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No more race wars.

I would love to say I am not a racist, but I am a little bit. My racism isn’t against minorities, and I don’t hate them all, but white people make me angry. Maybe you don’t think that is racist, and maybe it’s not, but I hate it when white people think they are better than people with any bit of melinin they don’t have. Sure, you can get a tan and look like a minority, but you better be white on the inside. I find it disgusting, and my friends who don’t act like that, I think are smart, and wonderful.

We all do it though, we use stereotypes, we judge people by what society has taught us is likely to be the case, we segregate ourselves into packs, groups, families, and keep out cultures that might be hard to adapt to. We do it without thinking, and we perpetuate the idea that we are all different. But we aren’t.

That black family, that brown family, those Mexicans, and foreigners, are just like you. I know, because my boyfriend happens to be black, and I have had boyfriends from other cultures, and guess what, most of them are worried about making it, just like you. They worry about dinner, and school, and bills, and they worry about dances, and kids going off to college just like you. Even though there is this horrific stereotype out there about foreigners being lazy, or greedy, or whatever you might have pop up in your head, they are simply like you.

My boyfriend spends a lot of time worrying about the bills, and the schedule and his daughters playing soccer, and he also spends a lot of time working on them getting into college. At first I didn’t get why he worries so much, but thinking about it, I understand a bit more. See, I have this issue with my being part minority, yet seen as a white woman. I have lived in the best of both worlds. I forget though, that disadvantage still exists for black women and men. So he has to make sure his girls have what colleges want, and he has to make sure they are better than most cantidates for that college, and he has to worry that they have the best grades, and they look like they will bring their winning ability to the college they go to, for many reasons. One of them being, that if there is a racial bias at the school of their choosing, that simply the value of having them there will outweigh the bias that the people have.

See, it is really easy to look at your own life and say, I don’t have it better than minorities. Looking at recent events with the police and innocent people being shot, however, shows that there is a profiling bias, a racial bias and most of all a violence bias to our police who represent the ideas of our society. Though, they obviously don’t always represent the area where they work.

Looking at how our society sees different cultures, we can see that anything other than white, upper class culture is not as accepted, and the further from that you gravitate, the worse the amount of bias. We can eat their food, and enjoy it, but we can’t accept their cultural differences or allow for them to become mainstream ideas. We can have news persons who are culturally diverse, but only if they don’t represent their culture where we can see it, because they have to conform to be accepted, even if, within their own culture they are just like us.

It is sad really, that we don’t think about the reality of others lives. They have to eat, and sleep and have clothes and food, and homes. They want phones, and cars, and everything we do. They work hard, in fact some of them work even harder, just to be part of our culture, and society. They are human beings, and they are humans just being human. We have to stop this misconception that black people are gangsters and thugs, and gun toting drug dealers. Because they are a big part of our diverse work force, and even if at one time they did do any of those things, their life is not written in stone that they can’t change, but most of them were never anything like that.

We need to stop letting media scare tactics determine what we think about other people, and time to use the internet to reach out and get to know each other. We need to stop seeing the potential enemies and start seeing the potential friends. We need to stop believing that everyone who isn’t white wants us dead, and that all other cultures are scary, or mean, or brutal. While there is always that shadow on different parts of the world, it is here as well. It is time to end the race wars, and start trying to unite people for a better good, get to know people who we didn’t before, shine a light on the fact that the media wants ratings through scare tactics, and become thinking, caring individuals.

It’s up to you, it’s your job. Stop the race wars.