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It is college time and I am working hard in school. Plus I have the new blogtalk radio show to do, but I didn’t forget you. In fact I have been ranting on the political issues. I have some video and pics of the rally of Obama. If you don’t think this election is important then you are not thinking.

This has got to be one of the most monumental votes to come along in many generations. When women and their bodies are on the chopping block and voting is being used as a one sided tool it is time to take action.

Don’t forget you owe it to the rest of us to speak up for what you want out of America. Otherwise we will have to deal with Romney in office making everyone suffer because he cares nothing about his fellow Americans.



An American Atheist

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just live and breathe as an American girl. Don’t you think I hunger for the right to just be me when I walk down the street. Yet even here in American there is a daily struggle of minds, and ideas. There is the forward movement of science and the backward movement of religious dogma. All I want in my life is to be smart and strong, and proud of who I am. Just a happy content American atheist.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like even one hundred years ago when religion was expected of people and everyone had to identify by some doctrine. I must admit the internet has thrown open the door for information to suddenly stir everywhere. I have personally learned so much at the hands of strange. I have met people from all over the planet. I enjoy laughing with, and loving my neighbors, even when they are far across the globe. After all who would have thought there are freethinking atheists in Nigeria. I know that I wouldn’t have.

I love my country even though it is not always right in its actions. I follow my president even if he is not perfect. I see a lot of good in my fellow Americans even if sometimes we argue in heated debates. My nation has set an example for the world in the providing of liberties, and freedoms provided for its citizens. Here all religions can live together in peace. Yet there is a portion of society that stays downtrodden. They think we are weak, and our voice is small. They don’t hear us when we scream for justice, but we grow stronger day by day, arm in arm, hand in hand.

You see I am An American Atheist. I not only belong to the group. I belong to America. I go to college here, work here, vote here, live here and love here. I am all that I can be in my country. I spend my days with a heart filled with passion for the lives of my fellow man. I spend my day seeking to bring justice to one more person, and light the way for women like me. I may be just a girl to some people out there who really don’t know me but what I hide inside is the person that can never die. I am filled with hope, inspiration, and dreams. One day I hope to be an American Atheist who is also a biologist. I want to teach the world and work in science. I want to explore with passion all that there is to learn. I want to grow my mind, and my heart day by day. I may not matter so much right now, but when I wake up in the morning I think to my self, “I am an American Atheist.” That makes me a survivor by choice, and not by chance. It makes me strong by reason and not by design. It makes me thankful I was not born in a poor Muslim country where my voice would get silenced and lost in the masses. Because I was born here I am not just a woman, but I am a proud strong American Woman.

I don’t have to wear a burqa, I don’t need a god. I am fine without anything guiding me, watching over me or helping me. I have people and that is enough for me. In fact every step forward I have taken has been helped in some part by other people and I can’t imagine being in this fight alone. I see the devastation and hate religion has caused. I lived on the other spectrum of thought once upon a time. I was that hate filled bigot, and that narrow mind pushing against people who didn’t believe in god. I am ashamed to admit that if the current me met the former me they would hate each other. Because I was trying to be what religion told me to be, and that wasn’t me. I gave up on the beauty in life for having the hope of something better and as long as I was not responsible for worrying about my future I could let my life wash away before my eyes. I lived in constant hate, fear and guilt. It was a long journey to get here. I had to admit to my self that I had never seen anything be proven by religion. I had to stop lying to my self that there was something more to this world, and face the facts that I was really alone.

In other words, I had to face that everything I had been taught was a lie. It hurt, and I got angry. I still remember they day I let go of believing.It was a beautiful spring morning, and I just let it go. It was the last time I would believe, the last time I would try to convince myself to belive. It was the final breath of ignorant faith. Then I picked up Dawkins book and read, and read, and learned. I felt the fire that had once been me light again. It was all there. Not just that day but every day since. It was looking at Dawkins words on paper echoing what was in my mind which helped to set me free. And once I had walked away I have looked back. There are times when I think, “what if.” And then the evidence and the reality floods into my mind and suddenly it is easy to dismiss what I know never was and for me never will be. Since then I am learning again to take back the power of my life, to shout to the world.I find freedom in just being free. When I go to college every day, and look where I am now I know that I am living life free. It feels amazing, and overwhelming to see what I can do and face. It is a long hard road, but well worth the effort.

I hope some day more people can let go of their chains and walk away an American Atheist.





Fuck You, We’re Offended. A Muslim Story.

So someone makes a half baked film, that is hilarious, but has offended the Muslims so badly they had to riot and murder. The film is not even professionally made. Just someones backyard attempt at humor, but the Muslims can’t take it. They can’t afford to have people insulting their holy prophet, who is more like a god, than a man. Even though he had 11 wives at the same time, and his youngest and last was nine, he was perfect in every way. Even in the way he killed people, it was perfect.

Now Muslims are offended by this film. So much that they were forced to the streets and had to kill people to show just how angry they are. And it is our fault. I mean those poor people living in Libya were just looking for something to watch which once again worships their beloved prophet, and they stumble on this horrific film depicting their prophet as a womanizing sex fiend, full of murderous rage taking bribes from people and extorting. Well some Muslims who understood English and know that this film was produced in America blew a gasket. They were so angry and hurt that they were forced to the street. They looked all over for an American to tell how angry they were, but then realized they were in Libya.  This made them think, well in order to kill Americans they had to look further. There was one place, the Embassy. A place where people work to ensure relations between nations and serve Americans abroad. People who knew nothing about the film or the maker who seemed guilty because they had the flag of the betraying nation flying above their heads. So with this prideful sign of guilt they attacked and killed these hate filled Americans just like their prophet would have done had he been offended in his time.

They even beat  the official to death, just as Mohammad would have had them do. Just to ensure that the guilty party suffered in a way their prophet would have been proud of. Since the offense was so horrible, and these were guilty Americans, because they belong to the same country as the film was made in. You know the one that was done by just some guy making fun of the prophet and not using studio money or releasing it to theaters. That guy, the one who is now in hiding because Muslims were so offended. Because soon their Mulahs who like to keep Muslims ignorant, will issue a fatwa against the guy and order him murdered the way Mohammad would have wanted, because Islam is a religion of peace. In fact peace has been brought in Muslim countries for over 1400 years, and it comes as stoning, hangings, rapings, beatings, beheadings, cutting off hands, and some other generally terrible things which seem very peaceful.

Now I will link this terrible film here, but I warn you, when you see it, you will instantly be so offended you will take to the street and look for people to murder. It is more highly offensive than any other film, or post which offended Jesus. The Christians are weak as we all know, they only kill the random abortion doctor, or homosexual. They are not on keeping the peace as much as a bunch of rioting Muslims who can bomb an embassy and create peace. After all Islam is working hard to give it’s self a good name and they will kill as many people as needed to make sure they get it too.

The moral of this story is, Fuck you America. Fuck your freedoms and speech. Fuck your thinking and liberties. After all that film must have cost at least twenty bucks. Plus the time and all the “actors”. How dare you pick on a small religion made of millions of people, that is defenseless, all they have is rocks, some guns, and the ability to bomb people. So quit offending their prophet.He was a hard working killer who only took that six year old girl for a wife because no one else had spoken for her by then and she was quite old. It was not his fault other people attacked him in their villages when he came to take their things. He was a great and powerful man with a sword, and he loved everyone, except the women whose husbands he told to beat them.


Corrective Rape, and Abuse.

It is mind boggling how people actually suggest rape as a corrective measure for homosexuals. But the astounding part is that people actually believe that it would work. So what if the tables were turned? How would society react to the notion of someone being raped gay, or beaten till they behave homosexually? Would the religious be so quick to defend that? And how can you believe you’re moral when you suggest that behavior to people?

The other day I was told by a woman that someone suggested she be raped straight. It came to my mind, what if gay people did the same. I don’t think people would be so quick to feel high and mighty if homosexuals suggested that straight people be raped until they became gay. After all if the choice is about not knowing what you are missing, then why wouldn’t a people feel different after a homosexual raping? If the cure is to see what you were missing all along, then the same can be said for homosexuality.

I am not actually suggesting anyone be raped, because that is sick. Rape is a horrible terrifying thing. It leaves the person feeling betrayed, and humiliated. It makes them want to run from the thing that happened. Not towards it. No person ever felt better about a gender after being raped, or concluded that their rape was for the best. In fact it can be horribly traumatic, and some people have committed suicide after the fact. It is a horrible act, and no one should ever feel like it is justifiable to do something as horrid as that.

It almost rates as bad as telling people to punch the gay out of their kids, or making girls act like girls, by forcing them to wear dresses and makeup. As was previously suggested by one southern preacher. Would people be so quick to support something like the gay community punching the gay into their kids? Or making their girls dress like boys? I doubt much of anyone would get behind that idea. Which is good, but in the same token these people support a preacher telling them to do that to kids to make them straight. Why should anyone support abusing kids like that is the real question.

There is something to be said about how wrong our society has gone when support is rallied for this kind of behavior, or thinking. Why do people believe that they have the right to determine or alter the sexual orientation of anyone? Does it matter so much to people that they control the sexual nature of their kids that they would see them raped or beaten to enforce it?

It begs the question, what is morality to you? Is it okay to destroy another person just to make them behave as you believe they should? If you can say yes to those questions then you are neither moral, or a good person. While religion tries to sell the idea that they are the morality and they make nations civilized, the idea that they are teaching this to their followers, and advocating violence of any sort, means they are not the morality we need.

The morality we need in America is based on the premise that everyone gets to live their own lives. That we don’t have the right to judge what someone else does with their body or  even dictate to them what to do. We need to understand that no matter what the sexual preferences are, we don’t get to determine that for others. Suggesting, or implying that they should be beaten or raped makes you the worst kind of immoral person. You are unworthy to live in a civilized society, and your views are skewed by hate. There is nothing worse than what you do, and we should not have to live with you, but we do.

So the next time you suggest that homosexuals should be raped or beaten, we will come after you. We promise to single you out and stand up against you. We, the moral people who understand that sex is not everything, and the sex you have is your business, will not tolerate your hate and ignorance. You can get away with it in your home, with your self but we are not going to let you destroy lives. I can’t stand by anyone who would hurt another human being in any way and feel justified for it.

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Why Us? Why Do Atheist Have To Be Loud, And Out Of The Closets?


This year has been monumental as far as motivation, as character go. It has been a whirl wind of assaults on women and homosexuals. We have seen people accusing the president of being lazy, and not getting anything done. He has been under constant attack. Along with anyone who does not align with the GOP. Suddenly reality crashed down two days ago when former president Clinton took the stage. We saw the rhetoric left behind. He went to the honest side of politics we rarely see, and it was refreshing.

Clinton and Obama have both given their speeches, and there was more honesty in those two than in the entirety of the GOP. That is because they have reality to work with. They know what gets things done, and blaming women and homosexuals for the state of nation doesn’t make the cut. Nor does appealing to a imaginary deity, who you obviously fear, and are reaching to for salvation of a nation, instead of basing your plans on reality. It is almost blatantly obvious how much they reach towards their dogma for strength and salvation. Instead of delving in with real approaches. But the people they want to strike at the most are the ones who help keep this economy strong and alive. Women are part of the nation in every area, and so are homosexuals. To stand in our faces and tell us outright where and what our place is insults not only us, but the nation. Instead of dealing rationally with the problems they want to return us to an era of fear and poverty.

When you look at how speaking out has helped to change the direction of political banter, and the ideologies that we are hearing, you can see the power of having a voice. That is what atheists should take away from this. We have gotten stronger and louder. We have managed to come out of so many closets, and become united. We are not living in the fear that atheists once did, and the message is clear. Speak out, and speak out loud. Don’t let silence be our final solution. We have the ability to change the future with every stride we take forward, and that is evident. Mostly because of the message we have gotten out there. Women have once again united and so has the gay community, but we have even begun to stand with each other, and the umbrella widens. Atheism has given us a bigger place to spread our wings.

We can find comfort with unity among ourselves. Gay and straight, woman or man can find something better  with atheists, a reality based unity. We know that this is our only life and it is worth fighting for, because in the end, it was the only one we would ever get. That makes it so much more worth fighting to keep, to enjoy, and to make sure that those who succeed us have even more liberties. That was a message spread by the DNC this week. It is not just about us, but about our kids and their futures, and their kids and their futures. What we do today has a profound effect on the future for everyone.

It was amazing to see a president quote Lincoln and other men who had a profound effect on history. We need to be a nation of inclusion was the message, not a nation of exclusion and bigotry. We have so many important issues facing us, and we need to move forward. The atheist community has to be part of the forward motion. We don’t need to be left behind, and out of the decisions that are being made in Washington DC. Our president spoke of equality, and of living the dream. He recognized a future where women can be the president. Not just a woman in the kitchen and having kids she can’t afford or doesn’t want. It needs to be a nation where everyone is afforded the same rights and those who choose to be married can do so, no matter what their sexual orientation.

Atheists should matter when it comes to public policy. We should be part of any equation where the separation of state and church comes into play. We have a long road ahead of us, one made longer by people like Romney. His ideas equate to a policy that eliminates input from anyone who does not represent his base and his corporation agenda. He is a man of religion and money. With him in office we would see a presidency based on blame and hate. We would be gridlocked into giving over more money so the rich can enjoy the benefits more while the poor and middle class suffer.

Obama, on the other hand, knows what it is to do hard work. He knows what it is to go to a community college, and from there make it to one of the most powerful schools. He was not just a rich kid who was handed everything, and can “borrow money from his parents” like Romney did. Instead he knows what it is to struggle and work hard to make the American dream, something we should all be reaching for. Atheists should look to this kind of inspiration, for ours. Dreams die a bitter death if they are left untended. They fade into the distance and then are gone forever. We atheists should have a dream of representation in every state. We should dare to dream of being treated like equals in every aspect of our nation. We should be trusted and held with the same respect that religious people give each other.

The dark ages are gone. They went with men like Pasteur, and Van Leeuwenhoek when they discovered the world of microbes. The darkness faded when religion no longer told us what to think or how to think. Men like Darwin gave us rational answers and reasons. We found that through questioning, and discovery we could understand the world around us. Suddenly the most educated and wise men were the atheists, and we saw what that can do. We have come so far from the days of ignorance and fear. We have built a future based on understanding. Atheist are growing in numbers as people question and reason. Science has been a great aid in this event. Now religion has grown jealous and vengeful as we walk away  from fear and ignorance. The churches long for the days when we flocked to them for answers and salvation from the world around us. They have grown afraid as their numbers dwindle, and the money, which ran in rivers, runs dry.

Now is our time. The future is yet to be written and can be changed for the better by all of us. We have the power and potential to shape this nation as a beacon of hope. One that shines for all the world to see. We can set the example for other atheist hiding in fear, in other nations, and ones here at home. We have the power to light the way for everyone. All we have to do is reach for the dream. Like Martin Luther King said, ” I have a dream.” My dream is different. It is a dream of a world where children are not taught to fear, and they are taught to think, ask and explore. I have a dream that long after I am gone this world will end wars, and religious. It will see a day when space is the worry, and not the rights of homosexuals to marry. I have a dream that one day we will embrace our evolution and men and women will stand side by side as equals. I have a dream.