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The Oval Office Is Not In My Vagina!


I would sincerely like to extend my thanks to the G.O.P. For thinking that they have office space inside of my body. particularly inside of my vagina. Once again they have shown how they desperately want to have the control. They even go so far as to say my body should, “Shut down that whole thing.” That whole thing is pregnancy resulting from rape. So I was wondering if the GOP thinks the Oval Office is located in my vagina?

They don’t think I need the right to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. When it comes to birth control, they don’t want me to pay my taxes and my insurance, so I can get birth control on that insurance plan. They don’t think I am in very good charge of my reproductive organs, and they have made sure everyone knows it. From Sarah Palin, to Mitt Romney, to Paul Ryan and Todd Akin all think I missed science and biology classes. In fact they have no clue what I do with my vagina, and I will not be letting them know.

So I want to extend this to them.

I do vote, and I use my brain to do so. I have voted in three elections now. I will not be voting for any ignorant man who thinks my body somehow knows if I have been raped. I won’t vote for a man who thinks that I use abortion for birth control. I won’t vote for a woman who does not get that my uterus is mine, and so is my vagina, vulva, labia, clitoris, and my ovaries, and my fallopian tubes.

There is no path to the White house in my vagina. I don’t keep public officials on my payroll just to make sure I use it correct. Nor will I. I am not giving any man power with my vagina, to make decisions over me. I will not stand by and let men decide how my vagina works, or what I can use it for. No man or woman will find the Oval Office in my vagina, and I don’t need the presidential seal of approval for my vagina I don’t need public officials telling me if I have been raped by their standards. I don’t need the government forcing me to use my body the way they say I can when they say I can. I don’t want anyone who does not know me or even understand basic science making vital health care decisions for me and certainly not for my vagina.

So to the GOP I say: You will not get elected with my help. In fact I want a president who knows he is not needed in my vagina. I want an elected official who knows and scientifically understands how rape works, and what rape is. I want an elected official who does not think a pregnancy makes rape illegitimate. And I sure don’t want a president who thinks they have to use me and my vagina as a way to get into office.

It is critical that my president understand women, and our needs for health care. It is critical that our mothers and sisters don’t die of breast cancer because you defunded Planned Parenthood. It is vital for young women to be educated about sexually transmitted diseases and vaccinated against HPV. It is important for poor young women to have the option to become educated before they become a mother.

What I don’t get is why the GOP thinks the Oval Office is located between my legs, directly inside of my vagina. Because for one year now they have been declaring war on my vagina. They have been desperately trying to get control of it, and inside of it. They want to know what I do with it and how I use it. They want to know when my periods are and if I aborted a fetus by having one. They want to give more rights to an unfertilized egg that to me who actually has the uterus and vagina. They want to devalue me for the fetus I may not be able to carry for medical reasons. They want to let me get raped and be forced to carry a fetus to term which reminds me of that rape every day, or worse have a baby born of incest that may have genetic defects because of incest. The GOP thinks they are god.

I want to assure you though. There is no way you are getting the right to take away my rights. There is no way I am supporting the most undemocratic, ignorant, misogynist set of officials running for government office since this country was founded. And NO Mitt Romney the Oval Office is not located in my vagina. So please, stay out of it.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

2 thoughts on “The Oval Office Is Not In My Vagina!

  1. Thank You Ma’am! 😀

  2. I have to wonder if Todd Aikin’s body would shut down if he were to like rape a sheep? Would his woodie turn into a splinter if he demanded sex from another human being? Could he spank his monkey and then be able to eat another banana? I guess no, yes and no.

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