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Justifying Rape With Religion and The Toxic Hate For Women.


The blame, the shame, the guilt. How did you get yourself raped? Why were you wearing those clothes? Why were you that drunk? Why were you alone with that boy? Was it consensual and you are trying to cover it up? Good girls don’t get raped. Good girls are in their rooms. Good girls cover up their bodies. Good girls save themselves for their husbands and guard their purity for god.

All of that is the apathy, and sympathy we hold so close to our hearts. Blaming the victim, telling them how they brought it on themselves. Making their suffering all the worse by making them the ones who deserved it, and doing so with religious doctrines. What utter garbage. What sick and demented points of view. Why should all women not be safe? Safe to be free, walk naked, live in peace and never fear.

From the Mullah in Australia who claims meat left uncovered will lead cats to eating it, to the Atkins of the world who tell us our bodies shut down rape, the world is full of indoctrinated, and stupid, stupid men. Now that is not to say every man is stupid. Just the ones who believe rape is a woman’s fault. Ones who claim that all men are born rapists, ready to rape at will, seething sexual deviants controlled only by the clothing that covers a woman so completely that nothing but her eyes show.

The twisted logic of these men goes as far as believing even two eyes showing can lead a man to temptation. It sounds like a joke, but its not. In fact it is a clear sickness breeding in religions all around the world, under the guise of love for their women. Love in the form of mental torture, and physical hostages. The claim that women make men slip from their purity, cause their sexual aggression, and lead them astray from god. Every bit of the burden is placed squarely on the woman and her chastity, even the family honor depends on how the women behave.

Rape has been the justification for honor killings, girls being beaten, stoned, abused further, forced to marry the rapist. All the while overlooking her suffering, and her pain. Never acknowledging that she is a human who was violated. The most important part being she was violated. Religion takes ownership of the vagina, never giving it the right to be the possession of the owner, but a religious artifact which is only placed in the trust of the woman for use in procreating more religious offspring. At no point in any doctrine does a woman have the complete and total ownership of her own body, so when she is violated, it is an offense against the religion by her for not guarding the sacred vessel of life against intruders.

What of the intruders though? All they have to do is claim overwhelming seduction, and suddenly society is ready to forgive their weakness, even if it was another human being that was violated, hurt, humiliated. A man is often seen as the victim of his penis, and the lustful urge to use it at any given time. He is seen as a natural born rapist, and sinner, easily led astray by women and their seductive bodies. Instead of being held to the standard that he is in full control of himself and the use of his penis. In more religious areas of the world where chastity is held high, women are raped more, and more often. Society holds no sympathy for the women, not as it does for men. Men who rape, in religious countries, when punished, if punished, often serve very little time in jail. They are often treated as victims. They are seen as martyrs against wild women, and heralded for their putting them in their place through rape.

This toxic hate for women has to come to an end. It is time to put men in charge of not raping women, and stop blaming the victims. Why do we not teach men it is their responsibility to never lay a hand on a woman when it is not welcome? Why must we teach women to fear being raped? This has shown to be ineffective, and even damaging, but the religious continue to practice this bad behavior by the thousands. Many women sit in Afghani prisons because they were raped, many women have died from being brutally raped. Many women suffer in silence from their rapes. It is a devastating, horrible thing to face someone brutalizing your body, stripping you of your authority and ownership of it. Even state laws have been put in place allowing for state sanctioned rape. A gang rape in India recently led to the death of a young girl, after a bar was rammed into her uterus, which tore through and into her abdomen bruising and tearing her intestines.

How much more do women have to suffer? How much more can we take before we get it through. Religion must be held accountable for the rape, the abuse, the neglect and the loathing it holds for women. Religion must be punished for the horrible things it does. We must work to eliminate religion from the law, and send it back the the darkened corridors of churches, and take back the power for all women, and their right to be human. We can’t stand by and watch the humiliation and degradation of women at the hands of brutal and sick men, who care nothing about their well being.



Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

19 thoughts on “Justifying Rape With Religion and The Toxic Hate For Women.

  1. Once again I agree with much of your post.

    But surely NOT all men are evil; and ought not be lumped into such a catagory.

    As a father, grandfather and recentely a GREAT Grandfather; even when I was young and single; I was one who had respect for women. I still get kidded about holding doors open for women; helping my wife with her coat, and similar “old fashioned” ideas. It’s NOT a “who’s in charge thing”; just common respect.

    But, that said. BILLIONS of dollars are spent on advertsing BECAUSE it WORKS>

    My grandpa used to say “when you go looking for trouble your going to very likely find it.” And That is certainly true.

    The other really sad point deals with current fashions. The Designer-labels play a huge role in the way women [and yes; even men] dress. The peer pressure to dress more conseratively is great.

    The thing that bothers me is the self esteem issue. I wonder if many of these kids and ladies would dress this way IF they were the designers.?

    Rape is always a traveristy and ought to be punished most serevrly.

    God Bless,

  2. Very good read. Mind if I share it on my Facebook page?

    Now when you mean by Religion, you mean the more aggressive ones like, Christianity correct? Or do you mean literally all religions?

  3. Well, not to be too droll about it, there’s only enough blood in a mans body to run his brain or his prick. That said, a civilized man (in his right mind) wouldn’t of dream of raping a woman. “In his right mind” being the key term. Add mental illness or injury, religion, alcohol or drugs and everything goes right out the window.

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  5. Well I guess ur article does reflect the feminist view. Basically u prove that female chauvinism and feminist are the same. You cannot clap with one hand. No doubt the rapist is at fault but then there are good chances that woman can also b at fault(being a feminist u would not have thought of that). A person carrying huge sum of cash and openly displaying it can be robbed. The thieves are to b blamed but the person could have taken his precaution.And if men are really that bad why isnt each and every woman being raped. Also the definition of rape is crazy in a lot of countries which makes rape a questionable offence. So if a woman goes concensually with a man in a hotel room, comes out claiming rape it becomes a rape??? Following ur feminist views will make a country an international disgrace like sweden.

    • To equate social behavior which invades another humans space, and directly abuses their right to their own body is sick. I don’t think you know what feminism or chauvinism are, and furthermore are an arrogant backward thinking neanderthal. Well even they had more morals than you obviously do.

      • I know very well what feminism was suppose to be and I also know very well what it actually is. Being backward or forward is one’s own perception and does not make one wrong or right. And where the hell did you read the invasion of another persons space? Seriously if u have nothing to write, pls don’t. Justifying ur biased and pathetic views without considering all facts shows ur actual feminism. By the way if feminism was actually about equality among sexes it would revolve around any one particular sex. What u, my dear, need to understand is that men and women are 2 wheels of a bicycle and both need and require each other. If u still do not about Neanderthal please do give a visit to the Taliban and let me kno how they react to ur feminist fundas. Come to think about it u actually would love them since ur view are the same as theirs only against the other sex.

    • I hear your excuses, but you know what I am addressing an important issue here, why all the apologitics for rapists?

      • Concensual sex which is termed rape when things go sour, naa I don’t see any rape out here. My apologetics would be to the victim,female or male. Unlike you where all women are Angels and all males are devil.

        • You are about an idiot. I have never said all males are the devil. Point to where I said that. Maybe you are just so insecure because you are afraid of a real woman who is strong. I really don’t care what you think I said, if I did not say all men are evil, and I never would, then your just making ignorant assumptions.

        • Thanks for the last bit of garbage, you are now listed as spam.

  6. Thanks for inspiring me…u”ve helped me finish my assignment which was about women rape and religion..

  7. Hi! I’m doing a college class project on rape with emphasis on how the public views it. May I quote this post in my project?

  8. To people who say feminist loser to rachel Johnson you are a ignorant pig headed brainwashed moron rape is no exscuse for weakness a person is his/her sancurary and anyone who commits such a honorless act should be put down like the dog they are.

    to Rachel Johnson great read and i agree with you

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