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How Hobby Lobby Showed Us That The War On Women Has No Boundaries.

If you haven’t heard about the Supreme court decision, you are either living under a rock, or dead, possibly from a lack of birth control, thanks to the likes of Hobby Lobby. If you are a woman, in America, get ready to sport a chastity belt. Not because you could be raped, or that virginity is vital, but because corporations want in your vagina, and this is just the start.

The ruling came as a shock to all of us for many reasons, the first being that this is the supreme court. As Ginsburg stated in her dissent, it has never been the case that exceptions have been made on the side of a public corporation. This set a precedent that all other privately owned corporations are soon to follow, including ones that in the past, have been denied the right to make decisions based on religion alone.

The Supreme court ruled that since Hobby Lobby is a closed corporation having only five shareholders, they could use religion as a reason to get out of covering birth control, while still providing vasectamies for men, and paying for Viagra as well. While not every corporation is a closed one, it could be challenged that if one type of corporation is open for exceptions, based on the religion of the owner, then more exceptions could be made.

For those of you who aren’t aware, when the Affordable care act mandated that forms of birth control and women’s health exams, including meds was added to health plans, to aid the 17 million women who are paying as much as 60% more for health care, well the owner of Hobby Lobby decided to use religion as a get out of covering birth control free card. Up until now, with the decision, no one would have believed that it was going to go that way, what way, well the supreme court decided that Hobby Lobby can deny employees who don’t share the same religion, and an insurance company that doesn’t, can’t provided, or have provided, birth control.

Dig a little further, and you will see that Hobby Lobby has invested 73million dollars in contraception companies, mostly ones that make abortion drugs. But that isn’t the real problem here, and I am going to take you to a place where no one has gone before.

Why we incorporate. The reason behind corporations, and INC. was to separate the person from the organization they were setting up. In effect, you could sue the corporation and not hold the owner directly liable for things. It was to protect their private property. But since this decision, is that even true any more. If a corporation can hold the beliefs of the owner, and is in the eyes of the law, a person, then it cuts both ways. People need to start suing the owners. After all the corporation is acting in the part and on the side of the owner, then the owner is directly responsible for the actions of the corporation.

It is time to show corporations that if they want treated like people, they should get it. In fact, their tax breaks for job creations should be eliminated, as well as any tax exemptions that belong to non private persons, because, you can’t have it both ways. The problem actually started about 10-20 years ago, as republicans started chipping away at the monopoly laws. Since then the intent was to give back the right to violate employees, the way it was pre WWII and pre Mafia. It took a brutal force of corrupt men to out corrupt businesses, that should say a lot right there, but the Republicans and Libertarians want their rights to make you suffer back.

Worst of all, they are religious, and even if they are not, they would find ways to monopolize labor forces, and pay the lowest wages possible while ignoring the worst forms of human suffering. Now, they want to make it clear that women, and the war on women has no limits. They will take it to the highest courts in the land to prove how much religion means to oppress women most of all.

This decision couldn’t be worse though, if all the justices, the men that is, had said they personally hate women and their right to choose. But it opened the door, as Justice Ginsburg pointed out. A door, that until the decision is overturned, won’t end. When the supreme court makes decisions, they tend to stick, and later fail at being challenged on the state and federal levels.

The reasons for incorporating have been breached on the corporate side. It’s time to reach back across the line. After all, a corporation can’t be both a “person” and be held to the beliefs of the owner. Either it is a separate entity, which protects the owner, or owners from personal liability, or it’s not. If a corporation can adopt the religion of its owner, then, at what point do you draw the line, because, simply being a closed corporation is not a defense. There are specific regulations to becoming a corporate entity and though tax laws vary for different corporations, the rest of the legal applications don’t.

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, if one corporation can be religious, they all can. They can hold any beliefs the owners do, they can apply them in any regard they want to, and in fact, it would have to be challenged again at the supreme court level, that a corporation that is not closed, is somehow different than a closed one. This decision just gave cart blanc to every corporation to pull the religious opt out of anything and everything, as justice Ginsburg said, because each breach of regulations can be challenged, and will have to be challenged. Any owner/ owners of corporations can state that they don’t believe in something, and deny it to the employees, making a litigation disaster, making for appeals, and stay of judgements, and it will clog up the legal system for years to come.

It is a sad day for America, and the women of it, who are once again placed as second class citizens because corporations can now be religious and exempt employees from things based on the bias indignation of the owners. I truly weep for justice this day, because it has taken a blow that we shall not soon recover from.