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An Honorable Atheist.


I hear it all the time.  We are angry, we are mean, we are impossible to date, and live with. Atheist’s are just impossible.  We want facts for everything, we always say, “Where is the evidence” and we don’t listen to people who tell us how they feel about their beliefs. We atheists, are simply mean, and angry. We don’t want to let people just believe what they want in peace.

Except we do. Now, let me explain a few things to those of you who just want to fight with atheists, and shout us into silence, and strip us of the right to fight for what WE believe in. You are wrong, and I will prove it. For starters, I am an honorable atheist. I listen, even when I don’t want to listen, to people talk about religion.

I would not care, nor would many other atheists, what you do in your private lives and churches, if you weren’t busy trying to force it down the throats of everyone. Including your fellow Christians. When I say everyone, I mean just that, everyone. Those without beliefs, those with different beliefs, and those that want to quietly believe. You want your god, your specific god, on our money. You want to declare this a christian nation, you want to be able to put up signs about your god everywhere, you want federal money for your churches, and schools which are nothing but glorified churches. You want to say prayers in every public event, and you want to force us to let you. You want to claim the moral high ground when you do, claiming freedom of religion, but you forget freedom from religion.

Freedom of religion also means that not just you, but every one of the hundreds of beliefs has an equal right to exercise their specific brand of religion. It means that a specific group of religious people does not have the freedom while simultaneously denying the rights of others to practice, or refuse to practice religion.

When religious people are around atheists, they try and bate us into a debate they later claim to not have incited at all. They just want us to know where they stand, while not having to hear where we do, and this includes in relationships. No matter what point you are in a relationship, and which one it is, family, partner, or just friend with benefits, you know they day will come when you will be challenged to a battle of the wits, or at least it will come up and then you will not only be blamed for it coming up, but then told you are mean and angry, and that they can’t discuss it with you. All because you don’t believe what they do. And in the name of unfairness. People will try to bait you in no matter where you are, but the moment you try and explain things, it is the old switch, switch it to you being an emotionally unstable ball of anger, that has some facet of mental issues. All because you felt that you had the right to be heard.

Some atheists are the most moral and honorable people I know. They don’t start debates, but they can end one with you losing your religion. They don’t steal, or kill, or indoctrinate people, and they help everyone they can. They only engage people who try and abuse their patience, and moral character. They only want to be free from religion and live in a world where everyone can get along. Atheists are really not the monsters that they have been made out to be.

We are loving people, but not floor mats. You can be our friends, and hug us, and talk and laugh with us, but don’t dare step on us. We don’t go around burning down churches, and burning crosses on lawns, and enslaving people, and abusing people’s rights to their bodies. We don’t start wars over our disbelief. What we do is get together and do some charity, and laugh, and drink, and live pretty normal lives. Even when it comes to love, we are pretty similar to the rest of the world in that aspect. We don’t go out looking to abuse our fellow man.

Atheists are angry, but with justified reasoning. We get angry at the horrendous injustices done everywhere on this planet in the name of one religion or the other. We get angry at things we should get angry at, and what we keep wondering, is where is your moral outrage?

If you want to specifically know why we are angry, read Greta Christina’s book 99 reasons atheists are angry.

There must be a bit of anger in this world where it is due, and it must be displayed. When women don’t have the right to decide what their own reproductive choices are. Children are beaten with belts and other weapons, and wars are fought in the name of one deity or another, we have the right to own our moral outrage. If you are not outraged, with us, then I would ask where your morality lies?

What would make atheists happy, and leave religious people alone, is, if they would keep their religion in the places where it belongs. The churches, and homes, and synagogues, and temples, and Mosques where people should practice what they believe. Not in the streets, and on money, in politics, and on every sign, in every town, in courts, and schools, and stores, and well….just everywhere.

You claim the moral high ground with your religion, and its doctrines, but I am telling you now, atheists are more moral and honorable of people. We don’t try and force what we don’t believe down people’s throats, we try and prevent others from doing that. We don’t build churches and temples and then ostracize people for not going, and make laws based on our disbelief in deities. Many of us are also humanists and live with the notion of being good to our fellow humans. So, when you try and claim that atheists are mean, and evil, and hell bound, and that we are worse than rapists, it is because you are guilty of all the things you try and put onto us, and you know it. We are the more moral people, and that is just the truth.



Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

2 thoughts on “An Honorable Atheist.

  1. Atheists,don’t fly jet planes into towers………..at least thats what I tell my Filipina girlfriend anyways…..LOL! BTW,I am making headway with her. A girl so devoted to christianity ……who once believed masturbation was a sin…..now suggested she would be willing to get married in a civil proceeding! I am definitely making headway with undeniable logic!!

  2. Well done! Enjoyed reading this

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