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Self Esteem and the Bible


It is hard to imagine how the bible plays a role in our self esteem. But it plays a huge role in the way we feel about our selves when we accept that doctrine. Being a Christian I often felt the pressure of the bible, and the effect of the words on me. Words like; sinner, temple for the devil, imperfect, but that was not all. It was about the parts of my body men could see, and how they should not see above my knees or the valleys of my breasts. I was made to feel guilty because I would cause them to be tempted. If I was not a virgin at marriage then I was worthless, or a whore. I could never be perfect while I was alive because the bible said while in the flesh no man is perfect. I was taught that I was a wretch and sinner by birth, and only the blood of an innocent man saved me from my self and the sin that was always upon me. During my time as a Christian I hated part of my self. The burdened part that could never be cleansed. It was only after I realized that I had to be perfect as god had made me, or it was his fault for creation and design did I take some of the power back. It was when this began that becoming an atheist was inevitable. The bible can crush a person into believing, but once you can stop taking on guilt that you never were at fault for, then you can stop being a victim of the bible. The bible is like a prescription for self loathing and fear, and mental disorders. No child should be subjected to that rot.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

6 thoughts on “Self Esteem and the Bible

  1. As a 12-year-old, I was singled out in my Catholic church’s weekly religion classes by my instructor. She would point out that I was an early bloomer and had to be especially careful in my actions with boys. She drew attention to my body in front of other students. I had never even held hands with someone and I was already being slut shamed. It’s really hard to love your body when you’re being told that it’s dangerous.

    • I am so sorry for you. I hope that in time you have learned that it is not true, and healed. This is the kind of trauma inflicted on kids which is inexcusable.
      This is why atheists need to speak up, suicides by gay children are on the rise. We need to get our voice out there that we are here for them. Thank you for your post, and I hope life is better now.

      • Thank you and I am way more comfortable with my body and my atheism. Funny how not feeling guilty all the time helps, huh? It’s been weird reflecting on growing up in the church and recognizing all the shitty things you were taught, not realizing how awful it was in the moment. And then having to unlearn it.

  2. I put this post on FB as well.

    Wow Rachel what an incredible story you have. I think what you perceive as Christianity is really nothing more than a religiosity of man’s twisting of God’s love that he has for each of us. What you describe is utterly foreign to me being a Christian since my teenage years. Your experience of the Christian faith was unfortunately a world of condemnation and not measuring up to some invented standard. I’m sorry that was your experience.

    My experience was completely different. I felt bound up in hedonism and one day it all washed away. The guilt, the inadequacy and all the dark thoughts and ugliness of man’s imagination just left. I would hope one day you could experience the love of Christ that I have and still do to this day (I’m 62). But I also understand that Christianity is not for everyone in the sense that many people are not interested in the things of Christ which are considered to many a ‘stumbling block’ or ‘foolishness’. I’m just a guy who needs a savior so Christianity works for me.

  3. As soon as a child believes there are demons and angels and a god influencing or controlling their thoughts and actions that child has learned to doubt their self. Alienation is the central role religion has played in the degradation of humanity. If it weren’t for the little policeman implanted by religious parasites humanity could possibly have learned to reintegrate with the natural environment in harmony globally. War would be assumed to be the very last option in regards to failed foreign and domestic policy. Liars would have no sway over educated people. Ancient mythology would no longer be a credible road map for a modern world. Death of the superego is essential for a healthy self esteem with self actualization the goal.

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