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Islamaphobia, Mohammad and the criticism of Islam

The killings in France have reignited the hate for Islam, and the bombing of a German news paper didn’t help, but add fuel to the fire. Now, like gun legislation, people are picking sides, and out screaming each other, without even the thought of common sense coming from their mouths. So let me set you straight on a few things.

Phobia: the rational/or irrational fear of something.

Is it rational to fear Islam? It is rational to fear anything that calls for the death and stoning of people. It is rational to fear people with ideologies of hate, and that doesn’t mean just Islam. Though, you should take note, there exists not nuance for fear of Christianity, like Christianaphobia.

Does that mean you should hate Muslims? Only if you are content to throw a blanket over one people and hate them all based on the fact that some of them might take their religion seriously, in which case, might I suggest you do the same for all Abrahamic religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, and any other religion that is sexist, and bigoted, and calls for the lesser treatment of one people. You may not have many friends after that, but at least you will be consistent.

So what about all the panic, and retaliatory behavior by those in Europe and around the world? Well, the issue isn’t that all Muslims are bad, we know they aren’t. Some Muslims have gathered and stood up for the right of free speech. So it is not a matter of them all being bad people, it’s quite the opposite.

You can’t tell a muslim just by their color. You can’t determine religion just by looking at someone. There are cultural Jews who are atheists but maintain their culture, there are Christians in the middle east who look identical to the Muslims they live around. There are Hindu’s who look exactly like the Muslims they live around, and unless you are dressed entirely in religious garb, it’s not that easy to pick you out in a crowd of suits, and ties. So this notion that all Muslims are this or that needs to go. Muslims come from all over, they practice their religion in many countries, and there are different sects of Muslims.

The problem that Europe is facing, and it is serious, is that you don’t know. You don’t know who are the good Muslim people and the bad muslim people. The panic is that you have a culture used to dealing with issues in a secular manner. With debate, and ridicule, and the freedom of expression. Unfortunately, Islam doesn’t allow for such things. Many of the immigrants are brought up in countries where Islam is taught in such a manner that they believe insulting the prophet is a crime punishable by death, and though many of them would never practice it, they sympathise with those who do.

Whit the idea that you don’t know where the next attack is coming from. You can’t predict based on where a Muslim came from, what they look like and which part of Islamic religion they practice, and the same can be said for Christians. The problem though, is that we know there are factions of Muslims being trained to be terrorists, and to do as much damage to freedom and the right to express yourself.

The right to ridicule any and all religions based on the principles they express should not be inhibited, and one thing religion that is up to no good can’t stand is ridicule. So it is dangerous to ridicule not only Islam but, all religions that have captive control of the laws, and the governing body. The reason that Islam is so dangerous is that in the areas where some of the Muslims are coming from there is a disparity in education, and wealth, those raised in poverty are more likely to be taught to be less accepting of other ideas and criticisms of their particular ideology, just like Christians.

It is not racist in any form to criticize Islam, it is a religion, not a race, not a person, not a living body, just like criticizing Christianity is not racist, but people assume they know what muslims look like, and even the ones crying racist are making the assumption that they know what muslims look like, but you can’t tell an apostate, from a Muslim, or a Christian from the middle east. You have to make sweeping generalizations, like, all white people are racist, or all black people are criminals, and to do this, you have to have racist. .

To criticize Islam is not to criticize the people unless they are the particular ones promoting the hate, and teaching people to kill others, to prevent ridicule. Any religion that  demands harm to others should be ridiculed, especially when it commands the stoning of infidels, and apostates, commands women to be second class, and carries out those actions.

Moderate muslims don’t follow those parts of the religion, but they often sympathise with those who do, and believe that there should be death for apostacy, and homosexuality. If that deserves silent consent then so does every other religion that has come before it causing death and destruction, and we can go back to the dark ages of thinking, and witch burnings. Because secular society and ridicule are the only things that have prevented Christianity from modern horrors being acted out on those who don’t believe the same.

We have to ridicule Islam, as a religion, and its tenants, and we have to stop the teaching of Muslims who would live a secular and happy life to sympathize with those who would bomb news papers, and gun down cartoonists. It is time for religion to be a personal and private affair, not a state of law, crushing free thought, and expression of ones very convictions of morality which shine above that of religion and dogma.