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The Virgin Birth



The Virgin birthMary Writing the Magnificat had actually existed in other deities stories before Christ, and there is a reason for that. It seems that humans regard sex as a primitive practice, messy, dirty, and complicated. Something a divine entity would not have to be entangled with. Though this thinking is wrong. After all even the bible gives a second story on heavenly sex. It tells how the angels were attracted to the women of earth and mated with them producing giant offspring. Now this is just another myth, but it may serve a purpose.

found in the Matthew (Matthew 1:18),and Luke,[1:26-35] which say that Mary was a virgin at the time of Jesus’ birth and that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. These gospels, later tradition and current doctrine present Jesus’ conception as a miracle involving no natural father, no sexual intercourse, and no male seed in any form, but instead brought about by the Holy Spirit.
The divinity of the Christ child is played out that god planted his seed in her womb, without ever touching her. By this method it was divine and heavenly and clean. While the angels having copulated with humans soiled their divinity, and in doing so created mutant offspring. This has created part of the modern fear, and loathing for the womb.
The virgin birth is a myth and one that will live on for many more years, just as Horus and Mithra, and many more deities born of virgin mothers. These unproven claims existed for the length of the religious practice. Though not one instance of virgin birth has ever been proven, and exists in nearly every religion.
Sex was not understood back in biblical times, and god was thought to intervene with all creation. Since that time man has learned how procreation works, and myths of virgin births have stopped being proclaimed. It is another mythological tale that would have only worked in the time of our ignorance. The claim of divine intervention and pregnancy has long passed.

One story in the bible does allude to something completely disconnected from divinity. It says that a harlot will go into the wilderness and become pregnant with the anti-Christ. Now this tale is to bring fear of prostitutes and promiscuity. It goes on to say that you shall not know who he is but he will come from the east. Which is why every Christian questions every birth from the east including the President. Even if it is all conspiracy. But this was to place fear and loathing in the hearts of men and woman for prostitutes, and easy women. To this day it has continued. Women who are seen as sluts are blamed for any tragedies that occur to them. Society holds women in low regard if they are known to be with many men. Getting raped at a party when you are drunk is often blamed on the victim.

Women are judged by the method of their impregnation. If a woman is clean and goes to her husband it is looked on with care, while a woman who has had many sex partners or is not married is looked on with disgust. It is not just the doctrines of the bible which taint our minds but the suggested doctrines. Those met with the religious view that sex outside of marriage is a sin, and sex is only for procreation create the modern hate for vagina.

All of this toxic mentality is because of the myths of virgin births in history, Men want to see a virginal girl, and believe that they posses her, and no other man can. The want to believe that in submitting her virginity she will also submit her will and independence. That was the message behind these texts in the bible.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

11 thoughts on “The Virgin Birth

  1. Patriarchy is a perversion of reality. Some men fear vagina because a woman outside of marriage can use sex to maneuver a man. Those men know the marriage license gives the man control. Some pagan practices involved hot wet sex right there on the alter and those bodily fluids were the precursor to the little wafer and wine. Christianity/Islam are so fucked up, guilt fear and sorrow is all they got to offer, a great placebo for people who have been told they are sick.

    • Inventing a cure for the plague you infect the populace with. That’s Christianity for you… but it’s hard to tell people that sin was just a construct by the Christian church to keep people coming back and putting their money in the box.

      What’s sick is Christianity, it’s view of women and it’s concept of sin/redemption.

      • All the people who have said they have read the bad book only injested the sugar coated little gems offered up by the authority figures in their lives. Isaiah 45:7 is a revelation because their fictional god is made to say “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the lord do all these things.” So there we have it, satan is just a sub-contractor for evil. This is clarified in the book of Job.

        Christians allow hucksters to interpret their reality which explains their confusion. Somehow Catholic priests justify sex with young boys because Eve led to the downfall of man. So that bronze age mythology justifies somehow the homosexuality they have to rant against. Now how insane is that. Love is never allowed to enter the picture except for the love for that hate filled sky daddy calling the shots.

        I can only hope those priestly old bastards get out of their silly costumes and get some psychological help. Maybe then they can get an honest job. It was a bunch of ignorant, hate filled, misogynist men afraid of the dark who wrote the bad book. It is a bunch of people who have been taught to be afraid of their self who perpetuate this insanity by tossing cash into the collection plates. Yes, religion is a good placebo for people who have been told they are sick. I hope I get to operate the wrecking ball that will start knocking down those institutions to insanity. I agree with Daniel Dennet it will be necessary to leave some standing as a reminder. As Auschwitz is.

        • Or worse, those Bible in a year courses that skip over the more revealing stuff.

        • and yes, all the missionaries spreading their mental manure across the planet never talk about the genocide and rape and chosen people malarky. They use the fear, guilt and sorrow to sell their faulty product.

  2. and right outside the gates of heaven, in Revelation 22:15, right on the last page of the bad book, it is revealed ” For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” Well, I hate to admit it, but the talk of dogs and whoremongers and idolaters and murderers reminds me of the town I live in. It’s an upstanding ultra-right wing, militaristic, Catholic town filled with people who know everybody else is wrong. I am so glad to be alive to witness their absurd little world crumble. I’ll do everything I can to help that along. Excuse me while I spit on the floor.

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