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Why Bad People hurt good people so deeply!


I have spent literally years of my life wondering how it can be that some people get hurt over and over. I have scanned the data, read the science, and yet, I as a person fall for the trick over and over, but why? I have this horrible thing called optimism. Well, only part of it is horrible. Some parts of it have made me stronger than I could ever imagine. I just want to be of help to other people, so I am writing this, and also as a reminder for myself.

I give people chances, because I want love, but I am not a fool. I can usually pick out the ass in the room and walk away from them, but sometimes people are very good at hiding just how bad they are for you. How can you tell when they are?

  • Everything is your fault, or worse they accept blame like you are victimizing them.

We are all wrong sometimes, looking back at my life I have been wrong a lot, and often, and it has cost me many important things, but no one was teaching me, so it was simple to make bad decisions, they were the only ones I could.

  • They criticize you, first in small ways, and as time goes on it gets worse, until you feel like giving up.

Don’t give up, get out. If you have close friends, and I hope you do, they won’t try to hurt you with the truth, they will kindly guide you to it, or let you make your own mistake, because you are an adult. You don’t need parented, and anyone who acts like that is taking on a disturbing role. A mate should act like a mate, they should want to help you, care for you, and see you reach your goals with gladness. Your goals might be silly, or strange, or just insane, but hey some really insane people did some really great things, so who the hell is this person to discourage you from any of your goals.

  • You are easy replaced.

That’s not just a threat, it is an actuality. Now let me explain,there are two and maybe more spectrums to this. One is you were never valued, the other is that there are actually healthy people in the world who could replace this ass hat and not spend time abusing you. The abusive person, however will replace you in the blink of an eye, why, because there is always someone they can manipulate, just be glad it is not you and move on. This is actually the hard part and the reason you are going to need a dose of love from some good friends. By the time you realize what they have done, they have sucked your time and probably some life out of you.

  • Good people want to be helpful

Here is the saddest part, you probably don’t know the difference between a person in need and a greedy life sucking monster. The greedy life sucking monster just keeps needing, and the need hole is never filled. The person in need is different, because they will be glad when you help them, remember your help and in the future be kind enough to return the favor.

Let me share a story with you. In a recent relationship the need monster was all about themselves, they didn’t want me to travel, or have so many projects. My plans and goals had to come second to their plans and goals. I needed to focus more on them and their family and give up the things which mattered the most to them. , and most of all I was going to be a future burden to them if I wasn’t earning money so that they didn’t have to be responsible for my things.

Let a lesson here be, that if a person is trying their hardest to pretend they are moving the stars and earth to be with you, and that you are their everything, and that everything they do now and forever is for you, they are trying to fool you. They are dangerous, get away from them, and do it quickly before they vampire the life right out of you.


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

4 thoughts on “Why Bad People hurt good people so deeply!

  1. “Good” people, “bad” people ?????????? No such thing, there are only people with different objectives, and people who recognise that and people who don’t.

  2. Rachel, I feel I know you well enough to say this; YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. We both share a common disability. WE’RE BOTH HUMAN & being so human, both of us seek to safely exist in this world which seems very hostile at times. However, we both cope with our existence differently. Speaking just for myself, I often isolate myself from the world & only wish to come out on own terms, when I am ready to do so. Optimism is good, but should be tempered by pessimism. Yes, this is confusing; so much that I cannot figure out if I’m an optimistic pessimist or a pessimistic optimist. Given to bouts of severe depression, I struggle with anger while trying not to strike out verbally (never physically) at people who intend me no harm. It’s hard. At times, I tend to write too much & so for the sake of brevity, I shall conclude with this movie recommendation. See Prozac Nation. Christina Ricci stars & I really mean STARS.

    • Hi, labeling people good and bad is quite simplistic. well-meaning people may commit bad acts, as few of us are simply good or bad. now, there are countless people sitting in prisons around this nation, but that proves nothing, as many may very well be ?good people,” who really liked marijuana too much, landing them a prison sentence. america can now brag that the good ole usa incarcerates more people than any nation in the world… good for business, eh? wonder if the war profiteers have invested… hmm.
      america, the story of a nation born to rape, kill, murder, wipe out entire peoples in the name of? Gee, the only reason for such blood-lust may very well be religion, as many hurled their ridicule at a people whom the Anglicans had no urge to know. the american Indians, in fact, helped the minutemen to win the struggle against the anglicans, who decided to eradicate after the colonists used the indians to secure a much needed victory… the ends justify the means? or did the anglicans fear the idea of thanking the indian people, thus, giving them any standing. as soon as the indians were under control, or sufficiently slaughtered and relocated, the new nation sought riches in hawaii, but the king was not cooperating with those seeking huge profits in the name of early corporate spirit , so the early americans killed Hawaii’s king, as the natives on those islands today lament over the way their larger than life once king of hawaii. the model – kill anyone who dare interfere with the fortunes of americans, has held up, wonderfully. in fact, it has held up so well, one should remember not to side with any current ruler due to his treating you fairly – one day, you may suffer at the hands of caligula, although once on amicable terms, you too shall suffer, as you learned nothing of side-stepping your duty to fairness & justice may one day bite you in your ass.
      I write of these past events for good reason: if we live the lie of our nation, then how have we, and how will we justify our deluded sense of justice, our twisted take on history, our culture, lusting for money, as if there were nothing we could contribute to a culture bent on killing the bad guy, and walking away with the spoils of murder & robbery, justifying our acts, our beliefs, our needs, which can not be possibly met in the middle of a culture than relies still on the war machine, feeding the few who seem never to have too much, as they bleed this nation of resources, desperately needed to forward our science, our observance of our oceans, our neighboring planet, mars, & nano-medicine. at this point in time we have nano tubes, so people avoid infections. soon you will tire of hearing about nano, but lift you it will, as it will be the way to observe, one microscope at a time, then construct the infinitesimally solution to what we face in the birth of a warming planet. one day, a category five hurricane will appear the be the good ole days. way past my bedtime.

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