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It Is Not The End Of The World.

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On numerous occasions Christians have made great campaigns about the end times when the would would be a chaotic disaster. In 2000 there was such a scare, as well as 2011 and even one reported to be coming at the end of 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends. If it is not the world ending and the impending doom that Christians and Muslims are screaming about, then it is certainly the New World Order. They are living under the reckless certainty that the world is ending. Even denying logical explanations and science. It is almost a masochistic obsession with death. It is as if Christians and Muslims want their life forcefully revoked from them for the certainty of eternal bliss.

In the religious mind, the current wars and chaos of the world is insight of the return of their zombie lord. In their irrational thinking every part of modern day world fulfills the revelation that their god is about to watch us smite each other, and they are ready to partake in doom to be assured of their place in glory. They rationalize modern trends, calendar signs, and environmental effects as signs and signals from a heavenly source, as his displeasure with mankind. While spontaneously ignoring the historical data that man has always fought wars, earthquakes have always occurred, floods are natural while still being disasters. In fact we live in a period which is much calmer than the Mesozoic. During that period land shifted half way around the globe. Earthquakes were massive, and there was just as many, if not more natural disasters.

It is absurd to believe the Mayans were predicting the doom of the planet. When examining the calendar you can see they just ran out of room. They kept their calendar going for thousands of years, not knowing that they would cease to exist. It shows that they had no idea about their own impending doom. How could they sincerely be predicting ours, if not enlightened enough to predict their own. What it does point to is they either felt that their calendar was suffice for the time, or they would continue it on another tablet. Which is a hypothesis supported by recent archeological findings.

As for the wars and rumors of wars. Well there has not been a century of the existence of man not plagued by war. It is not difficult to predict actions which have not changed in millennia. Simply it could be predicted that governments will change in the next millennium and wars will destroy parts of civilization, and then just wait. Obviously history shows these scenarios always occur. It is not a prediction of the end of the world. In the eighties children all over America were prepared for war with Russia, and were terrified by films of nuclear war. They were taken out into the halls and told to crouch, and that perhaps if lucky they would be spared if a nuclear weapon was used. This was also treated as the next source for the end of the world.

During each of the scares about the destruction and doom on a global scale thousands of Christians were stripped  of their belongings. They have foolishly given away their possessions, and even stopped paying their bills. Meanwhile they ones touting doom, are often the same people who are benefiting from the hysteria. Preachers and churches have collected money and items from people while they  foretell the end is near. Then when it passes by, and the people are left with nothing, the church has all the profit. It is the height of charlatan behaviors. They are literally robbing people blind, and using followers weakness to do it. What is even more perverse is the idea of continued support for these same doomsayers. It is as if they are untouchable. While at the same time creating a profit for themselves in a tax free environment.

Even the media has been complicit in the allegations of doom. nothing gets the attention of thousands of  sheep like terrified theists like the six-o-clock news shouting out from the broadcast announcing impending doom. They use Nostradamus  as if he had predicted the future to the last detail. Yet none of his incoherent ramblings has ever been proven to be true. He in no way predicted 9/11 or any other tragic event. Despite this he is brought out, at the onset of a tragedy, as if he were the leading expert on future predictions. It is obvious the indoctrinated minds who control what you see, find it is better to feed into hyped up hysteria, then to rationalize the reality of events.

There is no reason to believe the world is in imminent danger of ending. The facts are this planet has existed for billions of years. The human species is likely to be extinct before this world ever reaches critical damage. There will be no seven horses coming from the clouds. There will be no battle of bloody gore. There is no seven seals, and simply this ideology of devastation and destruction is incomprehensible.

If you truly believe that this planet, our world is coming to an end, then it is a tragedy. People have been following this doctrine of doom for thousands of years awaiting their messiah to return, only to meet with the grave before any such occurrence. Nor will it happen. There is no proof for the bible, there is no proof that these texts are in any form divine. The council of Trent actually constructed the bible from many stories that were drifting through the middle east being told by shepherds. The bible was not some consignment of divinity. Nor was the Torah, or the Quran. All of these books are the construction of men with an agenda of slavery, oppression, and wealth. If these texts were read as historical tales which defined the period in which they were written, then you can see the influences of men who were superstitious as well as uneducated. They were men who owned slaves, and appealed to magic for cures and power. None of that can be officiated to be reality.

The fact is we have been moving towards a world wide governing force since the creation of the atomic bomb. It is necessary for all humans to have the same rights, and access to resources. As a united planet we can achieve more through trade and commerce. We can end many wars, and the burdens of disease, starvation, and suffering. Having a global governing body may seem scary to those who don’t understand that the operations of the UN have already been acting as that body, while not legislating laws inside of countries. However; it has show influence on actions of counties,  such as deaths and religious laws. In the future all of humanity will need to unite, and that means a world wide effort. It does not signify doom. We were once a small group of humans existing together. During that period humans functioned to create tribes, which became communities, and then countries. Becoming a global nation is just the obvious next step.

When it comes to the next doomsday, perhaps think. If the evidence is not suggesting it, and there are no zombies walking the streets, and no blood crazed tyrant has created a temple in Israel that has blood running from it, we are likely just fine. All the doom foreseeing in the world will not change the inevitable. The date will come and go without an end to the world. The hate filled blood thirsty god which so many hunger for will not appear, nor will he be murdering billions, and laying the planet to waste, punishing unbelievers with eternal damnation. He will not make any war. Most of revelation is a contradiction of its self. Like battling the devil, yet punishing unbelievers for eternity by being with him. In essence then god would be the one eternally punishing people, and if you believe that it is twisted logic. Also why Christians would need to fight in some mega battle against unbelievers when their deity is all powerful is beyond comprehension.

It would be more logical, and realistic to live with people hoping for a better world. Instead of the morbid doom mentality. If there was as much love preached by the theists as they claim then the world ending would be a tragedy. It would be beyond them to wish extreme harm, and death on the other billions of people. It would be distasteful to see the destruction of the planet. There should be some desire within the religious community to continue life. They should be the ones hoping and helping to see peace. It is almost tragic to see people groveling for the end. It will never come. My words will outlive me, and this planet will remain. No superstition, no deities, no doom. The world will not end with a bloodthirsty gods return. It would be a universal event which alters the fate of this planet, and nothing less.



Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

One thought on “It Is Not The End Of The World.

  1. Planet will die. What’s the big deal?

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