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Answers for Creationists

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1.Evolution has not been proven.

I have heard many creationists spouting that Darwin never proved evolution. It is simply mystifying how you can overlook the evidence he did find, but it was not evolution Darwin was out to prove. In fact he didn’t set out to prove anything. He set out to study and explore. The idea of change over time and variation came with what he discovered. Darwin had no intention of proving there was no god, and he never accomplished anything close. What he did prove is that species in an environment, over time, and under pressure will change and adapt to their best ability for survival. Sometimes the environment does not suit one variant over the other. Simply put Darwin noticed this, and many more changes based on environment. It was after Darwin, we could prove evolution as a method  of change, even if not the path. The fact that we are genetically linked to all living species shows that biologically  we are all connected. Evolution is a fact, while some parts of it are still a theory, and based on the evolutionary history of how we exactly evolved. By that I mean some fossils and species have never been found. While these are not intermediates, they are species which lead to other species. They may never be found, so part of evolution will remain a theory, but it did happen, and is a fact.

2. You can’t prove there is no god.

No one can. What we can do is provide lucrative clues to a lesser likelihood of their being a god. We can look at the evolution data, and the physics, and the environment. We can study how life and death work, and procreation. We can look at the brain, and cells. Everything we study gives us clues to how it works. How there is a simple unity in even the most complex system. It does not take a divine action to form life, in fact given the opportunity it happens quite well on its own. So while we can’t prove there is no god, rational thinking and understanding lead us to better concepts of how life began. After all, if there was a divine magic happening in the world, then it would continue. As science becomes more able to explain what was once called phenomenons, we now can see how very simple, and yet elegant they are. We no longer look to magic for cures. We no longer think blood carries evil, and needs let out of the body. We know that magic is all illusion, and homeopathy does not work. All of the areas men contributed to mystery and magic, have turned into ordinary explainable events. The margin of god grows smaller every day, and his absence seems to be getting bigger.

3. What if you are wrong?

What if I am wrong? Well I would definitely not feel guilty. I would also not cower or be afraid. After all this world was not my creation, and I would refuse to bow one knee to a god who dare let millions of children starve to death, and die in cancer wards before their fifth birthday. If god is so insolent and insecure as to make tiny children suffer, then nothing that I could or would do can appease this tyrant. I find nothing but fault in the logic of people who say, “Well god does not answer some prayers for a reason,” or “God was just calling them home.” When you walk onto the floor of a cancer ward and hear the screams of children too small to understand what is going on with them, and they are going through radiation and Kemo-therapy, and think that some vindictive, self-serving god would allow this, and this is justice, it is deplorable thinking. Even with all the apathy one could muster, no one can tolerate that day after day. It is a tragedy we teach people to believe that their lord and savior is the same one who would punish helpless children and their parents by making them watch their children’s blood be filled with poison and their bodies destroyed, in the most painful way, and have any respect for that. If I am wrong, then I would be glad to take my place among the best of unbelievers. But chances are greater that you are wrong, and as long as life is just a bit kinder to you than the starving children in Africa, you will continue to believe even if there is no reason.

4.Atheists are just angry at god.

That would make sense if we thought for just one second there is a god, but we find no reason to believe there is one. We are however angry with religions who proclaim that they are acting on the behalf of a god and only work in self interest.The pope is not getting heavenly orders. If you look at the proclamations he is making they come from his ideologies from his childhood. No one really every hears the voice of god, and no one has. History knows about the creation of the bible, and the holy books. They were a set of codes created by shepherds for that time period. Other than random historical events, none of the bible is true in any form. Most of the Torah was created by priests who decided what was good for the Jews based on their interpretations of the laws of Moses. The Quran was written down during the life of the prophet, but by his youngest wife. After his death came the interpretations of it, called the Hadith. Yet, he had most of his life been exposed to rich merchants passing through Medina, and once he was forty he began “speaking with the angel Gabriel.” Which has never been proven to have happened. So while we can’t be mad at a non existent god, we can be angry with the religions who claim to be the right one, and kill each other and every non believer because of their belief in one. With the hundreds of religions that exist and have existed, it would be like playing the lottery. Any one of the religions could be just as wrong or right as the other, but the fact that people are dying because of it is absurd. Atheists are angry that we have to make room for your invisible friends simply because you declare their existence. It is not enough for me to believe there is a heavenly chocolate pie in the sky and declare it as truth, why should any deity be taken as serious?

5.It takes religion to make people be a good person.

Actually since atheists are the minority, no one can speak the their efforts. Marginalizing the efforts of a minority makes it sound like the majority are the better people, but we do the best we can with our limited resources. Also educating minds to the truth, and reality is helpful. There are atheist charities, and atheist writers, and teachers, doctors and they are out there helping people. Just because your religion and your church forces you to donate, or give time to the homeless and helpless, does not me atheists are not good people. It means that what we do, or don’t do is simply a show of who we are. Being religious does not make you by default a good person. Since only about sixteen percent of Americans are atheists, it means all the murders and adulterers and other horrible acts are works of the religious. Which makes a poor case for religious morality, and the avocation that the religious are good.

Simply put, religion is a self-serving doctrine. One that cares for nothing and no one outside of its boundaries. It is the defunct mentality of shepherds. There is nothing in religion that applies to modern-day thinking, or behavior. Science is a force for understanding and change, while religion is a force for stagnation and dehumanization. Humanity can’t afford to surrender all the efforts of men of genus, to the whims and dictations of a manacle god who dictates the lives of those who he subjugate. We simply can’t afford to turn back to dogmatic thinking and ignorance as comfort. Humanity can not spare time on such outlandish notions, and abboritions. We must diligent watchers of world and universe. Man is always teetering between survival and extinction, whether he admits it or not. One virus or plague could decimate our numbers, and destroy our populations. We should not be so quick to turn to the slight of hand, but be willing to understand the only saving grace we have is simple and true scientific understandings.




Author: Rachel Johnson

I am a writer about atheist issues. Separation of the church and state. Women and their right to choose, and sex. I talk about all of the "taboos" of modern life as well as evolution and science.

One thought on “Answers for Creationists

  1. I think these five are all good answers. The thing that drives me the most crazy with the Jesus-freaks is when they promote creation “science” and then say “teach the controversy in schools — just present both views.” But they offer NO scientific facts or evidence in favor of “creation science” — just criticism of evolution. Thus you can never refute them, by definition. I prefer to “teach the controversy” regarding vampires and werewolves. 😉 I think THEY created the universe. True, there are zero facts in favor of this view — but no one can adduce any facts or evidence against it either, by definition.

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