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Will Human Sexual Nature Become Outdated?



The sex of the future might look and behave like nothing in the past. We might attempt to move beyond sexual intercourse, to a new method of sex. One where partners never have to touch each other. Story lines in the movies talk about using devices that stimulate the same feeling in our bodies without the physical interaction, but can we do it?


Humans thrive on stimulation of their senses. We are bound by our evolution to desire intimacy. The cold hard facts are, we need it. Our bodies secrete pheromones, and when a woman is ovulating men can smell it, even if they don’t know it. We leak hormones through our skin even though the dermal layers are dead, we can breathe and absorb through the outer layers. We essentially crave human contact, from the moment we are born till we die, we are by nature social creatures, and being social means needing each other for basic needs. Babies are a good example. While they are nursing from their mother they cause her to release oxytocin. It is passed to the baby in the milk, which creates a bonded feeling, as well as happiness on the part of both of them.


When we existed as a primitive species, living in caves, and still evolving our sexual nature was less discrete. Sex was not a hidden thing, but done in the open with all members of the group able to see. It was that way for centuries, until religion began to change that. There have been modern day tribes that were visited by Christians trying to convert the natives, who saw the natives having sex during the day where everyone could see them. The Christians felt this was not proper and tried to show them the Christian way to have sex. The natives quickly threw the Christians out and continued their way of sexual behavior. When we are free to choose our sex, we often do naturally, without thought of why.


What does this say about us? It seems the more inhibited we try to become about our sexual selves, and distanced from our primitive animal ancestors, the harder we find it to contain ourselves. Orgasms might happen in the brain, but it does take physical stimuli as well. There are hormones given off by an egg waiting to be fertilized, as well as sperm. We can only speculate if our ancestors could smell these things in greater quantities, since our smell has become dulled as we have evolved. But historically a woman who was ovulating might have attracted every man close by. Since bathing was a less often event, the males would have smelled her pheromones getting stronger as the egg matured. It might have appealed to the male as a sweet and inviting scent. The female being drawn to the men by her readiness to mate would have received any male that suited her. Possibly many.


We can imagine a future where we use a machine that can stimulate orgasms, which might be able to tap into our sense of reality, but will it be enough to convince our brains? If it is would we want sex to be outdated? These are questions we will have to address, and problems we will have to solve. Humans are still evolving. If we don’t use our genitals for mating they may alter. If we never touch we might lose our hormone production.


Or we might see a rebellion against machine induced orgasms. If sex were outlawed, and procreation was done in a lab, we would be the first breaking the rules. That is certain. We not only crave what is prohibited to us, but the stimulation would heighten knowing that it was more risky behavior. Humans would make attempts to return to their primal nature. One where they can enjoy each other sensually. Where hormones are exchanged through sexual contact, and the skin. Our ability to stimulate each other within the context of sex may be changing, but can we ever change our true animal sex craving nature?


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

7 thoughts on “Will Human Sexual Nature Become Outdated?

  1. I may be a long time until people lose their taste for touching one another. We’ve had sex toys for several years, probably hundreds of years, and it hasn’t replaced human affection yet.

  2. As soon as guilt, fear and sorrow are erased and that virgin birth routine is clarified I think m’enege a’ moi will be hind sight.

  3. My vote is for both of them.

  4. Advanced cheap humanoid dolls will probably come soon. Dolls that look and feel and smell like humans. A likely development is that more and more men will retreat from the dating world into porn, video games, and robot lovers. Robots can even release hormones and pheremones if there’s a demand for it.

    I doubt that sex will ever be outlawed. Just only the most attractive people will do it

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