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The Eternal Debate


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It seemed to be the case that America was willing to forgive every horrible thing Romney had done up until the debate. What a tragedy that we live in a country so desperate to believe what they are told that they will buy anything a politician has to say. That is why it is so frustrating to deal with the political arena. The apathy and appeal to savior-hood on the part of politicians is astounding. The reliance on government is the problem here in America, not just what they are doing. We think the solution lies in their hands, even though they have repeatedly shown their inability to relate to the common hard working man.

That is the essence of the eternal debate. When you lack the education that they are all a cluster of people with the same mindset and background then you might be prone to believe that they really have your best interest at heart. The truth is that they don’t. They are life long politicians and for them the office is a job. Some of them have law degrees and have held other positions but once they make their way into the political arena they are just like the rest. That goes for the standing president. He has tried to assert a bit more of humanity into the cause, which voters readily forget. But the president is the basic figurehead for the political structure. One that was set up to give power to a source outside of the Senate and Congress. His powers are limited, by laws governing what the president can do. While congress holds all the power we often tend to hand the blame over to the president because he is in the highest office.

The whole process is flawed, but better than many other  countries. We, the people, do not lack the capacity to hold a bigger choice in who enters office, but in our modern world the over stressed, and worked American does not have time to investigate all of the past of a candidate. So we rely on news. The problem with this is actually that most news is owned by only two individuals who are best served by their own interests and do have the ability to censor what is posted on their networks. This has become the modern day dictation to the under educated public of what they should want and how they should want it, and has been highly effective. Most people don’t know that they will be voting against their own personal interest in November.

Romney has been clear and concise about his intent to eliminate social programs, give tax breaks to the rich and continue the devastating trickle down economics. Obama however has been fighting to end this form of piracy on the part of the elitist in America. So how does that even work? Well looking at the basis for good business and economy you can see that it is not the rich who drive this nation, and never has been. When you have limited competition in the market then prices can be driven up to eliminate small business and corner the market. Wal-mart is a prime example of monopolizing the market and eliminating competition while providing clearer and less quality products. When there is competition then stores/businesses have to compete for customers driving up quality and down prices. This goes the same in every venue of business. So taxing the rich makes it easier for small business to be created. When companies like Pepsi have the market flooded with their product, they not only don’t need to hire more workers, but have to look for new markets in other countries to expand in. So they will not be spending more money here in this economy. They can use their profits to open companies in other countries and then monopolize the market there, while not creating any jobs. Taxes that are paid into this economy help fund the forward movement in America.

When rich companies pay taxes it pays for schooling, and roads, fire men, and much more. It also gives the poorer of our country an ability to pay less taxes making it easier for them to have surplus funds to spend on merchandise and other necessities. We are the consumer class, and we drive this nation forward. With our purchases we give revenue to business, but if we are taxed too hard or to much our surplus of funds are gone, and we have nothing to rely on for spending. So then the people begin to suffer with basic necessities not being met. And having a home and  car are necessities. So it is the spending class in America which is the most vital to our economy. It is healthy when we have jobs that provide for our necessities and give us surplus funds to spend. Then we can purchase more and drive companies forward. that is good business. The rich however; want you to believe it is the reverse. It has been shown that when companies succeed then the small guy often doesn’t.

This was the cause for the establishment of the union. It was to provide a fair wage for people who worked in companies where they were making millions in profit while giving people barely enough to survive on. Once established the Union made the eight hour work day and vacation. Instead of people working twelve hours a day while barely surviving, they started to make a fair wage. This drove the economy forward and made goods and services available to everyone instead of just the rich. It put the hard workers in America on the same playing field as those with money. During this time it became easier for people to buy homes, cars and other goods. The economy took off, and by the eighties we were doing good. The Reaganomics began and the structure of the economy drifted to a one sided free for all on the part of the rich.

Now when we talk about the other problems in our nation that is complex. War is business. Bad business, but it makes a profit for companies who survive by producing and selling war material. This is only good business for those companies who sell this kind of materials, but it does not drive the economy forward. When the spending power of the people is increased the economy is stimulated. That is why  the Republican view of the economy is flawed. People grasping for necessities does nothing for all of us. In fact it causes a regression to the state of poverty.

If you think that voting in the two party system will fix anything then you have been mislead by the media forces. However; we lack an educated voting base which can self determine what is in their best interests. While it would be great if there was an upset in this format it has only happened once in the history of the United States. Until such time as America gets involved in the economic affairs of the country and their best social interests this trend will continue. We have to begin asking the questions that drive the rhetoric and lies from the mouths of the politicians. We have to ask the hard questions and face the reality, and that is hard to do when most people are poorly educated, and lack interest in social issues. It is also hard when people are struggling for survival and abiding by promises of security.

There are many structural and social issues which need to be addressed in this country, and that will not happen as long as politicians can feed on fear and insecurity. What needs to happen is people have to set aside their best interest and ask what would be int he best interest of the nation moving forward. We can not base our vote on self interest alone. If you are surviving well but those around you are not surviving or are struggling the end is the same. unfortunately we are all tied to the society in which we live. So when the majority of people are unable to survive it limits our capacity as well. It is only when we invest our interest in the future of our nation and those around us that we can advance. This has been the case over and over again. The lies that you are being told about hard work making you get ahead while others will fall behind is nothing more than self serving rhetoric. As long as there is an ability for most people to fail they will. The Unions established an ability for all of the workers to acchieve the same status. This led to a fair based pay system and productivity. If you are rich while others struggle to survive they are not likely to buy your goods or require your services. That will ultimately effect the outcome of your business and will make it more likely for them to search out cheaper products and services, which only the richest can provide.

So when you vote this November you must remember that the struggle which faces the few of us will ultimately face us all at some future point. We must remember those who have lost their jobs, homes and are currently struggling to survive. This nation must become dedicated to all of its members and seek to advance us forward. This is not the intent of the Republican party, so while men like Romney can sound good in a debate the outcome of voting for them is giving them permission to impoverish this nation and create a welfare state that is at the mercy of big corporations. This is something you have to seriously consider when you vote.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

24 thoughts on “The Eternal Debate

  1. Rachel, I’m a scientist but I believe in God. Atheism has failed to to offer explanations for the existence of life. The more science tries to, the more new questions arise in the process! Even the latest scientific discovery of the ‘god particle’ raises more questions than answers. How did we come here? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going from here?

    • I don’t worry so much. I know that life has a simple complexity. Life has more questions than answer but that makes it more fun.

    • I am also a scientist and a firm atheist. I can’t see how a true scientist could believe in some kind of deity when you have such extremes in preditation, and viral death, cell death. There is so much you would have to work on to convince me that there is something worth believing in, and that is not likely to occur.

      • I don’t think atheism is synonymous with science as we are made to believe. Atheism itself is religion. The difference is atheists have no meeting place. I have chosen to separate science from atheism; to be a scientist and yet believe in the existence of a supreme being. If we are looking for fresh pieces of evidence about the existence of God, we won’t have them. The reason is they have been there for ages: the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, humans, etc; since neither science nor atheism created them.

        • Wow, I want a pm with that degree on it, because any time you call a lack f belief in god/gods then you obviously lack the knowledge of what constitutes a religion and what doesn’t. That is sad. Dogma found n bio does not compare to that found in religion, and in atheism there is no dogma. No one tells you how to not believe or what to not to believe. There is no science that I know of which seeks to disprove god, that is my personal belief, and you obviously need more or better education in what is religion or atheism before speaking and making scientists look like ignorant people. There are other scientists who read this blog. I will ask one of them to critique your thoughts on this.

        • Please do. It’s a free world. You kill science by equating it to atheism. Atheism does not translate to better science in anyway! I know most scientists are atheistic like you; but that does not prevent the minority to air out what they believe in since they have discovered that science has failed to provide answers to some of the most important questions of life.

        • Okay, you keep making the equation. Which places the validity and veracity of your statements in question. It is obvious you have an indoctrinated mindset which does not allow for thought outside of your comfort zone. So tell me what disease and war, and famine and solar flares, hurricanes and earthquakes say about your god? Like I said science doesn’t care if there is a god. But I live my life just happy and fine without one.

  2. This is something very essential that Nigeria voters should know.

  3. Ok, let me balance the equation. Atheism is not synonymous to open mindedness. I have chosen to embrace my ‘comfort zone’ because it’s the true source of hope for the confused human race. Wars are human inventions fueled by scientific innovations. Solar flares are also a product of science. Disease and natural disasters like hurricanes and earth quakes are there so that atheists like you will for once think of how meaningless life is and embrace the almighty God. I invite you to my church on sunday. See you.

    • //Solar flares are also a product of science// No, Solar flares are a product of the natural universe, science is what is used to study them.
      Um, //Disease and natural disasters like hurricanes and earth quakes are there so that atheists like you will for once think of how meaningless life is and embrace the almighty God.// No, before there was religion and which ever god you pray to there was all of the above and mass extinctions. In fact they have the skull of a T-Rex with a tumor in it.

      // Atheism is not synonymous to open mindedness// Yea it mostly is because what ever evidence exists that is verifiable/ falsifiable and has been proven correct I will abide by. No thanks on the church unless I can do my show from it and laugh while I listen to how your god has a great plan that begins with casting self loathing onto people and then is followed by genocide and ends with mass genocide.

    • Do you have any published works that I can read, and where is your degree from?

  4. Just google my name. If you don’t mind, I would also want to know where you got your degree(s).

  5. Yes, a Nigerian. Currently at the University of Manchester. What do you mean by ”that explains alot”?

    • Nigeria is a highly religious place where even abortion is punishable by death.

      • That’s NOT true. That’s just what you probably read somewhere. I’m sure you have never been to Nigeria. Nigeria is a great country, with great and nice people. Aren’t you aware that Nigeria was once rated a country with the happiest people in the world? I bet if you step your feet in Nigeria, you will probably renounce your US citizenship for Nigerian citizenship. Forget what journalists say to sell their stories.

        • I know other Nigerian’s. In fact two of them text me on my personal phone and tell me what happens there, and also I did a consult with a lady who is Nigerian and wanted to abort. Lets just say it went well, and I am thankful she is fine.

        • Does she live in Nigeria? Was a death sentence passed on her? By the way, abortion is a topic for another day. My conscience tells me that it is morally wrong for a human being to kill another human being in the name of abortion (exceptions on medical reasons may apply). Give the babes the chance you were given. Are you telling me that atheism supports the killing of babes in the name of abortion? If you would want to abort, why not prevent the pregnancy in the first place? I like babes, please don’t kill them prematurely.

        • Yes she lives in Nigeria, no she was not sentenced to death because she was not caught. I made sure that she had support. A fetus is not a baby, it is a fetus. I can’t say atheism supports it, but I can say I do and that I told her it was the right thing to do. Sometimes things happen and she knew it was not right to have it. And yes any time a woman feels like she should have an abortion and asks me I will tell her then she should do it.

  6. Are you studying for a BSc or an MSc?

    • I am working on my BS, Second year. I see that you have seven papers, are you post doc, Ph.D?

      • Ok, great. I have over 15 papers. I have also edited a book. You can get some of them on google scholar, pubmed or ISI web of knowledge. I have made presentations at several international conferences as well. I’m a PhD scholar at the University of Manchester.

  7. It’s simply an Eternal struggle among the Rich, the struggling and the helpless.. And unless the society identifies a sustainable equillibrium so long with this struggle continue. At the end the Rich must realise that this equillibrium is the only route towards their longtime survival.

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