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Infanticide Evolutionary Disaster!

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Thousands of daughters in China and India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other middle eastern countries are killed every year. Some are drowned, some are beaten, some are thrown in the trash. There are many ways these girls are killed, and they will never get a voice to ask why. But the rest of the world should.


Why would you want to sell your daughter to anyone? That is basically what a dowry is, but in reverse. You act like your daughter is so worthless you have to give money to people to take her away. Well I say any man who needs money for marrying your daughter is not worth the money spent. No matter what you say. The same would go if you were paying to get her. She is not a commodity.


This has led to the abuse and murder of thousands of women. Men have married women to get the money and then killed her. Men have married a woman and then left or divorced her. It is a bad system and the only thing is does is cause more daughters to be killed. And yet there seems to be no end in sight for this horrible behavior. In fact women here in America are now at war with ignorance of this kind.


I have to stop and ask though, since when do you deserve a woman? Since you have no respect for them, and think they are only for breeding and your sexual pleasure. It shows that there is some horrible things in religion. They are like a cancer on the face of the earth, and I have no clue why women put up with it.


It is hard to be a woman in a world where even other women think you should be a breeding slave. Where people judge you by being married and how many children you have. Instead of being judged by your character. Women who rise to the top are seen as bitches. We are seen as cold and in fact we have to be.


But to see men out there killing their daughters and it is not treated as a terrible crime. It is not all over the world as a tragedy. People ignore that another girl died. Not everyone. I know who the good guys are. I know there are men out there, and women who care, but for the rest of you where is your compassion? Is it so wrong to be born with a vagina instead of a penis? Is it a crime to be a beautiful little girl who will grow up to love dolls and flowers? Is it so awful to want to keep living in a world and be loved by your father, as he loves his sons?


You say that your religion is one of peace, but the war rages on against women. All religions are anti-woman. You make us hate each other for who we are and who we are not. You tell us our only worth is in making babies. Religion is not just poison it is venom. One bite of it is death. Especially if you were unlucky enough to be born a girl.


There must be something that can be done. Weather it is birth control, or just changing the system,  something must be possible. I was lucky to have been born to a father who loves me and cherishes me. Not every girl is that lucky, but we should all be. I realize there are men out there that have faced abuse as well, and I feel for those guys as well. But thousands of girls will die this year. No one will even know their name, or care they are gone. They will quietly slip out of the world unnoticed. But animals who beat their babies to death can never be called humans, weather it be a woman or a man who does it.






Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

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