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A Hitch in Time: Dealing With The Religious.


It is beyond sadistic to allude to god being the saving grace for school children gunned down by a mad man, who obviously illustrated his contempt for life when slaughtering 20 children and 6 adults. What kind of sadist believes that their god, their particular brand of religion is the salvation of children, and without it their god can idly watch as they are murdered in cold blood? Are we to believe that their religion, their practice, is the one that would have kept them safe? How dare people assert such a cold, heartless, and menacing ideal. Placing the burden on the families and people of the town for the brutal murders, which could have not been prevented without some form of clairvoyance.

Coming out to say that their god was not allowed in the school and so the murders took place is pathetic. But the worst part is what they really mean to say. That because they did not have unlimited access to kids in a public school, to brain wash and indoctrinate them, they were murdered. It is abhorred to think that religious people can turn and point blame at anyone but the killer. This is the twisted maniacal side of religion. The side with us or burn, suffer, and die horribly mentality. The give us your kids and surrender them willingly mentality. It only shows the true nature of the religious right and their inability to empathize with anyone out side of their ignorant diseased minds. The sheer stupidity of these statements alone is baffling.

To place the blame on the broken hearted parents without even a bit of hesitation. Without thinking how much they are already suffering, and in pain. It only shows that truly religion is a source for toxic evil in the world. To think that one could go as far as to say because you did not willingly submit to our pedantic spiteful god you heaped this upon yourselves is the true evil. Religion has once again reminded us how hate filled, cruel and seething with rage it can be.

Turning the blame from the monster who so violently killed innocent people, and onto society as a whole for not choking down your brand of religion, for not bowing to your particular god, is the most haneus thing the religious have done this week. I can’t even go so far as to say this year, or century, because we all know that they are guilty of many crimes against humanity, every day. They are the source of evil in this world. You have to go no further than the closest religious leader to see how outrageous, how outlandish their claims are. The church does not take blame for thousands of molested children, ones who were beaten, millions of deaths, and then are quick to throw blame at everyone else.

These are the same leaders who just a few months ago were stripping women of their rights, helping to pass laws in Africa calling for the deaths of gays. They are the same bunch of evil monsters who promote not using condoms as a way to prevent Aids. It is disturbing and sickening to see. They have no love for humanity, they only have love for their blood thirsty god figure, and want to bend every knee in front of him, even by force. Even at the expense of blaming these families and society for something that no one could have been prepared for.

It is time to take religion out of society, and put it back in the dark annals of history. This siege of our nation by guilt and pain, by blaming victims and spreading the plagued diseased face of religion has got to stop. Religion has had its way with out society. It has abused, sodomized, molested, raped, murdered, enslaved humanity for too long, and I grow weary of seeing the effects of their diseased minds. We need to break the shackles of religion, not one by one, but in mass numbers. When they blame children for their own murders it is time to put a dead stop to them and fight against the madness that they pretend is the serenity of knowing their demonic god figure, and I am tired of playing imaginary friends with the lot of them. We can no longer let religion have its way in our society.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

4 thoughts on “A Hitch in Time: Dealing With The Religious.

  1. I do believe this is the best all-round summary of this awful event i have yet read… and i’ve read a lot in the last 48hrs. 5-Stars x 100. Brilliant post!

  2. WOW!

    Mother Theresa and countless others that save bodies and souls would be delighted to discuss this with you.

    Neiter God nor the Church can sin: Only man can and does because they don’t KNOW God

  3. Fifteen million people die every year around the world from starvation and a lack of clean drinking water and the best the church can do is set up soup kitchens. America spends more on it’s military industrial complex than the rest of the world combined and war is always the solution for failed foreign and domestic policy. Is it really any wonder why lunatics like Lanza imitate the example of violence set at the national level?
    I suggest the Christians get up off their god damned knees and stop begging their fictional god to make the world a better place. All the fools who follow a bronze age road map in this modern world are on a dead end street. Christianity is the problem and alienation is the product being sold. Phoney Christians are unable to take responsibility for their actions and they are all guilty as a result.

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