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In the Shaddow of The Vatican: The Victims Cry.


Two years after the explosion of child sex cases, pope Ratsinger plans to visit the USA for 2013. His intent is to rally support for the church. After the dwindling amounts of Catholics attending services and an alienated flock. Meanwhile the question unfolds, what has really been done to solve the problem?Media attention has been averted from the astounding amounts of victims, and the coverup from the Vatican.

In a recent speech the pope defended the rule for chastity among priests and nuns, saying that it was divine will. That priests were better able to serve god being chaste. Though recent insight into church abuse shows numerous priests were not chaste at all. This along with details of pregnant nuns, and the vatican moving priests around from church to church in hopes of covering up a global scandal of sex abuse on unwitting, and unwilling victims. Second only to NAMBLA the vatican is responsible for the most widespread sexual abuse of boys, ranging in the hundreds of thousands.

It is the global epidemic that is quickly being swept under the rug while the vatican tries to hinder prosecution of priests known to have sexually abused many boys. The vatican has shelled out tons of money to victims families, while doing nothing to prevent it in the future. Only one priest has been decloaked, while the rest of the pedophiles remain part of the church, and hardly any of them were convicted or sent to jail. In fact, news about the widespread terrorizing of little boys is silenced.

Now the pope plans a visit to rally support from Catholics in the church, but the real rally needs to be one protesting his visit, and asking for him to be implicated as an accomplice in child sexual abuse. His trip to Pennsylvania, to meet with the  Arch diocese here needs greeted with police cars awaiting to arrest him. Due to his inactions thousands of more children were sexually abused, and rapist presets were kept secret.

It was only a year ago when he publicly announced the sexual abuse was, “not that bad.” Officially turning his back on the victims of a crippled doctrine, which misuses and abuses its followers, while bleeding money from them at the same time. While the vatican has not suffered from the loss in donations, it has suffered from the loss in attendance. Many of the victims have rallied against the church, and their families have left due to inaction on the part of the pope, and other church officials. Meanwhile others still attend hoping for change, one that will never come.

It took the church hundreds of years to apologize for the inquisitions, and still they have not made amends for the stolen art work, or the gold which was pillaged in the midst of their quest for power and domination over europe. Instead, they have their ill begotten gains, while millions of people starve to death around the world. The Catholic church is one of the most vile and corrupt organizations on earth, responsible for thousands, to millions of deaths, and the pillaging of its neighbors. It fleeces the poor, and hoards it in banks. If this were the mob, the IRS would have investigated and imprisoned the whole organization. Since it is a religion they remain above the law, and untouchable. The pope is nothing more than a mobster in a white robe. He is responsible for deaths, takes money, lies and manipulates, pays no taxes, and hires men to make sure the world bows to his whims. He may not be the murdering kind, but since when has he stood up for anything? Instead he smiles and waves while millions die. He is the dictator of Vatican city, the leader of the immoral, the corrupt official who will never know the torture he placed on young boys because he chose to ignore rape after rape.

The pope should not receive a ceremonial welcoming, he should get what he deserves. A angry mob of people sick to death of the toxic behavior of religion. His visit is the most in your face denial of all wrong doings. In fact he has never tried to address the victims of his policies, and apologize to them for his personal role in their being sexually abused. Instead he has been the head of covering up, and even punishing leaks to the public. Any and all help he has provided has come forcefully, with the threat of further action against him and the church. Meanwhile pervert priests are likely still preaching in the churches. Since there has been such a high level of cover up we may never know how many priests were actually sexually abusing boys.

Anyone who follows the Catholic church does so at their own risk, knowing that the likelihood of sexual abuse is high. It is not natural or normal for men to abstain from sex, and while the church stands firmly against homosexuals, it has done nothing about heterosexual pedophiles. An irony not to be overlooked. It has also been responsible for telling people in Africa condoms cause aids, while not worrying about the mental disease it is spreading both in the doctrine, and in the victimization of small and fragile minds, and bodies. While th pope preaches about morality, he leads the most immoral of flocks, knowing that many of his priests are pedophiles.

The nature of the pope and the Catholic church is one of conspiracies and lies. They are bleeding the poor to pay for their errors, while faining morality. They are the epitome of immorality. The church has served as a symbol of corruption, degradation, and abuse for many years now. While some choose to believe the church stands for good and morality, nothing could be farther from the truth. The pope should be imprisoned and every country in Europe should sue for the return of their stolen goods. Civilized and rational people should pull their support from this gregarious monster, and start helping others close to home. It baffles the mind how a billion dollar church can watch its flock perish and willingly defend the horrid actions of those within the doctrine. The perversion of the Catholic church shows no limits, and until it is dissassembled, and forced to make ammends this doctrine of disease will continue.

Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

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  1. Wow! Just one big wow. Loved this.

  2. Check mate, uncle Fester. Enjoy the tribunal!

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