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Dear God…


It occurs to me that while people thank you for small things like finding their keys, and getting touch downs, or a good sandwich, you’re busy doing nothing about the thousands of kids starving. You haven’t stopped millions of rapes, or the loss of millions of limbs. People are dying in wars, floods, and earthquakes, and tsunamis.

So I was wondering if maybe you could stop finding keys, and getting a few people their team too win the play offs, and possibly do something that mattered.

You haven’t done anything about cancer, pedophile priests, which is making you look like a total dick. And people who believe in you are sometimes dicks too.

Those whole crusades, witch burnings, scientist killings, and general millions of deaths at the hands of various dictators looks real bad.

Sure there is no evidence you exist, and some people use their appeal to ignorance called faith, but it makes them seem as bad as you for not caring that you do nothing for billions of people.

All that evidence for evolution also looks bad, because it’s like you had no say in anything. I mean there have been billions of crazy species, viruses, bacteria, and mutations.

So just this once God, could you quit worrying about my vagina and how I use it, and maybe put some limbs back on amputees, cure some cancer, and stop rape and murder. Then you can get back to finding keys.

Thanks. Ps you’re bible made me an atheist. So only people who believe you exist will read this and go on and on about free will.


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

3 thoughts on “Dear God…

  1. My computer is being attacked by some nasty virus each time I try to read your blog. Please ask God to stop messing around, although it’s probably some Evangelical prick (note my avoidance of the word “cunt”) like Joel Oosteen trying to block you.

  2. Very nice Rachel. But I’m not holding my breath for your answer. I used to ask for the end of war, starvation and rape all of the time. And even though it says right there in the bible, “ask and you will receive”, I was unduly bullshitted also.

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