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Why are atheists falling all over the revamped vapire pope?


It might be a new Millenium but there is nothing new about religion. Nothing, in fact if you look at the current, and hideous state of America, you will notice how nothing at all has changed about the minds, the doctrines, and the behavior of religious people. The book hasn’t changed, and neither has the dogmatic nature of religion, so why are even atheists falling for this rebranded pope of the poor.

He came in saying all the right things, and for some people they felt mighty good. He touched them in all the right places, unlike priests and altar boys. He told them he was for the poor, and men should listen to women, and it went down smooth. In fact, so smooth the Vatican was terrified, because really, no one but him was spelling those things out. If you read the catholic bible, all you will see is how men should be the boss of women, and how women should suffer for the crime of innocence.

But nothing he has said has made it into cardinal law, nothing he has claimed has changed a thing for women in oppressed areas of the world, and then comes his further talking. Homosexuals, are apparently, messing with gods plan, and hitting kids is okay, and ridicule of religion should expect a punch. For a peace loving man, he sure loves to make sure everyone still knows their place.

The worst part, is how atheists are eating it up. Atheists, the people who abstain from believing in anything without evidence, are buying the pope without evidence for change. Nothing has come out of it. Not one catholic republican has altered his world view because the pope said these feel good thing. Not one church has told men to listen to women, and not one bit of the laws that republicans are trying to pass to hurt and suppress women has been removed because pope feel good has spewed a few tingly words.

So suddenly you have a group of would be thinkers, running on emotion and warmed hearts towards the pope which was the intent of the church all along. After all, even atheists can go to heaven if they are good, says the feel good pope, who doesn’t care that you don’t believe in his god, because apparently his faith in his imaginary friends is stronger than your disbelief.

Sometimes I just wonder why we are atheists if religious people can just convince us , like they do each other, that their words mean anything at all. These are the same people who use the terms “god bless you” to belittle and insult people as well as lift them up. Atheists might want to be the people who consider their thinking rationale in this situation, because the feel good words should be for those who don’t think, and the actions should be for those who do.

It’s most disturbing because then religious people think their values are fine, and even right. Their form of morality is, at times,  horrific, and disturbing, and the idea of giving them fuel for the fire, frightens me. What we don’t need is more of the religious right in this country, and to support a pedophile organization which defends the oppression of women, the abuse of children, and while it preaches to give to the poor, continues to take and make millions in revenue. So while the pope can spew all the feel good words he wants, it wont make a difference to the reality so many people are facing. When it comes to atheists, we need to consider what those feel good words do to real human beings.


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

3 thoughts on “Why are atheists falling all over the revamped vapire pope?

  1. I think most of us realize any religious leader is just spewing out a bunch of rehashed horseshoe to try and get themselves liked in the 21st century. It’s the same shit generation after generation. See what the public is doing and try to pander to it even if you don’t agree with it to try and win their sympathies. But I have to say that most of the Atheists I know see through this smoke screen.

  2. I remember last year when my liberal Catholic friends were almost peeing themselves when the Pope said “who am I to judge?”. I thought, OK so what? A vague, vapid statement with nothing to back it up. He’s still getting traction from this even though there’s been nothing but a few administrative changes in the Vatican. My friends act like he’s the David against the entrenched Goliaths of the “old guard” when his so-called word is the voice of God and he can change doctrine anytime. It’s pure smoke blowing and not from that building where they announce the new pope.

    Well, there is that new appointment of a cardinal from Uganda who agrees gays and lesbians should be executed. Maybe that’s the change the Pope was talking about.

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