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The GOP: Sex, Lies, And Ignorance.


This week has brought a lot of light to the dark and seedy things lurking in the minds and hearts of the GOP. People who are supposed educated officials have shown their true colors. The utter disregard for women and their health, their lives, and their suffering has become ominous and boldly placed in the face of the public. Romney and Ryan are as dangerous as the twisted rapists they defend. Make no mistake they actually do defend them. That is why there is no mistake where the future must go from here.

Women have been the hot button issue for the last year and a half. With statements getting more and more absurd and outlandish as we near the election. At first glance one could suspect these jokers were just avoiding facing the issue of the economy and the failure in job creation. One which was led by the GOP blocking every effort on the part of Obama to create new jobs. Some of them government positions. In fact thanks to the GOP the government almost had to shut down, and more police and firemen were let go from their jobs. There have been slashes in education funding and teachers have lost their positions. We are seeing economic crisis. But Obama has held in there, and even has the grey hair to show for it.

So the focus has been on the elimination of the rights of women. Not just of choices to their reproductive rights, but all rights. After all if a woman is raped and men treat it as just another “form of conception” as Ryan put it. So this means that whether or not a woman consented her body is the only viable tool, and her brain and self worth are meaningless in the face of the Republican party. She is nothing but a walking uterus and her only skills are as a baby making machine. In fact Romney made a joke about being a “birther” this week. Then bragged about how he was never asked for his birth certificate. Because no racist white men running for office has ever been asked for his birth certificate.

So in one week we have racism, sexism, and ignorance of massive proportions. In fact it was so astounding that someone who holds a position on the science committee knows so very little of science. Not enough to know that women do get pregnant from rapes. Not even enough to understand that the body has no real defense because the mind knows what rape is but the body can only function in the manner it evolved to operate. A woman or man can still have an orgasm while being raped. It is not uncommon. That does not mean that she was not raped. It still means that no is no and anything beyond that with coercion or force is rape. What Akin did was justify rape with ignorance. He is in a party which has boldly gone to the stupid side of life. They are supposed to be educated enough to be leaders and yet he has no clue about the basics or statistics of rape. Which 32,000 women per year wind up becoming pregnant due to rape. Half of those end in abortion by women who don’t want to carry a rapists baby to term. Ryan, however, believes that rapists should have visitation rights to the children they fathered by rape. Which is just another punishment for the victim and not the rapist.

It is time that women everywhere are outraged, enraged, and just pissed to have to deal with the fact that men can be so disgusting. Not all men. In fact President Obama had to stop twice this week and speak about the comments made by the Republicans. He had to state that he believes in a woman and her right to choose, and then explain to the nation how Akin was wrong and that women do get pregnant from rape. While he may not have the best record, at least Obama has not lost touch with his base. Unlike Romney and Ryan who have never had touch with their base, including the poor who vote Republican hoping for change while getting nothing but the same rhetoric. In fact they have lost at the hands of the Republicans.

What is shocking is that there are still women out there who think they are right. That women belong in the kitchen servantile and second class to their husbands. They belong having babies and staying home even if it is the last thing they want, and for some of us it is. They think that god made them for just that and nothing more. Meanwhile, women loose ground everyday to men like this and their horrible thinking.

Some women, like me, stand up for our rights. I am not the kind of woman to stay at home and take care of children. I am not also a baby making machine. I am however, a smart independent, man loving woman who is not afraid to choose abortion if necessary and use protection. I am not a second class citizen and servantile to any man. I was not born to just do one thing and that is make babies. No part of me is just a uterus and nothing more. That is what Republicans want, and what educated strong women can’t stand.

There is nothing wrong with women who stay home and care for children, as long as it is their choice. There is nothing wrong with women who enjoy being a mother, as long as it is their choice. Most of all there is nothing wrong with caring for your husband as long as it is your choice. But when a man tries to force his opinion, based on dogmatic ideas on your body, then you should be offended. No woman should believe her value is less than that of a man in any situation. Nor should men believe they are second to women. It should be an equal partnership with both working for the good of the whole family. No one in that structure should have to feel like a slave.

For all the work that our mothers and grandmothers did. For the women who faced sexual harassment, and who kept a level head. For the women who burned their bras and broke free from he chains placed on them by society, we must never forget. Equality in rights and opportunities must be achieved, and it will never come from the likes of the Romney’s or Ryan’s of this world. We must unite as women and men for the greater cause of continuing forward as free independent women who can do many wonderful things and challenge the backward minded doctrines like Islam and Christianity. We must never forget how we got here or the faces of the men who want to drag us back into the dark ages of fear and poverty, of disease and suffering.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

2 thoughts on “The GOP: Sex, Lies, And Ignorance.

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  2. Right on target, and this week the GOP platform was put together. In it are are planks declaring that there should be no abortion for any reason, including to save the life of the mother as well a call for an amendment to the Constitution defining life as beginning at conception, which would effectively criminalize many forms of birth control.

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