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The Catholic Church: Going Down In Flames.


If hell was a real place then the Catholic church would be headed straight for it. As a tell-tale book hits the stands, uncovering more atrocities by the priests and nuns of the church. While the Vatican is sure to dismiss these allegations lodged by a former sister, it seems to be a recurring trend. Suddenly the world is lighting up with new tales of horror from the dark side of the Catholic church. In the depths of the convents is a sick dark underworld. Not because of the sex, or the porn, but because it is forced on people, and used as an abuse by sick men who have been forbidden sex.

An article released in Outlook India today uncovers the scandal that is being ignored by officials. It talks about rape, abuse, abortions, and homosexuality. Though sexual abuse is not a homosexual problem, based upon solely sexuality. Sexual abuse tends to run rampid in the catholic community among nuns and priests, due in part to the forbidden nature of sex. It seems to have become a trend, in India, to deal quietly with the abuses of the Catholic Church. Between Mother Teresa’s squandered home for the dying, and the horrid practices happening inside the church.

“Tell-all memoirs are not new in Kerala, nor are church scandals. The Sister Abhaya murder case (1992) has still not seen closure and in the last five years there have been three other cases of alleged nun ‘suicides’. But a nun coming out, writing an autobiography, warts and all, was a first even for Kerala. Sister Jesme’s autobiography three years ago caused quite a stir and embarrassed the church no end. Following close behind was Father Shibu Kalamparambil’s effort in 2010, which described in excruciating detail the depraved lives that many priests and nuns led. And now comes Sister Mary Chandy’s memoir, about nuns who got pregnant by priests and aborted foetuses and other such horror stories.” Outlook India 2012

It seems that under the ever thinning veil of religion, some ugly truths are coming out. In light of the challenges being lodged against the church. Accounts of cruelty, suicide, are just the start. The roots of the Catholic church are deeply planted in India, embedded in the suffering of the people. While the church lodges counter claims of helping and giving aid to the suffering, it seems to be a effort to mask the mountain of garbage underneath. Efforts to help and “save” people seem to be motivated by the idea of promoting the religion, which seems to be doing a good job, at least in the conversion. Beyond that young women who decide to dedicate their lives to the virtue of sharing, and giving love are being abused by sex deprived men. A stance that the Catholic church just recently defended.

In the silence of the Vatican, as scandals rage around the world, a new picture is being painted. One of a sadistic Pope with twisted clerics trying to silence the victims worldwide of abuse, neglect and horrors, while simultaneously perpetuation a stagnant patriarchal religion which uses fear to dominate women and control their bodies. The stories of abortions, and suicides show just how deep the corruption runs. With nuns who have vowed chastity and charity being the victims of crimes they are helpless to prevent, they have to remain life long victims. Since they have left their home, family and possibility of returning. All for the idea of making the world a better place, only to be horribly abused.

“That doesn’t sound like things are going to get better. Father Paul Thelakat, spokesperson of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, says the fathers and nuns who have left the order and are writing books now are the ones who could not cope with the spiritual life. As he puts it, “If one cannot stay celibate, it is better to get out, marry and live happily. One is called to a difficult way of life; it needs an ascetic’s will to live a life of celibacy happily. It is always better to marry than to ‘burn’ mentally. I do not appreciate those who make a hue and cry of something they fail to live up to and then blame others for their failures. It is too naive to say, ‘since I could not, nobody can’.”

The blame of the victims shines a light on the perspective of the Catholic church. They have been quick to cover up stories of abuse over the last centuries. It has only been in the past fifteen when they have come under steady attack for the crimes they are committing, and covering up. Meanwhile the home for the dying in Calcutta remains open and operating. With hundreds receiving bad, or little medicine, lying in wait for death to come. A picture painted in the memoirs tells of a nun who had given birth, and was trying to kill the baby when another nun burst in and stopped her. All of the evidence pointing to a twisted ideology perpetuated by a sick religion who denies birth control, and forbids the use of condoms, and keeps men from having natural sex, while feeding them the constant idea that their bodies are bad and sinful.

No one knows if the Vatican and Pope will answer to these allegations. After the last firestorm that hit showing that thousands of little boys were molested by priests, now comes the women who were raped and abused to the point of suicide. It seems this toxic religion can’t keep it in their pants. Instead they are spreading the love by force, sexual force. When a religion becomes this toxic the question must be asked, how long do we tolerate it? Why is no one protesting this religion, and kicking it out. If the best they have to offer is bad sex education, sex abuse, scandal, death and perversion, while subjugating women to horrors then it is a done deal. It has to go. There is no real help by the Catholic church. All the money is raised by the poor people who suffer under the rule of the church, only to attempt to help others. The Vatican only takes and hoards money, they are not actively furnishing funds to the world. Instead they are paying for propaganda, and to silence the victims of sex abuse.  India needs to take a stand. The Catholic church must be held responsible world wide. It is time to bring the cruel giant to its knees.

For further information on this article: To Cast The First Stone

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

5 thoughts on “The Catholic Church: Going Down In Flames.

  1. Another interesting piece.

    The populace at large seems not to be taken aback by the continued revelations from within the walls of the catholic establishment; stories of such activities have been circulating in the main stream and fringe press for a very long time. For me, there are three reasons for the complete lack of astonishment about yet another catholic sexual exposé.

    The first reason is apathy. Sadly, these stories, books, rumours and even the occasional court case are nothing new. They are another version of the oft told tale of sexually frustrated older men [it is almost always men, very rarely women] who have been releasing their tensions in ways which should be abhorrent to the rest of us.

    Secondly, there is the ‘exception that proves the rule’ or the ‘two rights are better than a wrong’ theory. This is the logic which states that the catholic church is so large, so expansive, so pervasive and that there are bound to be the occasional rogue elements, the stray black sheep, the one bad apple. And another thing, the logic says, the church does so much ‘good’ around the world, it provides so much stability and succour, shelter, food and support in times of hardship, then, of course, this far out weighs the egregious activities of one or two small, isolated incidents that are so few and far between that it is almost not even worth the effort to find out……

    Perhaps, the most ‘realistic’ reason why there is less and less ‘shock’ at such heinous revelations is simply that the catholic church is becoming less and less relevant; certainly in the west, in it’s traditional turf. And with this, it follows, that the church is made up of ordinary, fallible people, who are subject to the same hormonal surges as everybody else, they have the same thoughts, desires and passions as everybody else, and as such, well, it is /almost/ normal to have ‘relations’, to coin a senior Democrat from the 1990’s, with other normal human beings.

    Well, if these are the prevailing winds of thoughts, particularly the last, then lets drag the catholics kicking and screaming into the 21st century. First of all, tax the church the full corporate tax rate on all it’s income. For those churches or diocese which feels that it can not afford it, the state will ‘nationalise’ those churches, acquire the buildings and then use them for educational purposes; museums, science exhibitions, teaching centres for civil and structural engineers, etc. Should the local vicar or priest feel the need, he may rent the space on a Sunday morning, paying the full commercial rent.

    Once the veneer of celestial privilege has been swept away, the organisation of the church will become ever more transparent and those who work for the church, or even ‘a’ church, be it christian, jewish or islamic, can then be seriously, properly and comprehensively investigated, as ordinary citizens, with the full weight and vigour of the secular law. Any, all, wrong doings, sexual, financial, violent etc, can be looked into, formalised, tried and, where the guilt is clear, incarcerated.

    And, should the guilty try and claim some sort of divine protection, a get out clause from the normal civilities of current life, then, lets do them a favour. Lets take them at their word, enforce their own beliefs upon them and subjugate them to their own Sodom and Gomorrah, where their own worst preachings will become their own ‘living hell’, real and physical and allow them to recreate the fear they must have instilled in others.

  2. All this book tells me is what every Catholic already knows: the Church is not perfect. And Catholic doctrine has never said that it is. That’s why one of the seven sacraments is penance: Catholics, from janitor to Pope sin, and thus must repent of their sins.

    Catholicity, at its best, is about people becoming better people. More loving, more caring, more compassionate. In a Church that claims a full sixth of the human population, no big surprise if some of the less-than-perfect human beings who make up the Church are, well, less-than-perfect. And they should suffer the legal consequences of their imperfection, whenever appropriate. And that imperfection makes you want disinterested in the Church, that’s your choice. I’m not entirely sure why you would begrudge those of us who feel otherwise our faith, however.

    • If you are going to call yourselves leaders and teachers, then as in schools we have every right to expect a certain level of conduct. Inappropriate actions are not excused simply by dismissing them as sin. Either you have a standard for moral conduct or don’t claim to be moral, because then your are promoting a out and out lie in the name of indoctrination and dogmatic ideologies.

  3. Why blast just the catholics. There is not one shred of evidence that any of them are of god. That is why faith is glorified. Believing in something without evidence is stupid, not blessed. We all would like to know more about god, or if there really is one and that want is what makes people fall for religions that claim to know. Once you take the bait you are encouraged to give them money. How bogus is that? Take note that only one religion can be right and probably none of them have ever heard one word from god. If you were god, would you whisper the plan in one guys ear and hope that he passed it on right, or would you just tell everyone yourself? The whole prophet thing makes no

    sense at all. Dont fall for the oldest lie of god told me and if you want to know about
    god, just listen to me…….is anyone that stupid.

  4. Another attrocity of the Catholic church that came to my attention is the cases of cloistered nuns. Women that feel a little anxious about life in the real world can deep six the rest of their life by becoming “the brides of christ” by joining a poor clare order of nuns. Their life is then highly regemented where some are not permited to sleep over 4 hours at a strech and must get up and pray in the middle of the night. They are restricted from visits from family and friends. Their purpose on earth from then on seems to do nothing of value and pray their ass off. I initially first heard of a woman that was the top female basketball player of the year in 1987 and quite possibly of all time that became a poor clare nun in alexandria Virginia. Her name is Shelly Pennefather. Apparantly her mother was a strong catholic influence that started the ruination of her life by pushing toxic catholic ideology.

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