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A Highly Flawed Cosmological Arguement.


The argument from design. The cosmological argument, one where we have to believe because of the parameters of the finite universe in which we live had to be set into motion by a designer with a specific design, and that explains the rules of our universe.

Well, needless to say it is the cart before the horse argument. Humanity has a way of making everything about them. You can look on any ant hill and note that they are not busy making the world fit their ideas of how they want to believe it is, instead they are busy living. Humanity with our conscious minds, however, often contemplate that there must be a reason for everything, including reason. This narrow selfish point of view undermines the awe inspiring events that took place for us to be here.

There was nothing, and then bang, there was something, and then everything.

Well there was a bang, and then there was something. What we can’t say, without sounding a bit pathetic here, is that we know for a fact there was nothing before the bang. That is to say that we have an exclusive report on what did or didn’t exist before this universe. What we do know is that the laws of physics neither change for creationists nor atheists. We are evolved creatures, evolved to the circumstances of one, only one planet. We have evolved within the necessary parameters of our existence. The fact that we are conscious enough to know there is a universe out there is in its self an amazing thing. Saying that this was the plan and the design of a designer gives credit to extraordinary claims that simply cannot be proven.

The fact is there could have been prior universes, or at the edge of where we can ever think to imagine there are other things at play, that we have yet to evolve far enough to understand. No, I would not call that or anything god, that gives too much credit to something that can’t be verified.We don’t even know the full scope of our universe, and even the most brilliant minds on earth have to spend every day working hard to understand what is the reality, or our perception of the reality of the universe. It is hard to work in a determined skew when you learn every day that everything you think you know is not what you know at all, but a limited perception placed upon us by the nature and magnitude of our evolution.

We still may have to evolve the brains and concepts to understand. Which may be why Newton couldn’t get his physics to work on the macro, or micro of the cosmos, and why Einstein had to create the theory of special relativity to fix Newton’s. As we go though, we learn there are particles in particles in particles, and on. What we might find is that all the time we thought we understood the universe, we were too young and immature in our evolution to grasp the overwhelming reality. Just like when men learned to look into telescopes and see the stars, we have been flung forward by discovering everything we knew about the physical nature of this universe is not what we thought. But that does not make it designed. When we make products, there are often bi-products, which are not wanted or intended. The universe was right for it to exist, and then it existed.

The make up of the universe was such that we could exist. We would not exist if gravity was 1 x 10 ^40 power different. The fact is nothing would, but we got lucky and nothing didn’t happen to us. In all of this universe and vast space it seems a bit arrogant to believe that it was made just for tiny tribes of humans. It is far easier to believe that it happened and set into motion the possibility for us to be here.

The distance from the sun, the planet, they must be designed!!

Roll the dice an infinite amount of times and you will get snake eyes. I see this the opposite way, with all the conditions that could have been, and how the universe is, it is amazing, or would be, if it didn’t happen more times. I would be shocked if one day scientists claimed that in the vastness of the universe there was only us. Why? Simple, this universe is full of possible circumstances for life. There is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, water, methane, and all other elements. Not every life may be based equally on the things we are, but if it can happen once, twice, it can happen over and over. It is hard to see this universe as anything less than a living body of possibilities. With everything we have found to structure life, it actually seems simple to get it going. The rules of our universe are clear, things go from low entropy to high. What that means is that things are gathering, compressing, constructing into new forms in the whole of the universe, and will one day break back down. If our universe went from high to low then nothing would be possible.

As for design, any book on the various species in this world can tell you that evolution has tried everything, and any look into the universe would show you the laws of physics are busy trying everything. If this was a design, then the designer is neither sure of his creation, nor satisfied with the end result of his design. The universe is still expanding. Stars are coming into existence and others are dying. In a universe made just for one species which doesn’t even qualify as a micro organism, the designer must like to put on a show, or play with space. Which seems rather petty to play house with one species and regulate everything for them while creating random chaos around them. It is another claim which is extraordinary and has no proof. There is no way to verify how this planet got on this course, or that we are the only one with this exact chemical, physical, elemental make up.

The cosmological design concept goes, that all of the factors had to be right for us to be here. There must have been a designer. Well all of the right factors had to exist, because when they don’t neither do universes. It is hard to say that something is designed when by your own argument we had just as good of a chance of not being here. In fact if you wanted to thank your designer, then maybe you should question if he could have gotten it right on the first try. Then look at the math, then learn all of the equations which exist for this universe to, and ask your self how your god could have come across the right equation the first time. If your god doesn’t have to use physics to design the universe, then physics would not have to work in the universe. If your god did not have to get it right, then it would not have to be right for us to exist.

All of the arguments the theists use to say we are wrong can equally be used against them. The rules to the universe exist for a reason. They had to, so we could. I don’t see design in that. I see a universe filled with chaos and entropy which has no investment in our existence or safety. I see a world that is the same. It is easy to look at this precious orb, and think how perfect it looks, how silent and majestic. Look a little closer at the struggle for life, existence, extinction, death, dying decay, and know that our arrogance has placed us as gods in our world and universe, when what we really are is microbes in the cosmos floating on a speck of dust clinging to existence.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

9 thoughts on “A Highly Flawed Cosmological Arguement.

  1. Great post! I touched on some of this stuff in my Pillow Fights with Gods.

    Here’s Douglas Adams response to the design argument: “Imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, “This is an interesting world I find myself in — an interesting hole I find myself in — fits me rather neatly, doesn’t it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!”

  2. Two questons:

    What is theOrigin of the Natural Laws [and why do they exist?]

    How can in a Universe will BILLIONS of things ONLY One: Only humanity can rationalize; love and hate. Why and how is this?


    • Why don’t you explain to me how it is you believe other things can’t? I can give examples of how wrong you are.

    • Great questions! Sadly, we are finally limited in our answers by the fact that, when it comes to universes, our N=1. It is interesting to speculate, to build models, to gawk, but all these things can give us very little metaphysical guidance – in any direction. Cosmological arguments are like that singing frog the guy finds in the cornerstone in the cartoon. Folks keep stealing away with the incontrovertible facts tucked under their arms, thinking it’s foolproof, that THIS time it is bound to work. See Hoyle, the Catholic Church, etc. N=1. Done.

    • What a ridiculous statement….How on earth do you know we are the ONLY sentient life in the universe?

  3. Good post. WL Craig has made a living out of lying… errrr, talking about the KCA. You’ve only scraped the surface of the box full of reasons that this argument is wrong, especially the way that WLCraig does it.

    By the way, you will never have to roll the dice an infinite number of times to get snake eyes. The probabilities of getting two ones by rolling two six-sided dice is 1 in 36 every time you roll them together. The probability that you will need to roll an infinite numbers of times is breathetakingly low. Once you’ve rolled them you will stop. You’ll never need an infinite number of rolls.


  4. What happened “before” “big-bang” ? According to the standard model, this question “before big-bang” doesn’t make sense, because the “big-bang” was the emergence of space-time…so that “nothing” could exist “before” ! In fact, the “big-bang” doesn’t come frome “nothing” : there are 13.7 billions year ago, the whole Universe was compressed in a “Planck lenghth” of 10 power -33 centimeter, (which is called infinitesimal), with an infinite density…of 10 power 94 grams / cc (so the infinite big inside the infinitesimal !), in a temperature of “Planck” …of 10 power 32 Kelvins ! These huge parameters show us an entity totally under the realm of Quantum gravitation with buckle, or Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) : until now, we don’t have a valid theory which explains this “entity” which has nothing to do, of course, with any myth, or a metaphysical object. The research goes on, and there is one candidate very attractive : the theory of the super string, but we have to detect with the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) the particules of “SuperSymetry” expected for the “Dark Energy and the Dark Matter”…It seems that only a future developpment of the scientific instrumentation will bring an element of answer about the LQG. However, we can say that “Nothing is lost, Nothing is created, Everything is transformed” : applying to our Universe or, eventually, to prior universes in case considering an hypothesis that the “big-bang” comes from a huge, very huge “Black Hole” ! Nothing is lost …true , but watch out : we could be lost in speculations when we try to understand the immense emptyness of rational explinations ! That’s why a lot of people don’t hesitate to make up interpretations and slide into metaphysics, becoming finally “believers” in something which never existed for real ! So, it’s a property of the human mind to bring answers all the time, even when there is no way to answer rationnaly ! We have a hope that this situation will change in a near futur, thanks to the rapid progess of Technology which allows us to build very powerful instruments to work with the “infinitesimal” !

    • I wish I could have the capacity to challenge that level of intellect but bravo. That answer is astounding.

      • Eliminate the cerebral diversion in negative activities such as participation in “social” debates during which one the vulgarity bursts out to assert points of view of very low level ! The time which is planned we to live, allows us to become aware of the greatness, the infinite beauty of our Universe, and finally, to understand it, and even to act with it for the protection of our environment. Let us not waste our time in not constructive insignificances : let us put a lot heartily and big enjoyment into the rational research for the understanding of all the phenomena of the Nature… Your brain allows it : you are thus able to take up the challenge.

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