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Corrective Rape, and Abuse.


It is mind boggling how people actually suggest rape as a corrective measure for homosexuals. But the astounding part is that people actually believe that it would work. So what if the tables were turned? How would society react to the notion of someone being raped gay, or beaten till they behave homosexually? Would the religious be so quick to defend that? And how can you believe you’re moral when you suggest that behavior to people?

The other day I was told by a woman that someone suggested she be raped straight. It came to my mind, what if gay people did the same. I don’t think people would be so quick to feel high and mighty if homosexuals suggested that straight people be raped until they became gay. After all if the choice is about not knowing what you are missing, then why wouldn’t a people feel different after a homosexual raping? If the cure is to see what you were missing all along, then the same can be said for homosexuality.

I am not actually suggesting anyone be raped, because that is sick. Rape is a horrible terrifying thing. It leaves the person feeling betrayed, and humiliated. It makes them want to run from the thing that happened. Not towards it. No person ever felt better about a gender after being raped, or concluded that their rape was for the best. In fact it can be horribly traumatic, and some people have committed suicide after the fact. It is a horrible act, and no one should ever feel like it is justifiable to do something as horrid as that.

It almost rates as bad as telling people to punch the gay out of their kids, or making girls act like girls, by forcing them to wear dresses and makeup. As was previously suggested by one southern preacher. Would people be so quick to support something like the gay community punching the gay into their kids? Or making their girls dress like boys? I doubt much of anyone would get behind that idea. Which is good, but in the same token these people support a preacher telling them to do that to kids to make them straight. Why should anyone support abusing kids like that is the real question.

There is something to be said about how wrong our society has gone when support is rallied for this kind of behavior, or thinking. Why do people believe that they have the right to determine or alter the sexual orientation of anyone? Does it matter so much to people that they control the sexual nature of their kids that they would see them raped or beaten to enforce it?

It begs the question, what is morality to you? Is it okay to destroy another person just to make them behave as you believe they should? If you can say yes to those questions then you are neither moral, or a good person. While religion tries to sell the idea that they are the morality and they make nations civilized, the idea that they are teaching this to their followers, and advocating violence of any sort, means they are not the morality we need.

The morality we need in America is based on the premise that everyone gets to live their own lives. That we don’t have the right to judge what someone else does with their body or  even dictate to them what to do. We need to understand that no matter what the sexual preferences are, we don’t get to determine that for others. Suggesting, or implying that they should be beaten or raped makes you the worst kind of immoral person. You are unworthy to live in a civilized society, and your views are skewed by hate. There is nothing worse than what you do, and we should not have to live with you, but we do.

So the next time you suggest that homosexuals should be raped or beaten, we will come after you. We promise to single you out and stand up against you. We, the moral people who understand that sex is not everything, and the sex you have is your business, will not tolerate your hate and ignorance. You can get away with it in your home, with your self but we are not going to let you destroy lives. I can’t stand by anyone who would hurt another human being in any way and feel justified for it.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

10 thoughts on “Corrective Rape, and Abuse.

  1. People’s ignorance is simply astounding. Partially the “rape straight” thing is based on the premise that being lesbian (and I’m pretty sure that people are suggesting raping women) is a choice, or because we hate men. It is neither. The atmosphere which fosters this kind of thing is strengthened by the “hate the sin love the sinner” BS that the “devout” always say. They attempt to paint us as inherently falwed, and for many the distinction between sin and sinner is rather blurred.

  2. corrective rape has been successfully used for millennia. it can be used to correct someone’s sense of self worth, correct their children’s desire to independence and a sense of self and even to correct one’s desire to continue living¿

    • I don’t know why you would even think that. Rape is a horrible violent terrible thing and it is sick. Saying that it corrects anything makes you pretty sick and defending it to me or to anyone is pathetic. I don’t think anyone wants to live more after being raped, but i want to know why you would say such a terrible stupid thing?

      • I’m pretty sure the poster was using sarcasm. The “benefits” listed were negative results: “correct someone’s sense of self-worth”, “correct one’s desire to continue living”. It seems to me that udi was using sarcasm to support your point.

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  4. I believe Udi is in agreement that corrective rape is a matter of control, of denegration and not positive. I think he agrees ignorant men cannot correct anything for anybody. I can only hope the female vote will remove the virulant strain of insanity rampant within the political process today. So many lunatics who have been in office for a long time are feeding off each other today and the fundies are falling in line. These mentally ill old men have to be put out to pasture as an indication religious perversion is dying. The Tea Party is brewing their own cup of hemlock tea. I hope.

  5. Just from a behavioral point of view it would be counter-productive. Anyone who has ever succeeded at training animals or raising children has figured this out.

    I suspect that anyone who thinks that “rape therapy” would work actually harbors their own submissive rape fantasy, or has other rape fantasies.

  6. Rachel,
    I’m sorry if my sarcasm didn’t work and you got the impression that I supported rape in any way. I thought the irony punctuation mark at the end gave it away but obviously I wasn’t making myself clear.

    Rape is something that can and is, only used as a tool of degradation and oppression. to suggest that it can cure anything, let alone something that doesn’t need curing is abominable. I can only imagine that those who suggest it are ignorant in the extreme of the human condition or that they are monsters or both.

    • Oh I was so fired up after hearing that, the poor person who was actually told that. I am sorry and to be honest, everyone thought you were being sarcastic. But that is how I would respond to someone who said that about rape.

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