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Fuck You, We’re Offended. A Muslim Story.


So someone makes a half baked film, that is hilarious, but has offended the Muslims so badly they had to riot and murder. The film is not even professionally made. Just someones backyard attempt at humor, but the Muslims can’t take it. They can’t afford to have people insulting their holy prophet, who is more like a god, than a man. Even though he had 11 wives at the same time, and his youngest and last was nine, he was perfect in every way. Even in the way he killed people, it was perfect.

Now Muslims are offended by this film. So much that they were forced to the streets and had to kill people to show just how angry they are. And it is our fault. I mean those poor people living in Libya were just looking for something to watch which once again worships their beloved prophet, and they stumble on this horrific film depicting their prophet as a womanizing sex fiend, full of murderous rage taking bribes from people and extorting. Well some Muslims who understood English and know that this film was produced in America blew a gasket. They were so angry and hurt that they were forced to the street. They looked all over for an American to tell how angry they were, but then realized they were in Libya.  This made them think, well in order to kill Americans they had to look further. There was one place, the Embassy. A place where people work to ensure relations between nations and serve Americans abroad. People who knew nothing about the film or the maker who seemed guilty because they had the flag of the betraying nation flying above their heads. So with this prideful sign of guilt they attacked and killed these hate filled Americans just like their prophet would have done had he been offended in his time.

They even beat  the official to death, just as Mohammad would have had them do. Just to ensure that the guilty party suffered in a way their prophet would have been proud of. Since the offense was so horrible, and these were guilty Americans, because they belong to the same country as the film was made in. You know the one that was done by just some guy making fun of the prophet and not using studio money or releasing it to theaters. That guy, the one who is now in hiding because Muslims were so offended. Because soon their Mulahs who like to keep Muslims ignorant, will issue a fatwa against the guy and order him murdered the way Mohammad would have wanted, because Islam is a religion of peace. In fact peace has been brought in Muslim countries for over 1400 years, and it comes as stoning, hangings, rapings, beatings, beheadings, cutting off hands, and some other generally terrible things which seem very peaceful.

Now I will link this terrible film here, but I warn you, when you see it, you will instantly be so offended you will take to the street and look for people to murder. It is more highly offensive than any other film, or post which offended Jesus. The Christians are weak as we all know, they only kill the random abortion doctor, or homosexual. They are not on keeping the peace as much as a bunch of rioting Muslims who can bomb an embassy and create peace. After all Islam is working hard to give it’s self a good name and they will kill as many people as needed to make sure they get it too.

The moral of this story is, Fuck you America. Fuck your freedoms and speech. Fuck your thinking and liberties. After all that film must have cost at least twenty bucks. Plus the time and all the “actors”. How dare you pick on a small religion made of millions of people, that is defenseless, all they have is rocks, some guns, and the ability to bomb people. So quit offending their prophet.He was a hard working killer who only took that six year old girl for a wife because no one else had spoken for her by then and she was quite old. It was not his fault other people attacked him in their villages when he came to take their things. He was a great and powerful man with a sword, and he loved everyone, except the women whose husbands he told to beat them.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

27 thoughts on “Fuck You, We’re Offended. A Muslim Story.

  1. Brilliant. My thoughts exactly.

  2. Loved it. There have been riots in India too because of that Film. My solidarity with all my fellow atheists and free thinkers. One day we will succeed.

  3. I hate coming across as a muslim apologist (I’m not, it is the worst of the bad bunch that are the dust religions), but it really is a case of a problem that is our own making. Before you erase this comment, hear me out. The situation we have is a result of continuous appeasement of tantrum throwing children by euro-humanists. There are many christian daily teevee shows throughout the mid-East that criticise islam mercilessly, including airing evidence of the kind in the offending movie and worse. This is a great look at this phenomenon from Raymond Ibrahim, born and raised there and an Arab history scholar –


    Ibrahim observes the fact that none of the people involved in these anti-muslim shows has ever come to any grief. Why? Because they are unrepentant, and most importantly, unfearful. he writes –

    Of course, one need not agree with Life TV’s tactics or evangelical mission to appreciate the lesson it imparts: Muslim outrage — as with all human outrage — is predicated on how well it is tolerated. Continuously appeased, it becomes engorged and insistent on more concessions; ignored, it deflates and, ashamed of itself, withers away.

    The islamists that drive these protest are a minority and hardly representative of the muslim demographic. They have however been allowed to seize and hold the stage because Euro-humanism made the mistake of taking them seriously and started doing backflips in order to be “sensitive” to their feelings. Their first success was with Rushdie and Satanic Verses. The largely spineless response emboldened them for subsequent attacks against western principles – from the murder of Theo van Gogh to the Jyllands-Posten cartoons. Here they are repeating their performance again – and again, the Euro-humanists will emerge with more appeasement and more legislation to stifle our speech rights. This is a lose-lose situation. The islamists will never be appeased – they are like spoiled children, caving into each tantrum only makes the next demand even more concessions. This is all ultimately our own fault – for not drawing a line in the sand and stating “we do not negotiate with morons”, as it should have been, 30 years ago. Our culture is being sold out.

    As an aside – funny parallel to freethoughtblogs and atheism+ no?

  4. This should have been a quote (formatting rejected) “Of course, one need not agree with Life TV’s tactics or evangelical mission to appreciate the lesson it imparts: Muslim outrage — as with all human outrage — is predicated on how well it is tolerated. Continuously appeased, it becomes engorged and insistent on more concessions; ignored, it deflates and, ashamed of itself, withers away.”

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  6. Hey Mr Writer. You are trying to insult the GREATEST MAN in History, You can not touch Him, and You will not even reach the Value of His SHOES.
    You People are Sick, and Remember ONE THING that at One Moment You Sinfull People Will Cry Too much but at that time No one Would help You, Believe me or Not.



    Go and Read the Book THE HUNDREDS, Who is on the Number ONE Position, even the Writer is a Christian !! Go and Read

  7. The Church and the Christians would have done the same thing maybe a thousand years ago.

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  9. Brilliant!

    Is this also the list where I sign up to be stoned to death?

  10. i could only read first 3 lines n seriously ur talk is full of crap, ur assay stinks howmuch shitty it is !!
    so how did u feel after reading my comment?
    i just said my openion, why did u feel offended by my talk? dont u worship freedom of expression !
    there is a big difference between freedome of expression and insulting others and you people are using the right of freedome in hurting muslims
    why the hell this movie was made, seriously why? did u EVER hear about a muslim made fun of jesus? no! bec our prophet told us we shud believ n love all prophets and FYI our prophet told us u r not a believer until u love for others what u love for ur self, he said for others for all ppl muslims n not muslims, he is the most merciful n greatest person ever, plz read about history well befor u talk
    i am totally against whats happening now, destroying n killing, it doesnt represent islam

    • I don’t care about your freedom of speech. Say what you want. But you don’t have the right to say this and then be offended when a talk badly about your prophet.

      And I read every line of yours. Before you talk shitty about people, have spell check help you out. Your English sucks.

    • Really?!? Muslims are starting riots and threatening Americans over a film! They seek death to the film maker because it claims you are, well basically who the Muslims are showing themselves to be?

      I have read many, MANY posts from Muslims speaking about Jesus Christ and blaspheming against the Holy Bible. Don’t tell me you have never seen any Muslim burn one? If you have, let me guess…..it was because their holy text was burned first right? Get a clue! Here’s one of the many blasphemous Muslim web pages.


      FYI, Jesus wasn’t JUST a prophet, like your dead and buried Muhammed. Jesus Christ is the King of kings and Lord of lords!

  11. The real issue is the story from the White House and the State Department was made up. The real issue is that these elected officials made a mockery out of the United States People and 4 Dead Americans and refused to call it Terrorism as not to harm Obama. The reality is we have just as much problems with Muslims Radicals as we ever had. It is just a matter of time before we are attacked again here or abroad.

  12. Yep! Great post!! You go girl! They should be protest against the man who did all those horrific things to his adolescent wives…..as shown in their “holy text”? Where is the protest against their beloved prophet who is a pedophile and all his crimes?

    The thing is he is dead, so they should let him remain dead. Instead they want to uphold and fight for him? They are worse than him because they choose to worship a sick and perverted bastard! They tell the Americans, we NEED to be quiet? No, they NEED to stop acting like they are our God because it is them and their sins against God Almighty…they need to worry about.

    Who is going to save their souls from the pits of hell?

  13. I am an Atheist. I was born and raised as a Catholic. Religion, no matter what its name, can all go to Hell, where it came from. Islam and Muslims, on the other hand, don’t even deserve that much. They should simply all be mass murdered or commit suicide or whatever it takes to rid this planet of them and whatever soul they might have should be forced to drift aimlessly through time, with no ability to connect with the living ever again. Muslims are nothing but a human version of cockroaches, breeding just to spread their filth. If you are a Muslim and reading my comment, do the world a favor and just kill yourself now. Spare me from having to do it for you.

    • I am often in contact with muslims, or what you might think are muslims. I talk to hidden apostates, moderates who fear leaving, and others. What you just said makes you worse than a terrorist. Because they believe something that was forced upon them, you are talking this crap because you chose to hate. Sad, and really I look upon this post with utter disgust. You know, I realize that I am the enemy of religion, but not the people. Because that would make me as sick as them for hating me for being an atheist. What you have said here really sickens me.

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