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Who is The Godless Vagina?


For those of you who don’t know me,or simply think you do. Let me tell you about my self. I am a student of cell biology. I am a woman, and 37 years old. I worked as a vet tech for 5 years before beginning my studies. I have worked with every kind of animal I could. I even overcame some fears that I had.
In my days as a tech I have resided over more c-sections than I care to count. I have worked numerous hours in the night trying to save animals lives. I have been there in some situations which made me cry, and some which made me smile. I know animals. Not only outside, but inside too.
Some of the most inspiring moments of my career were things like seeing tears roll down the eyes of a cow, or resuscitating an animal. Some of the saddest moments I can never talk about. But they include lives being lost. I have a deep sympathy for all life, and as unfeeling as you see animals, I can tell you they do feel. they just don’t have the long term memory to analyze data. Though they can remember.
In my life I have seen a lot, and traveled, worked with people in various cultures and faiths. I have tried to extend my friendship to everyone, and give them a chance. I am a feminist in the sense that I want women equal to men. I don’t like guns because they kill. It is not a problem I have with people who own guns, but the mentality that killing is of no consequence to the life you are taking, be it animal or human. So I guess I am a huge liberal tree hugging hippie.
I am also a socialist in many ways. Though I know it has a bad rep, but becoming a biologist and seeing life as I do has led me here.
I do like Darwin’s explanation of survival of the fittest, but know it is not applicable to all life or even humans, in fact I have seen animals who are protective of their young even after they are dead. In some instances a mother horse or cow will guard over her dead young for days. She will try and nurture a wounded baby until the last. I am sure had Darwin have seen this behavior he would have been perplexed. Because it does not conform to the standard behavior.
I believe monogamy is the best thing humans invented, or decided upon. Because it gives us a chance to see how intensely intimate we can become even against our biological nature.
All of life fascinates me, and I mean all. Nature is so amazing that there is nothing to compare, even in the stars and space. We seem to have done things in our little biosphere that the universe may not ever be able to repeat. I love life and living, and am humbled at knowing the odds of me being here and what shaped me. I don’t think I am unique but a product of my world and like many other women, but unique in just wanting to be me. I love butterflies because they are simple and elegant for the reason of just standing out. Nature has an amazing way of standing out. Most of all I love writing and hearing what people think of it, because every voice in this world has worth, and a different perspective. I am simple and mundane to the point of absurdity. I am hyper and excited like a child, but I am inspired every moment I breathe to enjoy this life. Most of all I wrote this for you, because I don’t want to change your mind, just challenge it. Complacency is a terrible thing, and in this world it is dangerous. Never settle for second best, never loose your dreams and most of all, give life a reason and a meaning because when you were born there was none. I am my own destiny and you are yours. That is all that is required and we should know that.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

8 thoughts on “Who is The Godless Vagina?


  2. I did enjoy reading that, intelligent, sad and happy.
    But there is only one thing I like to correct, sorry. 🙂
    Darwin never did say “survival of the fittest”, he did use it in later editions of his “infamous” book. 🙂

  3. Who is GV?

    An articulate, intelligent, opinionated, self aware woman who knows her mind. Intelligent, witty, urbane, smart and sophiscated with her writing.

    A top girl. A a cell biologist to boot.

  4. Love your blogs – do keep them coming. I need to start writing more and am inspired by good bloggers like you.

  5. To understand why an animal will protect its dead offspring, might I suggest you have a read of the “Selfish Gene”. It will help explain this type of behaviour

  6. I suspect that the behavior selected by evolution is to protect and nurture an animal that appears to be your offspring. The indicators that the mother perceives that stimulate this behavior persist for a short while after the death of the infant, and there is so little deficit in fitness caused by the rare deaths and the shortness of time are too minor for a mechanism to tell living from recently dead to have arisen and been favored by evolution. This doesn’t really undermine the concept of survival of the fittest. (I think that term was coined by the “social darwinist”, Herbert Spencer.)

  7. Thank you for sharing your candid thoughts and views with us so eloquently. I love reading your blogs.

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