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Taking Morality Back!

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A Moral Atheist, or Amoral atheist?

Taking Morality Back


Many people ask atheist how they can be moral, they ask if being an atheist means I can do anything, with, or to anyone. So I am going to take the time to set the record straight. Religion does not own the intellectual rights on morality. No one should even be claiming they can. Yet often we hear that without god, man can not be good.


Well religion certainly has its own definitions on morality. They go from stoning, to hanging, to beatings. There is a long line of human suffering and abuse that goes with religion. In fact since it was invented religion stole the power from the poor, gave it to the rich, and made mad men, masters over everyone. Religion has been the powerhouse for death and destruction for two thousand years now.


Religion is responsible for the mutilation of genitalia, it is a foundation for sexual slavery of women and abuse. It has stories of murder and genocide, rape and pillaging, of fairy tales. Religion has no moral ground to stand on, but some of the people who follow it do. Which is why I can tell you how atheists can be moral.


Religious people are moral in spite of what their holy books say, and if anyone denies it, just ask them when was the last time they stoned someone to death for breaking religious law. Or offered themselves to be stoned for breaking it. Ask if they know every good deed to do, and every bad one so that they can make sure never to break one. And according to the bible, even going to the bathroom is dirty and a sin, so that makes it very hard to never have broken religious law.


So how can atheists claim morality? Simple, we have nothing commanding us to kill, to pillage, to take slaves, to rape, or to stone. We come in all colors and sizes and shapes. We come in all sexualities and we are not obsessed with telling people what to do with their bodies. We can see the humor in saying dirty words, but find none in priests raping small boys. We love our humanity.


Atheist know this is their only life, and simply we have a passion about being here and living it. We are free to express ourselves in our lives, that others may not be able to. We find love to be where we make it, and not just a label we put on it. We are as diverse and passionate as anyone could expect of us, but the one thing we have that religion does not is freedom.


I am free to live my life without dogmatic guilt. I don’t have to pray every time I have an impure thought. I don’t have to ask some invisible being to forgive my human nature. I don’t have to appeal to him to make me good, because he created me evil. I don’t to chastise my self for my needs, or desires, and that is some moral power baby. I don’t feel the need to commit incest, rape, or murder. In fact since I became an atheist I realize how religion promoted those things, by making the non religious look inhuman. Religion creates lines based on the god you choose. It creates tension amongst people who don’t feel the need to submit to it, and those trying to force us.


I don’t have to hate myself over my slightest actions. I don’t relegate my success or failure to any deity. Yet I maintain my sense of moral compass based on the idea that I want what is best for me and those around me. I only wish to see a happier world for all of us to live in. Not negate the value of my fellow man. It is time religion put up or shut up. Since they have done nothing to promote morality, unless stoning, beatings, acid in the face, mutilations, rapes and many more horrors are moral. If you really do believe they are, then it shows how void of morality and baseless your religion is. Because nothing can profess to be moral and in the same breath teach that killing is good. We atheists have our morals, they are based in reality just like our science is.


Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

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