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The Taboo’s Of Sex

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Sex is such a powerful word. It holds the power of control, creation and the future all in one place. But what about the sex we should not be having? Is there any sex that we should call out as wrong and why? After all we are animals, but our conscious keeps us one step above. So do we stoop to a lower level, or should we hold our selves to a higher standard?


The reality is this. First cousin marriage, which still happen today, are just not healthy. There are many reasons, but the best one, is the one you can never fix. That is genetic defects. We can assume that everyone already knows this but even today there are lingering doubts. But the facts remain that marrying your cousin will give DNA too much of a close mix, so much so that genes which are defective might be chosen. It is hard to read two strands of the same DNA for the differences in them. It leads to errors. While I can not say that the sex between cousins is a bad thing, or morally wrong, it is potentially dangerous for offspring.


Incest, sex between parents, sisters and brothers, is always a bad idea. That is because of many problems emotionally, which surrounds the destruction of inter family bonds. Those bonds are vital for proper behavior in society, and with children that they night have. It is destructive for people to see family as sexual partners. Even though as adults it can not be labeled as a moral corruption, it can be devastating for children who’s young minds are not matured for that kind of sexual dynamic.


Bestiality is another form of improper sex. People have gone so far as to say that the animal consents to the sexual act, but since animals are unable to reason how can this be? It is not possible for something to consent when it has not clue, other than biological ones what is going on. It is in no way a form of sexual consent. Though animals can be vicious they also are very submissive to the dominance of their owners. They may not react with them as they do a stranger due to a pattern of rewards for their behaviors. To say that an animal can consent to sex with a human is a deluded thought at best.


We all know that there are kinds of sex we should not be having. There are kinds of sex that we have to justify to our minds. We seek out patterns and the variations that we make have to be justified. It can be good to go against what society tells us, but not when it puts the mental or physical health of others at risk. Sex can be a pleasurable and wonderful thing, but when taken too far can be highly destructive. It is fine to be liberal and take back the power of your sex, but using it to manipulate or take the power from anyone is wrong. We are responsible for our sex and to the person that we are having sex with. That is a heavy burden at times. One of the things that makes us conscious beings gives the responsibility to enjoy and be responsible for our sex. These forms of sex are not taboo just because other people might find them unappealing, but because how they damage the social structure in our minds.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

One thought on “The Taboo’s Of Sex

  1. For me, this is quite a simple thing to answer. Sex, for me, is between two consenting people. It can be fun, it can dirty, exciting, sloppy, wet and messy. It can be fast and intense, it can be slow and harmonious. It can be with somebody you have known for a long time, it can be with a new acquaintance; it can be so exciting that it can make the hairs on the back of your neck rankle, or so dull and uninteresting that an entire re-run of Casablanca can be played in my head.*

    There are some un-written deal breakers in all of this. First of all, consensual. The he/she, he/he or she/she coupling have to both want to. That is almost rule number one. If it is not consensual, then it is rape. Secondly, it must be with a consensual /adult/. Only an adult can decide what they want, what they want to give and what they want to enjoy. Sex when I was a teenager was, frankly, a serious of unfortunate fumblings, often in both directions, mostly because there was no maturity and no experience. Good sex, neigh, GREAT sex needs an emotional, physical and sexual maturity.

    Finally, they can not be related. There is a ‘tradition’ in English culture of cousins marrying. This is where the phrase ‘keeping it in the family’ comes from. There was a social desire, however mis-guided, that social standards must be adhered to and only somebody of an equal social standing would be good enough. The in-breeding of the 18th and 19th century euro-monarchies is famous. Or infamous.

    For me, these are three ‘givens’ to your question “So do we stoop to a lower level, or should we hold ourselves to a higher standard?” There is no cop out here. There is no moral, social, cultural or religious cop-out. Rules is rules. There is no deviation. Unless of course both are up for some deviancy..!!

    * For the record, I have done both of these, and, I’m sure, so has ‘she’ at some point…..

    PS : There is a personal favourite of mine as well; ginger / auburn hair. But that is my own personal milieu….

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