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A Mortal Atheist

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I am not aware of the moment of my conception, when the cells were made, and then mixed to become my life. I do not recall my mother’s womb, or the moment I was born into this world. In fact much of my formative moments are lost, and will never be known to me. What I do recall is long summer days, the hot breeze, and the smell of flower. I recall chasing butterflies, and blowing dandelions. My favorite times were watching the bees go from flower to flower, and the ants build their colony. I watched the flowers grow and bloom, wilt and die. I gathered a mountain of memories of a vast world around me. It was the time when streams were rivers, and nature was part of me and adored by me.

That was the time before I knew what mortality was. When I sprang out of bed in the morning waiting to see what the day would bring. No matter if it was snow, or rain, or sun I was ready to take on the day. I laughed and ran, played in everything, peeked into birds nests and brought home wild animals to my mother. And life was good. I didn’t question how I got here, why I got here, or what would happen to me when it all ended.  Then there comes a time in your life where that innocence is drive from you. When you begin to be told of your own mortality. That there will come a day when you will cease to exist.

Theists want to lean on the belief that they have invested nothing. That this time was only a practice run. The real life they will lead is after their death when they will live in a glory beyond imagination, and the universe will be their playground. Imagine if that was true. Spirits manipulating your life, and tampering with your potential future in a glorious place. Meanwhile the obsession with death is is almost an addiction. Every joy and pain in your life is based upon the thanks or pleading at the feet of a narcissistic deity, who seeks his pleasure from your suffering and clinging to him. Meanwhile your thoughts and emotions are questioned and read, and kept in a book which will be used against you in the hour of your death. So life is a constant state of fear and self loathing.

It is a tragic absurdity to waste the potential and joy that can be presented in this life and justify it as this life is a mere test of your persona. The absurdity of this tragic idea enslaves people to hate their life, and their body, in a disastrous lust for life to be forcefully revoked on the premise of all their human desires to be fulfilled. Mortality is dismissed as a mere premise even when they know death is certain. The casualty of this belief is that so many lives are wasted in the waiting of rupturing fire from the sky and blood and death from below. It leads to the sadistic desire to watch other fail while you succeed.

Mortality is a precious tool evolution bestowed upon us. To not leave us in lingering suffering and use the best of our abilities in the hour we have them. It lets us grow slowly, and wisely. We grow old gracefully or not, but with the amount of time needed to savor what we can. It guides to passionate desires, hopes and dreams. It is the best of what evolution could do with fragile organisms striving to outwit the environment they were born in and flourish. Mortality is not the enemy of man, but the companion of life. Each generation that passes gives way to new life springing into existence with more hopes and dreams. Ones who will likely change the world in which they grow. It is our frailty that makes our mortality come to mind often, but it is the drive of passion which pushes us forward unrelentingly.

Our mortality has everything to do with who we are. accepting that is part of our humanity. Refusing to accept it is absurd. It is the clinging to ideologies of fantasy which has lead to men blowing themselves up in markets seeking out the glory of virgins, and paradise, only to steal away the hopes and lives of other humans. Life is a precious gift of nature, not of a divine entity. Not only would immortality steal away the hopes and dreams of many people, but it gives life no value and no pleasure. What is the value of the senses if it can be surpassed in another realm? What is the value of hard work, and imagination when all paths lead to the same end. But there has never been proof, or an understanding of some heavenly place of existence. All we can confirm is that the here and now exists, that our time is short and should be used to the best of our ability. Not drift into fantasies about some absurd land where the physical and spiritual meet and all of our human desires are fulfilled in non human forms.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

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