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The Dance.

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I am scarcely bemused by the rambling tiresome travails of men who succeed in nothing more than contention to degrade and disregard his fellow man. What shallow creatures we are that we turn in upon each other, content in our own ignorance, rather than content to seek always a greater level of expectations for our own intellect. We burden those whom dare to reach heights we possibly never will reach by attempting to drag them unwillingly into the trenches of our ignorance.

At what do we reach to achieve? To seek for nothing more than oppression, violence, and charismatic displays of vulgar disdain for every man who slightly disagrees with us. We have sought to better our humanity while suffering from the inflated arrogance of a bipedal ape who has assured himself that he is neither an ape, nor alike those from which he evolved.

Ah the pretenses, many men who profess themselves philosophers, theologians, and scientists with nothing more than an armchair degree. Where by Google is god, and they worship at the first link. They grasp at mere lines of knowledge and profess their great strength of character. It can be said, almost assuredly, that the abuse of knowledge is a disgusting act. Second only to the over use of Wikipedia which is notoriously unreliable. While it may strive to achieve better quality, it fails exceedingly to impress when needed. No it is laughable that we put down books of great and vast knowledge, all to surrender our capacity for thought to nothing more than opinions.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

One thought on “The Dance.

  1. Twelve angry men with Henry Fonda is a great old flick. Eleven of those men had it all figured out until they were forced to look at all the evidence. Beware of apologists who tell you to reject god, the bible, Jesus and Christianity as they defend the world Christianity has deposited in the lap of humanity. Be cautious of people who say they hate Christianity almost as much as Islam. We have to look at all the symptoms in order to cure the disease if we are going to change the world for the better. Infinite economic growth on a finite planet is a dead end street. Beware of people who use someone elses old arguments in a new discussion. They only have one color on their pallete and they’ll drag us all down.

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