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I am woman Hear Me Take The Place Of Authority.


2013 Who would have guessed this year would show so many strong women coming out to play. Play in the arena that was dominated by men. This year is shaping up to hold some promise. From the new female senator who swore on a copy of the constitution to women in Atheism taking powerful roles, it is turning into somewhat of a delight.
It seems the atheist movement is evolving naturally, which shows that there are some very enlightened and supportive males out there who know if we can work, run homes, and think for ourselves, we can lead and stand for what we don’t believe as well. Perhaps we will become the shining example to society. Women like Greta Christina have the doors open and more women are flooding in. We are being embraced, and shown that we can stand among the strongest of the model examples for independence. Something is turning the tide in America, and I would like to believe it is us. The women of atheism seem to be smart strong ones, even if we are all a little flawed. But then so are the guys.
In 2012 the chips were down and women’s reproductive rights were on the chopping block, as they are now. That can’t last though as we get louder, angrier, and in the faces of men who think our place is behind them and in the home. Women are tired of being drug through the dirt, told that dogma has rights over us, and we should be discriminated against on the premise of mere beauty alone. Some men can’t handle having a penis. Too bad we don’t try to make laws governing the use of it, like the dogmatic men do us. It might be the next best move. Women should not be judged by their ovaries alone. Nor should we sit back and let the religious attempt it. By all means we have to keep up the fight, and the atheist community shows their support.
Now if we could only get the rest of the world on board. As long as religion dominates the minds and bodies of other women that will be a hard task, but the front lines are being drawn. We are the women of atheism. Rational, thinking, independent, and strong we are moving forward. The next few years are going to get scary for men whit backward thinking and selfish male mentalities who want to oppress us and send us back to the kitchen. It is not going to happen, but heated debates, and legal ones will prove the future forward. All the atheist women invested are not giving up and going home, but coming out and becoming fed up. Which is right where we need to be. I am proud to stand in the shadows of women who came before and were wise to the dogma and dogmatic nature of men. I hope to stand with them as the future comes and we rise to show women have the right and duty to be respected too. 2013 The year to rise to Reason.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

4 thoughts on “I am woman Hear Me Take The Place Of Authority.

  1. ” The next few years are going to get scary for men whit backward thinking and selfish male mentalities who want to oppress us and send us back to the kitchen.”

    How are things going to get scary for men? We could put you back into the kitchen any time we want. You only have any power because we allow it.

    • You allow it? That is such a joke. You don’t allow anything. I take care of myself and unless you are willing to pay for my everything, and I am damned expensive….then don’t act like you have any authority. Besides it is weak men like you that are easily dismissed.

  2. You get all my support.

    Please sign this petition:

    Atheist Pride Day


    Por favor darle la máxima difusión posible. Nuestro Objetivo es llegar a 500.000 de firmas. No tenemos prisa pero si que queremos empezar a dar la cara.

    Aberingi Alfa

  3. Empowerment of Women in ever section of life is a need of the hour. Patrirchal practices must be discouraged (imposed by religious prone) though it’s Absolutely impossible because morethan 4 billion people have constantly been brainwashed for keeping always those patriarchal practices on top. Hope Hope and Hope what a defenseless people can hold

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