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Offended In America: Are We Too PC To Talk About It?


In 2012 you would think American has come a long way. Most Rap music has found the ability to say anything. We listen to it at full volume, with little kids in the room, but not just rap, heavy metal, rock, and just about every genra of music. TV shows violent images, and women scantily clad in tiny outfits. We seem to be a very adult society. That is until it comes to what offends us. Then freedom of speech comes to the chopping block. Just like it did when Bill Maher spoke about Sarah Palin and , Michelle Bachman. His words stung in the ears of Republicans, and he was branded a sexist. It seems too simple in this day and age to be labeled a racist, a sexist, a bigot.With just one of those words you can end the career of anyone, just by shouting them down and making sure the world knows your so offended, and that they don’t get the right to speak again.

All this PC is pissing me off. Since when do we have to dumb down our speech and use “nice” words, just so someone, who is probably no one, will not get offended. We are so worried about making one person cry sexism, racism, or any labeling word that most of what needs to be said never gets said. So we watch as our rights and freedoms disappear where they count. We can listen to a Rap song talk about how many “hoes” the guy wants to “fuck,” but we can’t hear that two women are not only lacking in education, but the worst possible idea for leaders of the free world. We are more worried about not offending religion, than the fact people are actually dying from wars with it, and horrible atrocities commanded by it.

It is almost a slap in the face of reality. We have to baby all of society to be able to function, because if someone gets offended then all discourse shuts down. Suddenly the person accused has no  point, and we should not listen to them. Well South Park the cartoon when over this very well, when they changed the label “Fag” from a homosexual, to a rude and loud motorcyclist. It showed that words have the power we give them, and we are giving them power in the wrong direction. Telling someone to not say a racist thing does not stop them being racist. Telling a man or woman not to say sexist things will not stop them from being a sexist. In fact it will promote it, because no one ever gets to tell them what a fucking moron they are.

Why should we be afraid of the truth being put in front of us? Why be afraid to say some Muslims are terrorists. Then we can talk about them being terrorists, and with non terrorist Muslims to address why. Why not let sexist men tell us why they are sexist, or women, so we can explain how that is stupid and unfounded. Why not let homophobes tell us why they hate gays, so we can tell them why it is absolutely unfounded and ignorant at best. Instead of cowering in fear of that one word that will spark off an outrage. We should feel free to be outraged, but not to silence this mentality.

That is the same fear tactic religion has been using. The, “you can’t talk about us bad, because we are religious and moral,” idea is absurd. It is time to say to people their religion if fucking dumb, and we are sick of people dying over their stagnant cruel ideas. We don’t have to worry if we offend the bat shit crazies at Westborough.Or the magic underpants of the Mormons, or the ridiculous laughable religion of Sceintologists. Why should we be so politically correct when it is making us weak? The same for the office of the president. Why can’t we tell him when he is doing a lousy fucking job? Or better yet, why don’t we demand answers, and call him out? Since when is silence and ignorance the key to anything. Our nation was founded on the idea of questioning. That is the exact reason freedom of speech exists. Because people will say things that piss off the leaders, and the majority, as well as the minority. We all have the right to be offended if we want, but that is our problem and not a good case for stopping ugly truths from being spoken.

We don’t have the right to pick and choose. Why should I have more right to speak than the next guy? Because my words are what you want to hear, and his are not? Well it is time to get a little tough on ourselves here. Stop expecting people to baby you, and tell you only the nice things you want to hear. Stop expecting people with sick ideas to hide in the corner, and let them speak. After all it isn’t what we solve as a nation that will undue us, but the things we avoid and deny. The real solution comes when you listen to the things you don’t want to hear. Whether that be about your self or others. Even if it is your favorite celebrity or politician. Even if those words seem cruel to you. After all the power of words is the power we have given them. I only know a stick is a stick because I was taught what word to use. I only know “bitch” is a derogatory word because  it was explained as such, but if they were reversed I would be just as offended by stick, as we are by  bitch.

It all up to us to make the next moves. Do we really want answers, or do we just want fluff, and if we do, then we are fucked as a nation. Because those people on Capitol hill can tell us the nice sweet words we want to hear while hiding ugly truths, and sexism can breed in the areas we refuse to look, and racism can continue in the minds of hate filled people. All because it hurt more to hear the truth, than to face it. We can lose the right to say what needs to be said on the basis of “no one can speak that way to us, or to the ones we love”. We can choose to be hurt, or treat words as if they were nothing but a place for dialogue to begin. True discourse takes place when we can look past the words we find offensive and reach for the content. We should challenge ideas and issues based on ugly truths.

Lets not place the power on words, but on the content of the message. We as a nation can not afford to slip into the darkness of PC. We can’t let our thoughts be dictated by the idea someone, somewhere , might get offended and call us a bigot, racist, sexist, homophobe. Instead lets get to the real content of the ideas. We can learn so much more when we challenge ideas. When we chose not to be offended.  Often times Americans have a “How dare you” attitude. All it takes is one person offended and suddenly we stop the world. So it is all or nothing when it comes to free speech. You either believe that we can say what is on our minds and learn, or none of us can say anything, in which case every part of communication breaks down. Words can seem abusive, but only if you choose to let them. After all if everyone had a problem with words,  then we would never speak to one another at all. We need to buck up a bit and face reality. Not everyone will love and adore us, but we are the ones who choose to give a fuck. Otherwise they are just four letters in a row which mean nothing, until we decide they do.

As for my critics who say words can abuse, when it comes to little kids, or abusive people teaching you that you “are an idiot,”  well first someone has to teach you to be offended, and then you can be. The point is not to say abusing people is okay. It is to say we need to hear more of the bad things people are thinking and doing. Otherwise in the silence, and the PC, the right  words are never utilized to shine a light on issues we really have. Such examples are an 11 year war, trillions of dollars in debt, Republicans stripping rights and shutting down women who say vagina in public. If we can’t eve say vagina, then how can we talk about the rights of it. It is not about our ability to abuse each other, it is about our ability to resolve abuses by being strong.

We are not victims and should not be teaching out selves and kids to feel as such. Otherwise, they will never be able to accept when someone says they are lazy, wrong, sloppy, or not the best. We should not be catering to a mentality absurdities. If more people showed how strong they can be, and can be for their children then this world would be better. Being PC in the face of horrible murders, and insane religious practices, and governmental idiocy, smacks as absurd.

Just for your enjoyment…
South Park : Don’t Be A Fag!!

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

5 thoughts on “Offended In America: Are We Too PC To Talk About It?

  1. Aha, but some of us do not care about that stuff at all and can comfortably just sit around and wait for the better future, because, there has got to be a better future at some time, just it may be too far in the future for anyone born today to recognize

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH, i cant say im a fan of reading precisely what i feel to be right because i hate reinforcing ideas in my mind(they become dogmatic), but really, loved every paragraph, and, coming from another self-righteously wimpish in-constant-denial PC society in India, i understand your concerns, specially that part about words and associated meanings that we as a society have somehow accepted blindly and unconditionally without questioning(an ex. being the word Susu-“soosoo”- wich means urine in hindi but edible milk in malay!). But i guess were in this politically correct mess because off the rising cult of victim hood. Anyways, first time reading your blog, great impression, this article was refreshing, thanks again.

  3. That’s funny I just seen that South Park episode a couple of days ago. I do agree with your point about softening up words. I personally think Human Trafficking should be called what it is. Kidnap and Rape.

  4. This is so damn right I feel like kissing ya, author! As a big football (that’s soccer to you!) fan, I am annoyed no end by the measures taken by FIFA, UEFA etc to purportedly end racism — measures that would be laughable if they weren’t so draconian — like hefty fines on players for calling other players a “black cunt”, no matter what the provocation!

    • People will still say racist things, it is better to tell them where they stand then let them hide it and be justified. After all we need to know who is stupid so they don’t get to be our guides.

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