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The Toxic Power Of Faith


Over the last month religion has shown us how faith works. The benign tumor of religion has become masticized in the core of society, to a point where discretion is no longer of use, or need. Religion has begun to dominate and control aspects of the country once feared by the founding fathers. From the shooting of a young Pakistani girl, right in the head, to statements as nauseating and thought provoking as “legitimate rape.” We have seen almost all of the utter disgusting ugly pour out of the religious mouths like putrid vomit, even being spewed from the pulpits.

This vile type of demagoguery has gotten fearless, proud and even unashamed. Men like Ryan with their anti-abortion stances, men like the senators who bash our homosexual brothers and sisters. Men who forget that the watchers, are watching. We atheists are on the rise, but are we rising fast enough? It seems like we are in a race, not forward in thought, but backward. As we watch the dogmatic drag us further back in time at the petulant hands of their demonic god, his bloodthirsty ideas, and enslaving doctrine.

Atheists have watched from the sidelines, both silently, and passionately disagreeing with the outrageous disgusting bold manner that the ignorance, and backwards nature of religion is reviled. Our silence through history only bought us death, bitter death, at the merciless hands of the delusionally indoctrinated. Now as we push the doors wide open and expose the height of the cruel and disgusting nature of the religious doctrines, religions are striking back from their death throes. We have exposed their underbelly, their rancid sides which leave women dead, beaten, battered, raped, abused, and children alongside of them. But it is not all to blame on men, no blame it on those who live with the fierce determination to promote their dogmatic mindset. Be that women, or men. Or those with too much power and a determined mind to subdue those who would dare to think for themselves.

There is a sector of this world that is seething with rage, and fear and hate. They are the indoctrinators, the preachers, the reverend’s, and chaplains reaching out to snatch the liberty and freedom from the minds of the young and the thinking. They are the sellers of oppression. The come in black with a message from their manacle god, of doom, and fear, and hate wrapped in the warm comforting love that only an oppressive father can give. It is the paradox of the abusive relationship. The father who beats his children into submission and then offers them up love, only to terrorize them again at the first sight of disobedience.

Do we really think that life is better lived when the masses fear every breath, who they are, and their own nature? Can we be convinced to hate ourselves and bear the burden of guilt that is heaped upon us by the mere idea that we are human? Would one original sin be enough to condemn and damn humanity for all of eternity? If this is the case, then god has no integrity. He is a manacle tyrant who lives for every moment we suffer. He is the master of the damned, and the damner of the innocent.

This mentality of hiding in the darkness has got to stop within the atheist community. How dare anyone say that silence buys us the grace of the religious. How dare anyone point at me or those speaking out and say you are what is wrong with atheism, while they turn a blind eye to the horrors reaped upon humanity in the name of every vulgar and twisted religion. How dare we think that the time we saw humans being burned at the stake, and tortured, and raped, and pillaged, and murdered can’t occur again. How dare we deny that it is happening now in the middle East. It is the worst of absurdities to go as far as to leave the dogma, believe that there is no evidence for a god, only to dismiss the problematic nature of those that do.

The reality is blatantly in our faces, struggling and breathing down our backs. The appalling nature of the delusions degrading our society, dismissing evidence in the name of faith is absurd at best. We see the sick with religion spreading their plague on humanity, dragging children away from evidence into a stagnant blind faith which is worthless in the face of the world. It leaves the believing longing for death, asking for permission to kill in the name of their god. Why would we be silent. How dare we?

This mockery of humanity called faith has done nothing for any people. This inhuman belief that for being born gay, or a woman is disgusting. It is absolutely horrible to see the damage done to this world in the name of such a twisted thing. Meanwhile we can put men into space, while the religious deny the fact that evolution happened. The same science these indoctrinated Mormons need to live is the same ones they use to tout their gods mercy and greatness. These same deniers of science use the likes of every device to shout down the homosexuals, organize against women, and declare war on freethinking. How utterly atrocious. We have more people in the United States who believe that one woman and one man are responsible for the whole of humanity, no matter how it happened, than can believe that we are all intertwined in evolution. This is both dangerous and sickening.

We atheists need to be loud. We need to organize, to be funded, to rally, to group. We need a community to fight against immorality in the name of religion. We need to stand tall and not be willing to be silenced. When they give us cause to fear and be silent then they have won. For the little children who will face horrors yet unknown, and the ones who have already faced them, we must challenge the established religion on every front. We must push it back into the darkness, and the ages of fear and superstition. We must not relent and let ourselves or the world be destroyed by this madness which is expelled upon us by the doctrines at hand.

There must never again be silence in the face of horrors and inhumanity. There must never be a time when religion is free to kill and destroy. We must ensure this with knowledge, and passion, with strength in numbers. Never again will we hide in silence. Atheism lacks the indignancy of silence in the face of human cruelty and we should continue that trend.


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

2 thoughts on “The Toxic Power Of Faith

  1. Well done Rachel, or rather, well written. I was looking for that perfect quote to comment on but there were so many to choose from. Regardless, I find I agree with so much of what you convey that I hardly know where to insert myself. Perhaps I find myself in one of those places where I watch what comes next. Not that I feel beng passive is the best way ahead, but rather that I would prefer an attack that offes a more advantageous posistion for the argument you present. Well done madame, well done.

  2. No matter who wins this upcoming election we all lose and yes no matter what happens we still have to go on the offensive. If we want to see Islam wither, we here in the belly of the beast have to fight to dismantle the lunacy of Christianity. Christian America today is the dominant empire meddling in the rest of the world’s economic affairs essentially fostering the growth of Islam. It is unfortunately essential to have an enemy even if contrived.

    Drone strikes in Pakistan are no doubt a contributing factor threatening Pakistani women and girl’s education and lives. I can only hope the female vote here will put some old bullshitters out to pasture and further call into question war with Iran and the Christian comedy called Mormonism.

    Our biggest obstacle I’m afraid is the turmoil within the freethought movement in America today. Atheism + is a negative and I see the freethought movement leaning to the right here in the land of milk and honey. Sam Harris is wrong on Free Will and Steven Pinker is wrong on The Better Angels of our Nature and Michael Shermer is working to curtail critical thinking on 9/11 as is Mr. Harris and Mr. Pinker. Adam Savage supported the govt position on 9/11 from the Reason Rally stage and he too is wrong.

    There is an effort today within freethought to promote nuclear energy and that is pure and simple a mistake. If we are going to move forward we have to start looking at all the evidence surrounding these and other issues and start rejecting some of the people who supposedly represent freethought. Dark clouds on the horizon are approaching fast and wind direction is not in question.

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