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Religion is the bully on the playground.


The disregarding notion that if you play nice with a bully, they will play nice with you, to me, seems not only absurd but derelict of common sense and rationality. Religion is a bully, and every religion a different kind of bully. They range from the bully who convinces you to do their dirty work and be their slave, to the bully who beats you repeatedly and then blames you for not being able to defend yourself. The problem is, these bullies have had full reign for thousands of years, and when secular people try and shut them down, inevitably someone cries foul, and not always from the other side. This is where I protest, and detest those who have this apathetic stance of get along for the sake of getting along. Like if you just walk further around the bully they won’t make time to come beat you up. After all, they are only bullying because you are in their direct line of fire. Wrong, and preposterous. They bully because they get a thrill out of the power, and ability to control others.

It is time to stop blaming the victims, and make no mistake, secular people are the victims. Religion is a bunch of bullies, and they are ruining it for everyone. Take Christianity, for example, as our first bully. When they are caught in some miserable act of bullying others, and trying to proclaim their domination by numbers, they often cry foul and wail until their fellow members come to their side, and aid in bullying others. It is a job for them to go out and tell people how they are discriminated against, and how they are victims of other religions encroaching upon their society. If you listened to the most popular of the Christian leaders long enough, you would think America was nothing more than a huge Nazi camp, and parts of it are Auschwitz. Meanwhile, Christians are gathering money and resources to pay to politicians, so they can legislate everything from what marriage is, to what non Christian women can do with their bodies. They are the bully who likes to trip the other kids on the playground, mock and ridicule them, and blame them for their suffering.

Islam is one of the worst bullies. Though not as highly prevalent here in the United states. They are the bullies that don’t just trip you, they pound you into the dirt while telling you that it is what is best for you, since you are a worthless, non conforming piece of trash. Their leaders are content to let the masses do harm to others and bully because ultimately this religion feeds on fear. They are the bully, who does it just because they can, and no one dares to stop them. Especially since they do the minority cry, and then blow some stuff up, or kill people in their massive outbursts of rage. Sane and normal people fear them, fear being killed by them, and try to evade them, and being targeted by them.

There are many small religions out there that can’t bully near as well as the first two. They just try and convince you to join them, offering protection, and care taking, or some crackpots thinking.The reality of it is that you still join the bullies. One of the groups running around trying to collect people, make them think and behave the same for the better good of the bully system, and then grow masses so they can gain control.

The problem here is this. Secular people tend to be of many minds, they don’t want to conform. They are the happy content kids on the playground that run around and enjoy the time swinging and climbing the bars, and just living. Sure they will get together to hear about what is going on, but then they go back to their play. The bullies on the other hand, don’t want to see anyone enjoying life and all it has to offer. So they try and pick off the weakest, and easiest kids.  They pinpoint weaknesses and attack. Then when the happy little secular kids get together and try to fight the bully back, inevitably one of them is offended that we would dare to rise to their tactics.

The problem is, when you do nothing about something horrible going on around you, it does not stop, it becomes exacerbated to the point someone is really harmed. Like during the Salem Witch trials, or the Crusades. Those were times when the bullies had full control of the playground, and used it to annihilate the competition by horrible uses of force and torture. That can’t be the case ever again. When we fight court battles, and win or lose, when we come out and say we won’t be bullied, when we stand up for our place in the world, we are fighting back. It is justified, because one more life lost to the bullies is a life lost. One more death because of bullying religions is a death because of bullies.

Why should we ever feel guilty about trying to save people, make points, and stand up for our right to exist, be free and enjoy our world? The answer is, we shouldn’t. The time has come for the bullies to go, for them to understand this world and all of its beauty belongs to all of us. That we have the right to enjoy them not trampling on our sovereignty and humanity. We are just as valuable, worthy, and equal to any and all of them. The difference is we are not actively trying to force what we don’t believe down their throats, but trying to reclaim our right to our humanity. So what if people on our own side disagree. Apparently they don’t know what it has already cost us in untold millions of deaths, beatings, stonings, and horrors beyond compare.

This is justified, and bullies don’t ever just stop bullying. Instead they become more aggressive and abusive. We deserve better than to be abused in our own nation. We deserve to stand along side any of our fellow Americans, or humans and say we have just as much value, rights, and equalities as them. It is not that we want to be a bully, and we feel left out. It is that we want to bring the bully back down to our size so that we can just move on and enjoy what we have.

Sometimes the only option left, after you have tried everything is to sock it to the bully. I am not one for violence, but when words and examples, and please for rationality fail, you ball up your fist, roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done. Religion should not get the right to do everything they want, hurt everyone they want, and misuse power to steal all of the joy from others lives. So if you don’t like what the secular community is doing to take the playground back, perhaps you would like to be the one to take on the bullies alone, if not, then don’t tell us how to fight against them when it comes time to not be bullied any longer.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

4 thoughts on “Religion is the bully on the playground.

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