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Beyond Chauvinism: How Some Men Hate feminism Based on Ignorance


I just want to give some background before we delve into the text below, head first, with no life jacket. This was written by an atheist. He has stated that he does not want his authorship acclaimed on this text due to fear of a backlash by what he calls, “Angry man hating feminists.” I have changed no part of the original texts and take no responsibility for the content. His statements have been copy/pasted verbatim. Below his statements I will give my responses and there will be links in the response. So please look for those as they will be sociological, science, and government based statistics and findings.

This text that I saw reminded me of everything an uneducated person would have been hand fed by the GOP. Nothing of it is reminiscent of anything original and based on actual facts or understandings. So I tried to debate with the writer who presented half baked responses and then flung insults. While I did engage in them and claim no innocence, I also asked many times for evidence based in science. Only one outdated study was shown and the author claims that after six years it is equally relevant,  and then I was accused of, “Saying science in college so the boys would think I was smart.” An elision to my using science to solicit sex from the male students that are my colleagues and counter parts. It went to show the author of this has little to no respect for women and cares nothing to understand them. So here we go. Mr. D….

“Which aspect of feminism is the dumbest?

A. Stay out of my uterus! (…but pay for my birth control and abortions.)”
Stay out of my uterus is right. But then we make it to the birth control and abortions. Now I know for a fact millions of women work. In fact women make up half of the nations working force. They pay taxes just like their male counter parts. They also pay for their own health care when not provided or only slightly covered in the work place. So they actually pay for most of their own birth control. If they are like me, they pay for it all. Many women are paying for healthcare, and lets not forget that. But say for instance a woman is living in poverty, or just has a lot to pay for, or enough children to take care of that she wants to be responsible, well then why should society not be willing to add a little help? After all the price of a doctor visit and birth control equals a small fraction of what welfare costs us. We are still working on education for sex and responsibility. Meanwhile the religious right is busy advocating for abstinence which is proven to not work. Birth control has aided in population control, eliminating cycles of poverty and allowing women to choose when to become a mother. It has also helped women suffering from medical conditions where their menstrual cycles are not normal or they suffer from endometriosis and ovarian cysts. Since the introduction of birth control abortions have been on the decline. Part of population control is understanding the circumstances under which producing children is best and birth control is a vital aid in this process. So the government saves billions in subsidising the food, resources, and welfare of uneducated women. Another point to be made is control in the population of the planet. Education and birth control allow for us to slow the population of the planet and the stress on environmental resources.
“B. I don’t need no man! (…except my Uncle Sam and his welfare checks!)
Actually the rate of people on welfare has been on the decline since the late 80’s. Many of the people on welfare are on there for less than 8 months, and it is usually families. Often times it is due to some hardship. Women are not as predominantly on governmental assistance as they used to be, and that is a product of education and birth control. Women are 50% of the work force, meaning that we are out there working and supporting ourselves as we should be. It is not about needing a man. It is not about not needing a man. Uncle Sam is just a term used to describe the governmental body, in reality the government and society which works to pay taxes is made of both men and women. So there is no part of this which says I do/don’t need a man. It is just something the author wanted to use against women. But even men need welfare at times, so I guess men need men too. As for women needing men, I can’t say we don’t live without them, but they are vital to our existence and procreation. They are not an enemy, but a biological counter part.  
C. I want equality! (…except in divorce court, where we should automatically get the kids and a fat paycheck for life.)
Standards in custody have been slowly changing. Mostly women do get the kids, and the money to support them. Not always enough, and they are often left doing most of the care. But women generally don’t get alimony in the current system, unless she can prove undue hardship. So it is about the kids. Men often work more at their job, and in fact push women into the position of caretaker. The fact is both men and women are capable of parenting, and being good parents. Both of them could sacrifice time at work to see to a childs needs. This is not a feminist design, this is a societal structure, and feminists are actually fighting against it. Men should be involved with their kids. They should have to spend as much time investing in their childs emotional future as a woman. I don’t believe women should by default be given the kids, if she is a good mother then it suits to have her as partial guardian, and the father as the other part, but there are women incapable of parenting. Just as there are men who are not suited, but if that is not the case then both parents should be as invested as they can afford to be.
D. Rape is rape! (…with no distinction between forced/drugged vs. “kinda didn’t want to” but went along with it until he broke up with me vs. age-based “rape” vs. changing mind after the fact)”
This is a mess. There is no distinction between rape. If a gun or knife is used an additional charge should be added, as well as with drugging. As for the other forms of “rape” well that is complex. As is the case of rape it’s self, but I don’t believe that this kind of dismissive and condescending attitude helps unravel it. Rape is rape. And when it is not rape it is not. Changing your mind after the fact is like drinking too much and regretting a hang over, once you did something you are responsible for your actions. Any woman who needs to “own” her purity by blaming a man after she had sex with him willingly and then accuses him of rape, probably has some mental issues. “Kinda didn’t want to” is where a guy should be leery of touching a girl. After all any girl who is hesitant, or acts unwilling probably is, and then a man should just protect his best self interest and avoid something that should be a red flag. There are differences in those sexual situations. I think young men should be taught to care about their selves so they don’t get put into a situation where they can be accused of rape, and women should be taught how to respond to situations they don’t want to be in, so there is clarity in rape. After all, if it gets to NO, then accept that as a final solution. Beyond that is clear rape.

E. Pay us the same as men! (…even though we only work part-time, have less training and work in less productive fields, impose more medical expenses on employers, and take more time off for family issues… and even though multiple scientific studies reveal that controlling for these factors entirely erases the mythical pay gap… and even though all three females on the US Supreme Court have ruled against “equal” pay, because equitable pay already exists.)

Equal pay for equal work. The pay gap exists. More women are becoming scientists, doctors, lawyers, we spend more hours at work, we are having less kids, and we are living longer. Meanwhile men are having more heart attacks, getting diabetes and needing Viagra. Women don’t just work part time, in fact women are closing the gap on hours in the work place and more women are becoming higher-up in corporations. We are closing every gap that exists, except for the ones where we are punished for being born women. I can see the women on the supreme court voting against women. After all men have made it seem like we are the lazy ones in the work force. But more women are waiting till later to have kids. They tend to have one or two children which is down from eight, about forty years ago, and education has everything to do with that.

F. Don’t objectify me! (…unless I want you to, which means I objectified you first. And don’t objectify other women; I don’t like competition.)

This is one of those statements which does not even fit in the modern world. It is just cliché. First of all we can’t help but objectify each other. Quite frankly we spend our day treating most other humans as just objects  that are in our way. When a person is stimulated in your direction they are actually doing the opposite. They have stopped objectify you. They can see your personal characteristics. This term was the only way women could explain to men to stop defining them by their biological organs. We have since learned so much about social structure and the reality of sexual diversity. While men can’t help but to see the sexual aspect of women, they have learned to define us by more than that. That is the change. That is the statement. As for seeing people as objects we are all guilty of that and it is sociological.

G. You need to respect women! (…men are such pigs.)

Both sexes can be pigs. Lets face it we are animals. But to throw that up as insulting to feminists, well tell me men aren’t out there doing the same. The part that is the hardest is to tell people like the author of this they are their own worst enemy. they spend time focused on the division and not the unity. Sex divides us as much as unites us. We can’t help but behave as our natural instances decide, but we have conscience to control that. So we can look, but we have to add an aspect of looking with care. Men and women are equal in their sexual needs, desires, and problems.

H. Gender equality! (…that why our ideology is named “feminism” after women, instead of neutralism or something that would imply actual equality.)

Feminism: Fighting for women to become equal, not better than or less than….just equal. When it is no longer needed or we know that it is not just a group (women) that are being targeted, we can use the term equal rights.

I. Respect women’s right to choose! (…unless they choose to be conservatives, or choose to work at Hooters)

I respect a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body, but not if she uses that to influence others. I don’t respect when women or men try to shut down others free speech. I don’t care if every girl wants to be a Hooters girl. Be the best damn Hooters girl you can. In fact be a stripper, a hooker, a model, what ever you choose. But don’t support men telling women these things and acting like they have the right to degrade us based on our ideals. The fact is no one has the right to judge the use of another persons body. Not even your own partner, because at the end of the day you can or can’t accept them. It is not okay to put your nose in someone elses sex life, love life, home life, work life and expect them to change for your ideology.

J. All of the above?

Ignorance is bliss…..

In closing this is the kind of problem we face. Men with too little knowledge and respect. Men who don’t care for women, but use them as vaginal masturbation. It is the kind of absurd behavior which solves nothing and causes gender separation and problems in societies. We should be working together and if the author had not been so crass, and was not so secure in his ignorance, he might have listened to educated opinions.

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

5 thoughts on “Beyond Chauvinism: How Some Men Hate feminism Based on Ignorance

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  2. The guy never claimed to hate women, and never showed himself to be ignorant. Though I don’t agree that Feminism is ‘dumb’, this article doesn’t say anything substantial to refute him. I mean “Men who don’t care for women, but use them as vaginal masturbation.” – really? Because he questioned Feminism? And since you refer to him mentioning “Angry man hating feminists”, does this mean that the article was written specifically for and about them? I don’t know – because you haven’t told us where this was written.

    Can you give us the link or reference please? Thanks 🙂

    • As I said, the author does not want to become public. And out of that decision I can’t give you anything other than I personally have a copy hidden on my facebook with the author on there. Any other links or info are hidden as blue in the text. Sorry but this is what I can give you.

  3. this all sounds like you’re applying statements that pertain more to people that fit the above mentioned points to most of the group, which instantly skews your arguments immensely. now if it was the author doing this then it would hit closer to home. since your rebuttals point more towards the former based off what you’ve put in here i would have to say that your arguments are lacking in truthful content.

  4. Most people who oppose Feminism do so out the their inability to accept change. To give them a philosophical reason to oppose denigrates Philosophy. History continually leaves women out of their ken. For most of “recorded” history women were ignored, relegated to the home and child rearing. This in no way reflects the real impact of women. There is perhaps another cause with might be biological. We equate aggression with testosterone which women do not have in great supply. Think back to your history studies which is full of wars, etc. Unfortunately past educational practices, in the United States, do little to raise women’s awareness of their true roles in history. Remember, the only woman given some kind of credit during the American Revolution was Betsy Ross…who sewed a flag. (Woman’s work). Women were truly much more engaged in the Revolution.

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