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Religion, God and money. How they tax the state.

I never liked religion, even when I was at my most religious phase of life. Organized religion seemed to me, to take advantage of those who were the most needy. In every way. Religion to me, was like the mafia, they took your money in an offer if protection, and then when you had no more to give, came knocking at the door telling you that you better come up with something.

That’s the way it is with religion. They offer you this divine figure to help you out, but he has a plan, you can change that plan though, even if God knows everything, from your first heart beat, to your last breath, if two or more of you agree, god somehow shows up to give a listen. Put enough money in the till, and trust me, the preacher, he’ll care.

The problem is, that these preachers claim to be like Jesus, but they don’t live like him. They drive nice cars, live in nice houses, and have nice retirements, and some even have nice retirement homes. Because, you know, God rewards them.
The problem is that they aren’t living like some wandering prophet, seeking shelter and help from friends. They aren’t buying bread and catching fishes. They are living off other people’s money, and sometimes better than the people they are taking it from.

Meanwhile the state has to sit there and ignore the truly grotesque behavior of some churches. The mega conglomerate churches that own tv stations, and their preachers drive off to mansions.
God is on our money for one big reason, somehow, we have to keep giving it to him.  In tax breaks, in church donations, in day care. In everything we do. There is God and his servants waiting to take everyone’s money. Sure he has a bug property in the sky but he needs to buy back the earth, one street corner at a time.

There is a lot that can be said about religion. It has lead to massive deaths, numerous molestation, rapes, and suicides, abuse, and battery of women and children, and the manipulation of men.
It has been one of the most organized hostile forces on this planet, raging against critical thought, and independence from the eternal abusive parent, who demands your love and obedience, and is willing to crush you mercilessly to demonstrate to you that he can in order to get your unconditional love.
Religion has played a role in every power grab, and political surprise. It has played a role for the elite and rich to oppress the weak and poor masses. It has been the driving force of hate and greed.

Religion has been the expression of the darkness inside the evolved man. It has shined a light into how twisted humanity can become when given the power to dictate life and death. It has shown how morose people can become when guided by the words of sick and twisted men, who were not above owning people, raping women, killing women and men only to save their young for later rapes and abuse.
Religion has not been a force for good, but has shown us how force can be used against people. It has had it’s time.

Now in the age of science and light, it is time to send religion back into the dark places in men’s minds where it was created. It is time to let science and discovery lead. As the death of religion slowly becomes more certain, I cherish watching the throws of its death roll. Because religion has been a cancer in the minds of men for centuries, and now is the time to cure it.


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Are guns just another fashion statement in America?

Since 9/11 there has been a rise in the amount of perceived terror that Americans claim to have. We went into the war on Terror with a rage in our hearts and sure that this was the apt thing to do. Now, over a decade later, America is becoming the laughing stalk of the globe, and for good reasons. As our economy seems to be making a change, so are the amount of desperate gun owners, wanting to take to the streets in stride. Like a gay pride parade but a love for something disturbing, and not wonderful, like gay love.

America is in love with guns, owning guns, and displaying guns, dressing them up to look like cartoons, and buying tons of them, military grade and all. America isn’t about work ethic, community, unity, pride in our country, nope, it’s all about the guns. It has gotten to be so bad, the good guys don’t look much different from the bad guys, in fact, try and tell them apart.

The Second amendment was formed on the cusp of war with England, and was to protect the right of the budding colonies to protect themselves from invaders, both foreign and domestic. It was created with then intent of protecting those who inhabited the land. Now some two hundred years later, those desperate to act like they are in the military without the duty of actually serving in combat and seeing the reality of what guns are capable of.

I am in no way against the responsible ownership of guns, to a point. I don’t believe that civilians need Ak-14 and other automatic and semi automatic weapons with barrel rounds and extended clips. I don’t believe that it is okay to own grenades, or missile launchers, or to own weapons that can take down 30 people in just a few seconds. Even target practice can’t justify that, and if you aren’t a gun nut, then you would realize, there should be sensible limits to what gun owners should have.

Being responsible, though, means many things. It means not pointing them at people, unless you have the serious intent to do harm. It means keeping the safety on, and them under lock and key, away from small children and most of all angry teenagers who, have in the past killed people. It means keeping the bullets separate from the weapon in a clean dry place. It means cleaning your weapons and inspecting them for flaws which could cause your accidental death, and that of those you love. It means that you understand that they were made to kill, and you take that seriously.

I have heard the argument that guns don’t kill people, well, guns were made to kill, so save your tired argument for those willing to play pretend with you. I have also heard the one, and only one instance where a man killed 29 people with a knife. Well, that person obviously knew what they were doing, because that would not be the normal case. I don’t believe the average person is fast enough, and capable of just stabbing that many people so rapidly that they aren’t stopped before they reach those numbers. Some guns, however, that would be about one min worth of firing.

This new onslaught of people carrying weapons into places like Chipoltle, and other dining places is disturbing for many reasons. Open carry, might have worked in the Wild West, but it is the modern era, where police are abundant, while not in every place at every second, and most civil and right minded people wouldn’t dream of taking guns into public places. After all, there are people there that choose to not own guns, and families having dinner, with little kids. Ones who are easily scared. Not only that, but who is to understand your true intent. How do you know the good guys from the bad guys. Since we have been taught that the bad guys come in toting guns.

It shows that America has reached a new low. We have run so far out of new fashion trends that, guns, seems to be the new thing to worship. Men looking like they have no clue what the word dignity means walk into places of civil dining with automatic weapons strapped around them, acting like they are the defenders of the universe, when they can’t even pick out nice clothes to do it in.

I have seen the statistics on who is killed by what, and I have to say, I hold them suspect. I find it hard to believe that more killings happen with anything other than guns. And even if we are talking accident vs intent, those two things are not comparable. Let me explain why. I know that death comes to us all. I could die in a car or plane more easily than getting shot by a gun, but here is the difference, I took the chance knowing the possibilities, and would be willing to face the consequences of those choices. In murders, the victim often had no clue what they were going to have happen to them, especially rape/murders. You can’t make the choice to be murdered in cold blood, that is someone depriving you of a choice.

People who defend guns blanketly, with no respect for the things that are taking place in our society, get no respect from me. This is a major issue, and even if there really are few school shootings, and even if your kid is more likely to be safe, is it so much to ask that no kids be killed in schools and that as adults and honorable citizens we take the safety and well being of all our fellow Americans into account? Is it so much to have a good discussion on why we have rising numbers of shootings, and why the kids are getting so angry that this is their only form of recourse.

We don’t just need a gun screaming match, we need to act like adults and listen to what makes us all safer. Personally I feel that the second amendment has been infringed upon by gun owners. They are in no way a well regulated Militia, or just well regulated. The NRA is a lobbying body for nothing less than gun owner insanity, and they have even lost the respect of their own memmbers, many of whom still back them because they have spread the fear and panic of Obama taking people’s weapons away.

When it comes to guns, and gun violence, we have a long way to go, to bring sense to the table and have discussions that need to be had. We have to start listening to what is making our society so sick that the world is watching us like a three ring circus. We have to initiate intellectual thinking and realize that there has to be something better. Guns are not the answer, or, with all the guns that exist, there would be no crime. Guns are a means to an end, they are meant to end lives, and give power to the powerless, they are meant to be a responsibility and a burden, They are meant to make the people who own them a more responsible body, not less.

Guns should not be a fashion, and you are not a cool person for showing them off in public. You are not a better human being for endangering your fellow citizens in what ever way due to the fact you are brandishing them in public. Something has to give, and I am not giving up on this one until there is some listening and dialogue on both sides. We need to solve the gun issues here in America, before it is too late, and for some small kids, it is already too late.