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Natural and autism. Two words used to confuse and manipulate

you might think natural was the best for you, but then some pretty terrible things are natural. You might have heard that before, but let me explain some things you might not know. Like the movement towards raw milk. People were claiming for years that raw milk was far better for you because it was more natural. Just like the claims to autism, things aren’t always as they seem.

The term natural just means that it if found in nature, derived from something that was grown in nature. But it can be a term that conceals some very nasty things. First of all, many things that are natural don’t have to undergo the testing that other things do. For example, every herbal remedy in a natural health store. None of them are actually tested for the claims they make. On every label is the statement “these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA” because if they were, we would see that they don’t meet up to the claims they make.

That is because they can’t, herbs don’t work that way. Differences in where they are grown, time of growth, amount of sun and water can effect the intensity, and composite of the herb. More than that is, the claims are exaggerated. They can literally claim almost anything because there are no regulations on testing.

things that are natural include some pretty horrible things. Brain parasites are natural, cancer is natural, so is autism. The places on the Internet that keep citing the debunked, and shamed scientist who lied for money about the link to autism and vaccines, are laughable for those of us who study science. Since his claims, over 720 scientific studies have shown that there is absolutely no link to autism and vaccines. The reality is that there is more Mercury in fish, and some vegetables that in those vaccines. There is more  formaldehyde in vegetables than there is in the vaccines to preserve them.

vaccines have saved an untold number of lives. If there was such a link to vaccines, the scientific community would be the first to,point it out. There would be changes in the way vaccines are given, and the chemicals used to stabilize them. But study after study has shown no link. There have been links to environment, genetics, proteins, and other parts of development, but not vaccines.  Autism is something that is hard to live with. But blaming something that is not the real problem, actually impedes the research which could find the real cause of autism, and scientists, doctors and parents of children with autism want the real answer. Scientists and doctors, are parents as well, and human after all.

Many people have chosen to believe the debunked paper put out by a former scientist who admitted he lied and had his scientific credentials stripped from him for lying, years after the damage was done. For many infants who are now dying of previously almost eradicated childhood illnesses, it is too late. But the problem is, it’s only getting worse. People believe that their children have superior immune systems based on the idea of a natural diet.

I too, was once fooled by the notion that fresh, and natural, was the best. Then I worked in a vet clinic, where I saw the unfortunate outcomes of organics, and naturals. Organic cattle are parasite ridden. They have bad bacterial infections, they are skinny, they look horrible, they suffer because they can’t be treated with antibiotics. They live a horrible life full of pain.

people are convinced, no matter how much we say it, that there must be some residue antibiotics in the cattle, in the animals. I can tell you that there is not. There is none on any good farmer. And most farmers are good farmers because that is how they make money to survive.The problem is that many people believe that there still antibiotics residing in many of the animals are taken to slaughter. None of this is true. And antibiotic that is specifically made for cattle and other animals typically will not have any affect on human beings. Those that do have a longer withdraw. And the milk is always withhold from any animal that is on antibiotic treatment. That way no human is exposed to any antibiotic which they don’t need to be exposed that’s keeping humans from being treated for something they don’t have, moreover from developing an immunity in bacteria against future treatment.

The problem in our country is that antibiotic’s are treated as villains while natural is treated as the good guy without regulation for the reality of the idea.natural can be far more dangerous for you than anything created in a laboratory which has to undergo rigorous testing. Antibiotic’s are not in the meet and the milk that we consume. The hysteria over autism and the suppose of connection to vaccinations has led to a degeneration in the health of American citizens and cause problems leading towards the future in dealing with childhood illnesses and the ability to cure them. We now face the issue of have to go to repair the damage done by the anti-vaccine crowd. Which will be a hard task considering that more and more children are becoming ill of diseases that were almost eradicated.

Moving forward we should learn to understand what science is trying to tell us when they say that there are no specific correlations between two things and that correlation is not always causation. It is hard for the Lehman to understand scientific terms scientific studies and the best of that should be left to scientists unfortunately we do have instances where people choose to be non-credible sources when it comes to information such as the scientist who had his credentials removed. Science always has a way of dealing with these things though, since research that is prior is used to build upon when scientists study how the outcome of the paper happens and they find over and over that nothing can result from the same diagnostic testing the research is then considered to be void of Merit and is thrown out. What’s enough significant testing was done to just plow the causation of autism by vaccination the scientific community questions the credentials and the authenticity of the report by this former scientist and what happened was he came forward to admit that he was lying because of pressure by the scientific community who understood That it was not possible that the paper was correct and that the research has shown what he claimed it had shown.

As of this date we have yet to find out what specifically causes autism. One of the things that we do you understand is that he doesn’t have just one specific cause. There are elements that seem to be in the environment as well as surrounding the individual which aid in the development of autism and though it cannot be understood at this time Science is working very hard to come up with an answer for something that is both scary and hard for parents and the children that are affected.