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Apes And Guns

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Conspiracies lie on every doorstep lately, even ones that make me sick. Are we so uninformed, so fearful, so easily swayed that we think our government is killing our citizens here so they can amass a constitutional assault on weapons? We can’t even have a conversation about responsibility, social and personal, political and environmental. The bipedal apes must have their guns. It is not just those who are responsible, no one can question there are good people out there with guns. There are also sick people out there with the same open and blanketed access to weapons. So we need to have a long talk, for the better or worse. I can only imagine if Einstein was here today, or the founding fathers, what would be their thoughts on our current violent outbursts. So I want to have the discussion.

Conspiracies: I know our government has been, and will be guilty of some things. It is a vast amount of people all with a selfish agenda working towards having all the resources we can at our disposal. Which actually is counter to the argument of taking your guns. I say your, because I don’t and won’t own one or many. I am a person of peace, even if that should some day cost me my life. That is the price I would pay. Now as for the conspiracy, other than making us slaves to the system, the government has no need to take all the weapons, and with the way we are so sedentary, it really means there is not much of a fight in the average American. Hardly worth making a plan to take the guns, when it only stirs people to buy more, hide them, fight over them. If it was a conspiracy it would be by the gun makers to use every scare tactic they can to get the consumer to buy more guns, and until there is evidence for the government trying to take all of your guns, then you should refrain from believing such things.

Responsibility: You may have it, but not everyone does, and since when did anything in this world depend on the majority, and not make then suffer because of the misuse of the minority. That is why most things have been outlawed. When there is a sect of the population which abuses their privileges then we often change the laws to reflect it and often times the more responsible suffer at the hands of the irresponsible. It seems like a harsh way to deal with anything, but the reality is we have to stop the access to things by the people who are the most likely to abuse it. There have been many situations where this is true. The founding fathers never wrote the bill of rights with the intent to keep people from having security in schools or public places. They wrote it to prevent those loyal to the King of England from taking their guns and handing the foundling America back to the wrong hands. You might be the most responsible owner of a gun that ever existed, but the fact is as long as you are not willing to accept that blanket access to weapons is problematic then you allow for the likelihood of more shootings and deaths. Then you become responsible for your fellow members of society loosing their lives because you can’t even have the conversation about who and how we can have responsible gun ownership.

One of the greatest issues we face is our evolution has not led us that far from the jungle. We still are hard wired for primitive beliefs and thinking, so it is not absurd to know that given a weapon, an ape would likely use it for some kind of harm. While he may not understand the impact of the harm he has caused, he would be likely to understand that he has hurt a fellow ape. Our evolution has not gone so distant from where we came that we are so different from the other apes. We stand on the backs of giants and have used their extreme intellect  to forward our world, our success and our imagination. Without the Einsteins and the Newtons, and many of the other geniuses that have existed we would barely understand the world we live in.

Our evolution may never get the chance to catch up to our technology if we can’t be a united and caring species. We have survived to evolve this far, and we have become the most destructive force on the planet. Some of us are good, and care about the world we live in and the conservation of it, but many live their lives indoctrinated that their god will return and remake the world. This is just a mere delusion. Once this planet has reached critical mass, and the CO2 levels are above where we can sustain life the planet will go on and man will perish. The truth is you are fighting over a gun, when you are busy ignoring that in the end it may never do you any good. Guns won’t save you from extinction on a mass scale.

All we are is apes with guns, and we are living so unsure of what we are doing and the world in which we live. It is hard to think how we got here knowing that we can’t agree on so much. It would be nice if we could work towards a future where people who own and use guns can enjoy them while the rest of us don’t have to live in fear of being on the other end of them. I know that I have always lived with the dream of knowing my fellow humans for whom they are, good or bad, and enjoying that we all come from the same place. I don’t need weapons, because I have nothing to defend. My life is not worth more than anyone else. I may have more passion and inspiration than most, but it is just how I came up. I was always a dreamer. I just live in pain knowing that more dreams are stolen from innocent people by guns. They were loved, and they gave love. They had dreams. In the blink of an eye a mothers arms would never hold her child tight again. Loved ones would never return home, and their worlds were forever changed. I consider that humbling and saddening at the same time.

I often wonder, in this world where love is so hard to find, have we been so cold to each other that it becomes easy to just kill each other. Guns are not the only problem, but they are a problem, because we put more faith and care in them than the precious lives we have lost. What of the lives that will never read this post? What of the hearts breaking? Would it be different if it had been your loved ones filled with holes, their blood all over the ground, and their lifeless body there in front of you? What will it take for us to care for one another? Maybe we deserve to be extinct, if this is the best we can do for each other.


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

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