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Freedom of Speech Under Fire; The Silencing Of A Nation

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“And rights aren’t rights if someone can take them away, they are privileges.” George Carlin.

Google is one of the places the Us government is cracking down on freedom of speech. Especially linked to candidates. They are asking for links to their names and sites to be removed, even though they are public figures. Other places states have started making it possible to be fined for cussing in public. It is a crack down on freedom, and John Q Public pays the price.

 We should all remember that when it comes to the Bill of Rights. The moment a government starts chopping at them, they are no longer rights, they were simple privileges. Ones that are being assaulted every day now. From the floor of congress to state law. What you say can get you fined, or banned from speaking on law. Meanwhile the public are slowly being shoved int subservient silence, while the government bullies, and squeezes the media. All in the interest of whom? 

The right to freedom of speech has been part of since the foundation of America. It was to prevent any source from becoming inscrutable. Especially the government. Since advantage can be taken of the weak and poor people, it was a right given to us so that even opposing views can be heard. That is, after all the actual application of liberty. Creating an environment where no one is above reproach and the government has full social and political control is equal to a dictatorship and any regime. While America has not taken those steps yet, laws have been passed showing that is just where we are headed.

In fact the new law about where protesters may be located is one chop against our civil rights, and the law on public cussing is another, and removing candidates from blogs which might scrutinize their behaviors is yet another. It seems the current government wants to rule the people without the say of the people. Something the fore fathers stood strongly against. It was the reasoning behind the creation of the bill of rights. Men like Adams, and John Hancock knew the way power could be abused. After all they had seen the Iron fist of England crushing down on them, in an era when saying anything about your Queen or King was treason, and punishable by death. 

Many of the dictatorships preform the same way. One word spoken in public could get you killed. Now when you start bashing candidates and politicians the government begins looking into your background, seeing if you associate with terrorists. The wrong words said on Facebook could mark you for FBI investigations.The idea of being fined for cussing in public is absurd. If police have nothing better to do than issue tickets for things kids hear at school, then why are they using tax payer dollars to pay for police without enough to do? There are obviously more important things for our society to take care of, and this comes under freedom of speech.

While we make advances as a society, other progress is hindered by closed minds, and control mentalities. Ones that seek only to gain power, make money and crush the small guy who tries to deviate from his place. It is the oppressive nature of our government that is causing alarm amongst some people. People who fear the future might be full of a greater oppression of the people.

We should stand for our voices now, before we are completely silenced. We are the majority, and it is the minority who want to seize control, and silence the little guy. We need to ensure that our rights are rights, and that we are not just given some permission. As humans we have worked hard to learn self expression, we should not let that die out because of small minded individuals and their need for all powerful control.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

One thought on “Freedom of Speech Under Fire; The Silencing Of A Nation

  1. Hello Rachael,

    You have the truth of it, I fear. During the course of attempting to return a couple of items to Wal-Mart today, I was informed that those specific items could not be either returned or exchanged due to “the law”. When I pointed out that the items were still unopened, with all seals completely intact, I was blithely told the same thing, “Sorry man, it’s the law.”

    My response was neither high-minded nor dignified, but indicative of someone who wearies of people allowing “law” to substitute common sense – “F*#k the law.” As I was leaving the parking lot, I was passed by a police patrol going the other way, rapidly making its way towards the Wal-Mart entrance. It strains credulity that the police vehicle was there at that time by merest happenstance.

    Americans, I think, truly do not know how controlled and dominated they really are. The USA’s founding fathers must be spinning in their graves.

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