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The Sex of Biology and Your Biological Sex.

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What people most misunderstand about their gender, sexual orientation and who they really are, is what really defines them. While most creationists are in the dark about how there would even be two sexes if we evolved, some of us know it gets even more complicated from there. In fact, highly confusing, and a bit genetically messy. In order to explain the disorders, and orders which make you who you are, we have to take a look into the genes, and start by how and why we got here.

When I say how we got here, I don’t mean who designed us, because there is no design, as I will point out. What I want you to understand it how you think you are made, and who you think you are, may not be the entire truth. In fact what I am about to point out may be lurking inside of you.

Having two sexes is in biologically important to gene shuffling, and creating diversity within the human race. The divergence of sexes is nothing new. In bacteria they even behave like two sexes at times. They go through a process where one bacteria links to the other by conjugation tube and in an open space trades genetic material. Once that is done the materials are exchanged and the bacteria removes the tube. Then it goes on to self replicate creating a new gene combination.

The first plants went through a similar process, with two generations of the plant, the sporophyte generation, and the gametophyte generation. The spores would pollinate other plants as well as itself while the gametophyte made many copies of the plants new generations. So diversity is nothing new. And for those who are not up on science, I will make the next part easy for you.

Once you have a method of reproduction like an egg sperm, and you have an amniotic environment, like everything since amphibians use, it is easy to establish sexes. Since you can’t do genetic mixing, or recombination without two sexes, it must have been more advantageous for genes to mix by sexual diversion. Species that have both sexual organs tend to self impregnate, and the genetic diversity in these species is lower. They are also lower species, like worms, and cockroaches. More complex species use the single sex, intercourse method of reproduction.

Where that branched out may be as far back as the early Cambrian sea. While it works, and works well, there is no flawless method of creating offspring. That is what my next part is about. Think you know why people are gay, or a man feels like a woman trapped in a mans body? The truth might lie deep in the genes, and it is nothing shameful or wrong. In fact if it is the cause, it is only nature at work, and perhaps a slip back towards the time when we were one sex. No not humans, but that far too distant ancestor to even elaborate how far back the chain goes.

Some men, and it is mostly men, if not always carry a genetic anomaly. Just one or a few extra chromosomes.

There are several genetic anomalies in which children, though predominately men, have more than one x chromosome. If they are male they have XXY and if they are female they have XXX though mostly men face this. It does have some effects on their growth, and testicles and even their IQ. Wheather or not it influences their sexual behavior, no one knows. Mostly because studies done on homosexuals in the past have been largely biased, and related to calling it a disease, instead of seeing it for what it is, and that is a normal part of nature.

Like genes, and their sometimes incidental recombination, people don’t always come out with one particular sexual orientation. While this was and is misunderstood, it is not at all abnormal. Over 300 other species show signs of homosexual behaviors, meaning that if we studied sexual patterns across the globe in species, we might learn not all the males or females want to be heterosexual either. Having a extra gene can define a person. Just like a sexual orientation does, and while it has not been studied and linked, it should be checked. Not by any imagination to alienate, or treat it in order to eliminate homosexuals. One thing that should be understood in this age, is that homosexuality is not just about sex, it is about love. Homosexuals love, and have families who love, and have every right to be treated with the same understanding and love that we give to any other person. Looking into the genetics of how and why should be about looking into the truth, that we are not all defined by one sexual orientation, gene, or nature.

Just because a person is born with certain sexual organs, does not define who they are, or what sex they will want or need. It only gives us a general idea of what they are. They can be female by birth, and yet chemically, and genetically a male. Or they can be male by birth, and chemically and genetically a female. We are still learning all the roles the primary gene orders, induction of hormones, sexual development all play in who we are. Even a protein acting on a nucleotide base can alter actions and if it is a hormone, behaviors.

Biology is only the beginning base of our construct, by the time a person is ready for sex, they have been through the biology, the hormones, the sociology, and are an individual. Genes are not the final say so, nor are hormones, nor is social structure. Ultimately our biology makes us one thing, just who we are, but it does not define everything.

A large majority of women are aroused at lesbian porn. They are aroused at gay porn, and heterosexual porn, while a large majority of straight males are only aroused at lesbian and hereto porn. Women seem to be more sexual in the brain, while men are more in the sexual organs. Yet who we are and how we behave is only in part how we are socialized. Most of our behavior is defined by things we have no control over.

Many people think that being straight is the natural default of humans and all species, but there may in fact be no natural default. We may tend to just be sexual and through socialization learn what is acceptable. This however can be damaging to a persons true sexual need and nature. While creationists are ready to label all sex but procreation sex as immoral wrong and perverse, it is by no means true. What they have done is revert the process of sexuality to being something they can only define, and they don’t even have any proof or evidence for their claims.

The biological nature of humans has been skewed by religious doctrines. Even some of the most religious men may carry these extra chromosomes, sexual desires, and needs. They may believe that there is a default sexual orientation. Once again showing where the old ways of determining what is right is flawed, and need scrapped. Humans need to be looked at honestly and as a whole. So that the reality of our sexual biology can be studied and understood.



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I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

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