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Islamaphobia or Jihad watch?


Bill Mahr sparked the controversy off again the other night, with Ben Affleck on the show at the same time as Sam Harris. Known for his liberal thinking and open mindedness about criticizing religion, Ben took a turn for the shocking when he talked over Sam Harris, and tried to silence him. It shed a light on what people are calling Islamaphobia.

It is a term that I personally think people use when they don’t know Islam well enough. Because the reality is, it isn’t a phobia to have a ration fear of any religion that believes in forced conversions, death for apostates, death for infidels and Jihad. Then, I can say that I don’t extend that just to Islam, because all of the Abrahamic religions are just as bad. If your doctrines are based in murder, rape, slavery, pillaging, and overall inhumane behavior, I have you on my watch list.

That doesn’t mean I would illegalize your right to practice your sick religion in my town, or have you hunted down, harmed, shunned, treated badly, unless I know you are a bad person, I’ll say hi, be kind and still tell everyone how disgusting your religious beliefs are, and try and create an atmosphere where you have to debate the validity of your beliefs, nothing more or less. Americans think they have the right to ostracise and alienate other people, and I am not one of them. Though, I have a hard time looking at women in Burqua’s with respect.

Let me tell you why I personally don’t take the term Islamaphobia serious. It seems to come off of the tongue of every person who wants us to all pretend that there is no danger in religion, and that all Muslims are harmless people who want to live like we do. I simply wish that last part was true, but it’s not. In Pakistan almost 3 years ago every Governor who believed in abolishing blasphemy laws was murdered, and the murderer was heralded as a hero. Ayan Hirsi Ali is living out her life with body guards and hidden because of a Fatwa against her life. Same for Rushdie.  Theo Van Gogh was shot and his throat was cut, after making the film with Ayan Ali. For a peaceful religion, it has a lot of violence. Including thousands of honor killings per year, stoning, beheadings, rapings, and more. Honestly too much more.

If you said to me there are Christians who are just as dangerous, I would say you are right. Does that make me a Christianaphobic? I guess not, because even though I want all of their laws removed from the books, and their churches taxed, and their prayers out of school, I am just a secular American, but do the same to Islam, and it is now a phobia.

What about the Christians trying to prevent Mosques, and making laws which prevent Sharia, and all the anti Muslim things taking place in America. Well, little do Christians know it, but just like their attempts to quash other things like gay marriage, and interracial marriage, it’s not working, and they are not the majority. Those amendments which strive to prevent Sharia from entering the USA, also prevent Christian laws from entering the USA, and other foreign policies made upon doctrines, after all we have freedom of and from religion.

I am not sure that I would just go and label them as Islamaphobes, as much as bigots and racists. I have to use both terms because Muslims are all colors even though some people assume they are just brown. They are all colors, nationalities and levels of educations. What I would say is that it merits looking at it and seeing if it is an irrational fear of Muslims. But part of me says, there is something very rational about fearing these doctrines of death. That every one of them is a threat to intellect, and social advancement, and that every one of these Abrahamic doctrines deserves a level of fear.

Every Muslims is not a terrorist, nor is every Christian, nor is every single person of every religion, but the doctrine is rancid, and choked full of oppression and hate, and war, and slavery, and abuse. Religion, is archaic thinking, and the mind that has been corrupted by archaic thinking has to be analyzed for the depth of that twisted thinking. From believing that there are 72 virgins waiting for you, to seeing a dead woman on toast, or her dead son, you have to ask aren’t they all dangerous in some way? Shouldn’t secular people, atheists, and agnostics take it serious?

I don’t find it to be so much of a phobia on the part of many, and many Americans are ignorant any way. In fact, look at how they behave towards Hindu’s and Jews. If we are going to create a phobia for everything most under educated Christian American’s hate, you better get out some paper and a pen, it’s going to be a long list.


There is something to be said about the person telling you to fear something. Are they educated, do they ask you to do harm, are they just pointing out facts, even if the facts are ugly? Does the person have the intent of helping you understand the situation? If they are invested in bettering the world by highlighting major issues with a cult called religion, or aiding you to see the dangers in a particular cult called a religion, then they aren’t phobic, they are rational. What is ironic here, is that Christians fear a religion which is a shadow copy of their own. Almost identical, except Mohammad made a few things up to fit his pedophilia, and misogyny. Other than that, the two are the same religion. So the fact that Christians fear Islam is funny, because they obviously fear the dark side of their own religion. That’s why no one is teaching it in church.

You can call Islamaphobia all you want. I worry more about the Jihadists, and the extremists, and every religion with a mission to destroy democracy in the name of theocracy, and that includes Christianity. For me, you can call me anything you like, but I will go where the facts do, and apply them rationally to what the reality is.


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

3 thoughts on “Islamaphobia or Jihad watch?

  1. I haven’t read the whole post yet, you need a quick name change from Ben Stiller to Affleck, ironically Ben Stiller does look a lot like Sam Harris! (Have you noticed?)

  2. Other than actual fears, I’d also like to see the suffix phobia removed from our language. Even with regards to homophobia it is overused. Yes, some males get really fearful and violent when a gay man hits on them, but mostly, what we call homophobic people are really anti-gay for religious reason or anti-gay legislation for legalistic reasons.
    The suffix phobia is very efficient at shutting down dissent on any topic. It is efficacious for the people using it, because it creates censorship and pushes people into feeling socially un-progressive, which is the new religion among liberals, as if all these “liberal” were “good” for us.
    Maybe the only way to fix this censorship is to just use the suffix on everything and render it meaningless.

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