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Giving In The Name Of Humanity.

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Going back to college, for me meant many new transitions. It meant changing the structure of my life and then moving. It also meant living with four strangers. Each of them is different, but the best part is, I can see the influences of atheism on my life.
I had wanted to go to college for years now, in fact many. But it was not till I became an atheist that I realized the value of one lifetime, and using it well. I also gained an insight into the human I wanted to be. Since you are what you idolize, I became like the atheist I saw who delved into life, and cared for others, and did what they could.
I would say I could probably do more if I though about it, none of us are perfect. But I extend my hand in friendship, and kindness when I can.
I have these four roommates, and each of them is their own person. From the quiet psychologist, to the fun and loud special education teacher, all of us are different.
I am the only atheist in the house where I live. All of the others hold some kind of belief. One in particular, a man plays the role of devout Christian. You know the type. He says faggot to his 14 year old son. He calls one of the roommates Russia, because he doesn’t bother to say her name. He criticizes everything and everyone. Almost every word out of his mouth is bitter. You know that kind of Christian.
So while extending my hand in friendship to the special ed teacher and helping her with her room, this Christian throws out an insult in my direction. Asking how much I am charging for all of that. It was then that it occurred to me just who holds being a moral person to a higher standard.
See I think that if I can do some kindness for a person, then I should be more than willing. I believe that it is my job as a human to give and do what I can. I should always consider the human before the belief, and rise to the occasion. While this guy sits in church every Sunday he sure has no clue what being kind is. He thinks hating science, “faggots,” looking at women and judging them by what kind of mother they would be, and talking unkind about everyone are normal.
Meanwhile, I as an atheist think most people’s sex lives are not my business unless they are hurting someone. I think we as humans should treat each other like we are related, and listen more, laugh more, and find more positive things to say. We should guide others in owning our humanity. Because we evolved this far as a group.
It seems to me the one really waiting to divide us and do things only in the name of god is the religious. After all I can say I did it just to be kind, with no reward expected, and no hope of looking superior. But Christians say they do it because god commands it, and because it makes them a better person. That when they are judged it will count.
Well I don’t need to wait for my good deeds to be counted. In fact I am not keeping count. Personally I enjoy helping others and making them feel good. I like making someone have a better day, and making them laugh or learn. The fact is as an atheist I have a lot to offer, because I am in touch with my humanity. It shines from me, and I think all people have a worth. So when it comes to being moral, I think atheists have the possibility to stand out in the crowd.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

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