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Religion and More Lies, The GOP Crushing Jefferson’s Wall Of Seperation.

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Amazing grace, how sweet the sound of liberty and truth dying. That was what should have played at the GOP convention. Perhaps Ryan took a page right from the Catholic manual on how to skate by on lies. Since little to none of what he told was the truth, but he is not overly obsessed by that. Nor is Romney over obsessed by it. In fact they are moving forward with their disguising any plans for policy, and only shoving their hate for women in the face of America. But lately it seems the rancid, putrid words of his fellow republicans has been spewing out from every corner. It is a trend voters are growing furious about. Especially atheists who are looking forward to a future not cocked with dogma.

If you are gay, bisexual, transsexual or a woman look out. Nothing about the Republican ticket focuses on anything but how much they hate anything counter religious. Their only plan so far is oppression, degradation, dogmatic intrusions into everyone’s lives and mostly their bodies. It seems like nothing more than an appeal to the insanity of religion moving forward and yet back to the time when liberty was a dream of women and minorities.

The problem this election is the future seems to be tied up in magic underwear and the inability to let women choose what to do with their own bodies. In fact it is this whole drama that has brought many Republicans under fire. Chris Christie is the latest in the group of blunderer who have crossed the line between dogmatic ideas and insanity. Not only has the GOP shown their true colors but ones so scary even their base is running for cover. All but the most extreme of them any way.

Now Romney and Ray are in Florida trying to save face while the water gets deep and the media turns on them for their out and out lies. Meanwhile their spin is so tight no one even in the media can get the truth out of them. In fact they have never made it clear what they know about fiscal responsibility or spending cuts. One thing they have made clear is that they both favor war. The same people fighting to make a zygote a person are the ones who want to make the defense budget bloated and out of proportion.

Other than that everything is speculation since Romney has no real record on how to make money or run a business. Other than selling it out to cheap labor. And sending jobs overseas. Other than that Romney has no record of what he can do. All that he really has to offer is bashing the president after 4 years of stalling any plans Obama had for making a brighter future.

In fact there may be more than a political reason for that. Seeing as how Obama was raised by an atheist father and an apathetically religious mother. While he may sport a religious tag, and title, Obama is no stranger to both hard work or skepticism. Seeing as how his father had obviously done the job of freeing himself from dogma. Obama actually was not one of those silver spoon mouthed kids who lived the high life. He was in fact a man who went to community college and then earned his way to Harvard. From there he beat all of the odds and made his way to the white house, and people must stop and wonder if it was because he was influenced by a father who was not so quick to believe dogma had all of the answers.

While the storm brews over Florida in many more ways than one, the rest of the world is watching as Romney tries to sell a bill of goods that just won’t work. Meanwhile Obama is fighting a battle uphill with a bunch of racist, bigoted, arrogant white men who hate more than just gender, but strong powerful women.Obama does however have to face the strength of his liberated, self secure, and intelligent wife. He has to be a father, and a leader. One who may not have all of the answers, or all of the right ones, but certainly holds more answers tan the GOP who has continually let women and homosexuals down. In fact not just let them down, but spent over a year putting them down.

It is time to stop the extreme beliefs and radical dogma from taking the lead in this country. They have been bashing at the wall of separation long enough and now they have brought fear  of hate and hate crimes back to America. It is time to show the GOP that America isn’t buying a dogmatic bag of hate filled ideas. One even has to wonder how anyone could vote for such a crowd of hate filled people who are so openly bigoted and disgraceful to our country. Yet as we grow close to election the gap is not large enough. If there is even an opportunity to discredit the election, belittle the people who vote for Obama, lie and manipulate the outcome the Republicans will do it. So America has to get back to watching, and being vigilante, before we face the religious ideal world of men with their magic underwear.


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

One thought on “Religion and More Lies, The GOP Crushing Jefferson’s Wall Of Seperation.

  1. Come now, stop sitting on the damned fence, pitch your colours to the mast and say what you mean…!!!!

    Sadly, politics is all about spin, media management and “selling the message”. In the UK we know this from bitter truth after the debacle that was the Blair Brown combination. For a generation prior, we had a Conservative Government. Conservative in the UK is what you may call Liberal, or even mildly left wing. Certainly no where near as conservative as you guys have over the pond.

    THe Conservative Party were populated by grey middle men, bankers, industrialist, businessmen and so on. The UK economy was ticking along just fine, evn though there were a few hiccups along the way. Many were opposed to the privatisation of the telephone network from the GPO, into what became British Telecom, the Gas Board into Centrica, the privatisation of the rail network, the famous Westland Affair, et al.

    There were a few scandals along they way, some “conflicts of interest”, the occasional sex scandal and the occasional bit of fraud. Blair turned the old Labour Party into, officially, New Labour. Out went values, out went morals, out went the “committed politician” and in came the professional politico. The message was, we are party of people who have never worked in big business, so we can not have a conflict of interest. We are a party of ‘ordinary people’ so we understand you. We are a party for people like you.

    They became media savvy, they brought in media consultant to sell the message, They brought in ‘spin doctors’, press managers and a slurry of advisers and advocates. They all did the same job: they massaged the media, they manipulated stories, the press-ganged the press.

    Sadly however, they were also a bunch of inexperience, immature wastrels who thought that the Vic Nicholson school of economics was simply the only way to go. They were finally hung by their own petard and exposed as manipulating control freaks. Blair was often accused of running ‘presidential politics’, which, in the UK is not complimentary.

    The sad truth is, this is the future of politics. A thin veneer of smiles, gloss and kitsch, with very little substance to support the message. The other sad truth is that the ticket that the current Republicans are running will be, is, hugely popular. The God fearing ticket in America is astonishingly popular. For an English anti-theist, it is baffling just how popular the God ticket actually is. And everything that goes with it.

    If the Romney and co do make it all the way to the Big Building, for me, it will be the biggest retrograde step in American politics since
    J. Edgar Hoover……


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