lack money to get out.

Islamic countries are known for their utter archaic brutality against anyone who opposes them, women who are raped, those who seek change, and anyone who doesn’t conform. While there are men who do utterly horrible things to little boys in those countries, those are not gay men. They are not men professing love for the same sex, they are simply monsters using the bodies of little children for their own sexual pleasure. Two grown men engaging in the same act and professing a love for each other is condemned and they can be put to death, while this act of pedophilia is openly committed.

Saudi Arabia is known for some of the worst human rights violations, and so are the other Arab nations. They are intolerant, bigoted¬† and downright cruel to those who simply weren’t born heterosexual. They are the kind of place where anyone who is a free thinking mind would only want to stay far away from. They are examples of religious extremism and what it can do to people who live under its oppressive thumb. These are totalitarian regimes with no thought of humanity and dignity for homosexuals and transgender, and any other sexuality that is not what is demanded upon them.

Imagine if the reverse was true and everyone was ordered to be homosexual, and you were born heterosexual in that land. You were forced by law to have sex you didn’t want or be put to death. Imagine yourself not the owner of your own body but demanded to be something you can never be, and have sex you hate, with someone you simply don’t find sexual. Or being killed for refusing such a biased, ignorant thing being put upon you.

That is the life of millions of Muslims who weren’t fortunate enough to be born in the right religion or area of the world where they can be who they are without the threat of death and the fear of reprisal. Instead they know that they will go to the grave, one way or the other, always being hated by their religion, and their society, and maybe hunted down and killed for being who they are, and not who they can never be.

The world has given a pass to such horrendous places because ignorance and bigotry still exists. Most countries accept this kind of bigotry as normal and acceptable. Which is absurd to hurt those that need to be understood the most. Even in 2013 we still have the same kind of ignorance taking lives from the world as we did in the dark ages. It is the height of ignorance to not accept someone because of things they can’t and shouldn’t have to change such as their sexuality.