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Love Jihad? Could the next war be in the heart?

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It comes across as simply not plausible for the word love and the word Jihad to mix. Jihad is known as the position of holy war. So how could these two ever mix. Well if you can’t beat them, get them to join you. That is the new lesson going on in some parts of the world. Though investigations into the behavior have not revealed conclusive results, thousands of women in India have been converted, and the trend seems to be heading west. It is eve happening in the UK, where reports of love conversion are on the rise, and the targets are girls in college. At that pivotal point where freedom from their parents comes, and they can be converted as adults.

It is a seedy and underhanded behavior that is now taking the place of fighting. Instead of forcing the ideology of Islam on whole communities, muslims have become aware that converting the women gives them the advantage. Since muslim women are not allowed to marry outside of Islam they are not part of the love Jihad, but men are certainly allowed to marry outside of their religion if their new wife will become muslim. In fact this method holds more than just conversion for the girl. Suddenly she is not just a member of another religion but subject to muslim laws and behaviors. This goes for the children produced in the marriage, and the higher the conversion rate the more likely this problem is to spread.

The potential of this behavior to capture and force the conversion of many young girls “in love” could lead to astounding numbers in the convert range. In fact it has become evident to even the Catholic church. They are watching high numbers of their followers convert to Islam at young ages. As many as 30,000 young women have been converted, and some of them have been forced. Once in the religion apostacy can lead to death. Even if the marriage dissolves, or the young woman regrets her decision, it is not just as easy as walking away. Especially in areas of high numbers of Muslims.

As the numbers of young men studying abroad increase, so do the numbers of them dating non Muslim women. Weather this is because of a learned behavior in the Mosque, or just a decision it has massive potential for influencing millions of young women. Reports have even been made of young men being paid for the conversions. In India young men are getting a nice sum of money for pretending they are in love to convert young women, and the higher the cast they higher the price on her head. While the police can not confirm that this is taking place members of various communities are talking about it as it happens around them.

It seems when it comes to Islam anything goes. If you can’t trust love, it places women in a hard position, this kind of manipulation is absurd at best. No conversion under the pretenses or when in love should even be considered. Yet each of these women will be subjected to the law of Islam for the rest of their lives. While the numbers of converts rise, so do the hidden number of apostates that tell of horror stories. While Islam puts on a nice suit and preaches to the quior , it also manipulates the media, and those under its control. Feining love to add insult to injury is below the belt here. Not only does Islam treat women as property, but the value of them is being destroyed in this love jihad. While they are loosing their hearts to love they are also loosing their freedom to a twisted religion bent on world domination. One where men throw acid in the face of young women who refuse to marry them, or refuse to be sold.

While love jihad has yet to be confirmed, there is certainly questions to be answered in India and the UK about why so many young college girls are converting. Even when women have been removed for the situation, they returned to their husbands or the religion. This is a lesson to young women the world over. Love is something that takes time. If a man is not willing to accept you as you are, and see you for whom you are, outside of his religion then it is no where close to love. The time honored tradition of know your enemy is now turning into a heated battle of the hearts. Who will win remains to be seen, but the danger is lurking around the corner. Especially when the Muslims swear their flag will fly over the White House. So before you fall, look what your falling into ladies. It could be a war of the heart.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

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  1. Nicely written

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